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List of mayors of Cleveland

List of mayors of Cleveland

The Mayor of Cleveland is the chief executive of the city's government. In 1924, the mayor-council (strong mayor) form of government was replaced by a city manager plan. This was reversed in 1931. Cleveland elections were partisan, but were made nonpartisan in 1977 under the mayoral administration of Ralph J. Perk. The term of office for the mayor and members of the Cleveland City Council was traditionally two years, but was extended to four years in 1981.

Cleveland has had a total of 53 mayors - including that of the city's current mayor, Frank G. Jackson - encompassing 57 mayoral administrations, as four mayors have served in non consecutive terms.[2]

Mayor of Cleveland
Mayor Frank Jackson-2.jpg
Frank G. Jackson**
since January 2, 2006
StyleThe Honorable
Term length4 years, no term limits
Inaugural holderJohn W. Willey
WebsiteOffice of the Mayor [4]


MayorTerm startTerm endTermsParty
1John W. WilleyMarch 6, 1836December 31, 18372Democratic
2Joshua MillsJanuary 1, 1838December 31, 18392Whig
3Nicholas DockstaderJanuary 1, 1840December 31, 18401Whig
4John W. AllenJanuary 1, 1841December 31, 18411Whig
5Joshua MillsJanuary 1, 1842December 31, 18421Whig
6Nelson HaywardJanuary 1, 1843December 31, 18431Democratic
7Samuel StarkweatherJanuary 1, 1844December 31, 18452Democratic
8George HoadleyJanuary 1, 1846December 31, 18461None
9Josiah A. HarrisJanuary 1, 1847December 31, 18471Whig
10Lorenzo A. KelseyJanuary 1, 1848December 31, 18481Democratic
11Flavel W. BinghamJanuary 1, 1849December 31, 18491Whig
12William CaseJanuary 1, 1850December 31, 18512Whig
13Abner C. BrownellJanuary 1, 1852December 31, 18543Democratic
14William B. CastleJanuary 1, 1855December 31, 18562Republican
15Samuel StarkweatherJanuary 1, 1857December 31, 18582Democratic
16George B. SenterJanuary 1, 1859December 31, 18602Republican
17Edward S. FlintJanuary 1, 1861December 31, 18622Democratic
18Irvine U. MastersJanuary 1, 1863May 18642Republican
19George B. SenterMay 1864December 31, 186412Republican
20Herman M. ChapinJanuary 1, 1865December 31, 18661None
21Stephen BuhrerJanuary 1, 1867December 31, 18701Democratic
22Frederick W. PeltonJanuary 1, 1871December 31, 18721Republican
23Charles A. OtisJanuary 1, 1873December 31, 18741Democratic
24Nathan P. PayneJanuary 1, 1875December 31, 18761Democratic
25William G. RoseJanuary 1, 1877December 31, 18781Republican
26Rensselaer R. HerrickJanuary 1, 1879December 31, 18822Republican
27John H. FarleyJanuary 1, 1883December 31, 18841Democratic
28George W. GardnerJanuary 1, 1885December 31, 18861Republican
29Brenton D. BabcockJanuary 1, 1887December 31, 18881Democratic
30George W. GardnerJanuary 1, 1889December 31, 18901Republican
31William G. RoseJanuary 1, 1891December 31, 18921Republican
32Robert BleeJanuary 1, 1893December 31, 18941Democratic
33Robert E. McKissonJanuary 1, 1895December 31, 18982Republican
34John H. FarleyJanuary 1, 1899December 31, 19001Democratic
35Tom L. JohnsonJanuary 1, 1901December 31, 19095Democratic
36Herman C. BaehrJanuary 1, 1910December 31, 19111Republican
37Newton D. BakerJanuary 1, 1912December 31, 19152Democratic
38Harry L. DavisJanuary 1, 1916December 31, 19192Republican
39William S. FitzgeraldJanuary 1, 1920December 31, 19211Republican
40Frederick KohlerJanuary 1, 1922December 31, 19231Republican
41William R. HopkinsJanuary 1, 1924December 31, 19293Republican
42Daniel E. MorganJanuary 1, 1930December 31, 19311Republican
43Raymond T. MillerJanuary 1, 1932December 31, 19331Democratic
44Harry L. DavisJanuary 1, 1934December 31, 19351Republican
45Harold H. BurtonJanuary 1, 1936January 2, 1941212Republican
46Edward J. BlythinJanuary 3, 1941December 31, 194112Republican
47Frank LauscheJanuary 1, 1942December 31, 19452Democratic
48Thomas A. BurkeJanuary 1, 1946December 31, 19534Democratic
49Anthony J. CelebrezzeJanuary 1, 1954December 31, 19614Democratic
50Ralph S. LocherJanuary 1, 1962December 31, 19673Democratic
51Carl StokesJanuary 1, 1968December 31, 19712Democratic
52Ralph PerkJanuary 2, 1972December 31, 19773Republican
53Dennis KucinichJanuary 1, 1978December 31, 19791Democratic
54George VoinovichJanuary 1, 1980December 31, 19893Republican
55Michael R. WhiteJanuary 1, 1990December 31, 20013Democratic
56Jane L. CampbellJanuary 1, 2002December 31, 20051Democratic
57Frank G. JacksonJanuary 2, 2006Incumbent4Democratic

Longest Serving Mayors

It is interesting to note that the people who's names are most associated with Cleveland politics also served the city for many years:

Years in officeTermNameNote
14January 2nd 2006 - presentFrank G. JacksonMr Jackson is the current mayor, whose fourth term will end in 2021, he can be credited with helping land the 2016 Republican National Convention for the first time in the city since 1936, securing financing for the reconstruction of Public Square, the advancing of the Opportunity Corridor, the greenlighting of a redesign for Quicken Loans Arena, establishing a amazon.com warehouse in the city, and the support of major apartment construction in the city center for the first time since the 1970s
12January 1st 1990 - December 31st 2001Michael R. WhiteMayor White has been credited with continuing the Cleveland building boom that was begun in Mayor Voinovich's administration
10January 1st 1980 - December 31st 1990George V. VoinovichVoinovich is credited with beginning the rebirth of Cleveland in the 1980s and ushering new business into the city center, He also continued to defend Muny Light from sale to CEI as former mayor Dennis Kucinich had, he went on to become a Governor and U.S. Senator of Ohio
9January 1st 1901 - December 31st 1909Tom L. JohnsonJohnson is probably the most progressive mayor Cleveland ever had, he reduced fares on the city streetcars, oversaw the renaming of Cleveland streets, municipalized city light services, cemented the Group Plan approval
8January 1st 1954 - December 31st 1961Anthony J. CelebrezzeCelebreeze was instrumental in starting the urban renewal of Cleveland with a massive $140 million infrastructure program which included major upgrades to the Cleveland Rapid Transit Red, Green, and Blue Lines, the Burke, and the Port of Cleveland. Celebrezze later served as a judge and cabinet minister in the Kennedy and Johnson presidential administrations
8January 1st 1946 - December 31st 1953Thomas A. BurkeBurke is the namesake of the Cleveland Lakefront Airport downtown, which he helped to envision, later served as a U.S. Senator

Mayors of Ohio City

Prior to its annexation, Ohio City was a separate entity and fierce rival of Cleveland. The city had eleven mayors from 1836 to 1854. The political affiliations of these mayors are currently unknown, although William B. Castle became mayor of Cleveland as a Whig after Ohio City's incorporation.

Josiah Barber1836
Francis A. Burrows1837
Norman C. Baldwin1838–1839
Needham M. Standart1840–1841
Francis A. Burrows (second)1842
Richard Lord1843
Daniel H. Lamb1844–1846
David Griffith1847
John Beverlin1848
Thomas Burnham1849–1850
Benjamin Sheldon1851–1852
William B. Castle1853–1854

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