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Abby D. Phillip (born November 25, 1988) [19] ​ is a journalist ​ and news reporter ​. She is currently a ​White House correspondent for CNN ​. [20] ​ She is based in Washington, D.C.

Early Life & Education

Abby Phillip was raised in Bowie, Maryland ​. After graduating high school, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Government from Harvard University in 2010. [1]

Originally, she went to college with the mindset of getting a pre-med degree to become a heart surgeon. However, her career path changed when she wanted to get involved with the journalism industry. [16]

After completing an assignment where she had to participate in a service trip to Mississippi and write a blog about her experiences, she realized that was more in line with what she wanted to do. She transitioned into a career in journalism. [16]


ABC News

Abby Phillip's first journalistic position was at an internship with ABC Channel 7 News. She eventually worked full time at WJLA from 2012 to 2014, after gaining experience at several other journalistic positions.

While there, she wrote and produced stories for ABC News programs, including This Week with George Stephanopoulos , Nightline , and ​. [21]


In 2010, after her internship with ABC News, Phillip worked with Politico ​ as a White House reporter and a Money & Politics Reporter. [1] ​ While there, she wrote about several topics, including education policy ​, foreign policy ​, healthcare legislation ​, and political strategy ​. [1]

She integrated these subjects by providing analysis on the Obama administration.​Some news pieces she wrote including Obama’s negotiating strategy with Congressional Republicans during the December tax negotiations, as well ashis foreign policy challenges in the Middle East ​. [1]

Washington Post

Youtube Video
Q&A with Abby Phillip ( Washington Post)

In 2014, she began writing for the Washington Post . During the beginning of her tenure at the news publisher, she covered domestic an international news including the Charleston church shooting ​ and 2015 San Bernardino massacres.

In 2016, she served as a campaign reporter for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Since Donald Trump ​'s inauguration in January 2017, she has focused on several subjects related to his administration. These include the president's efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, his overseas trip to Poland ​ and Germany ​ for his first G-20 ​.


In October 2017, Phillip joined CNN ​ as a White House correspondent. [20]


Philip has regularly appeared on television and radio with local and national media outlets including MSNBC, News channel 8, WDEL radio, and Fox News. [1] [2] [3]

In addition to her experience with her aforementioned employers, her campaign finance reporting has also appeared on POLITICO. [1] [2]

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