Mai Haruna ( Japanese : 春菜 まい , Hepburn : Haruna Mai ) is a popular and prolific Japanese model and AV idol . She debuted in 2002 and performed in a variety of Japanese adult video genres until her retirement in 2005.

Life and career

Haruna was born in Tokyo on March 20, 1984. Until Haruna's generation, the women in her family were of a thin build. Both her mother and grandmother were thin, and Haruna and her older sister were the first in the family to have large breasts. [9] Haruna's bust developed early, beginning before her entrance into junior high school. By her third year in junior high school, she was already a metric F-cup. [9]

Haruna made her AV debut at the age of 18, in September 2002, for the Crystal-Eizou company. [16] Haruna was honored at the 4th annual Takeshi Kitano Entertainment Awards for 2003 sponsored by the Japanese tabloid newspaper Tokyo Sports (東京スポーツ), where she won the Leading AV Actress Award (主演AV女優賞). [19]

Haruna made a number of videos with AV studio Moodyz and she retired from AV work with an August 2005 video for them, Moodyz Special Mai Haruna - Mai Last Movie , a 3-hour roundup of her career. [20]


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