Sardar Bajjar Singh Rathore

Sardar Bajjar Singh Rathore was a 17th-century teacher of tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.


Rathore trained Guru Gobind Singh in the intricacies of , as well as in unarmed combat, equestrianism, armed combat, , and foot tactics. A veteran of the Rajput-Mughal wars, he was well steeped in ancient Indian battle lore and tested his by pitting them against wild animals. The Guru reflected on these sessions in the Bachittra Natak.

His militarisation of common Sikhs who were mostly farmers, and a few traders formed a turning point in history of sikhism and as well.

He also trained khatri Sikh Gurus.

Family Background

He was scion of the great Suryavanshi Rathore ruling elite. His grandfather was one among the 52 Rajput Kings rescued by Guru Hargobind from Gwalior fort in 1621.

Family Tree

He was a descendant of the royal house of Marwar:

  • Rao Siva
  • Rao Asthan
  • Rao Duhad
  • Rao Raipal
  • Rao Kanha Pal
  • Rao Jalnsi
  • Rao Chada
  • Rao Tida
  • Rao Salkho
  • Rao Viram Deo
  • Rao Chanda
  • Rao Ridmal ---------------------------------------------Rao Jodha (First son of Rao Ridmal)
  • Rao Lakha (seventh son of Rao Ridmal)
  • Rao Jauna
  • Rao Ram Singh I
  • Rao Salha
  • Rao Nathu
  • Rao Uda (Udaane Rathore) (came to Punjab during fall of marwar in 1583)
  • Rao Mandan
  • Rao Sukhraj
  • Rao Ram Singh II
  • Sardar Bajjar Singh (first to use sardar title in his line)
  • His daughter Bhikha Devi was married to Alam Singh Chauhan (Nachna) who gave Shastarvidya to Sahibzadas of tenth Sikh Guru.

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