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List of common resolutions

List of common resolutions

This article lists computer monitor screen resolutions that are defined by standards or in common use. Most of them use certain preferred numbers.

Computer graphics

Pixel aspect ratio(PAR)The horizontal to vertical ratio of each, rectangular, physical pixelStorage aspect ratio(SAR)The horizontal to vertical ratio of solely the number of pixels in each direction.[1]Display aspect ratio(DAR)The combination (which occurs by multiplication) of both the pixel aspect ratio and storage aspect ratio giving the aspect ratio as experienced by the viewer.
Computer and handheld screens
DesignationUsageW(px)HAspect ratioTotal pixel count
Timex Datalink USB[5][6]42×1142∶111∶15:9462
Etch A Sketch Animator40×304∶34∶31∶11,200
Epson RC-20[7]42×3221∶161∶10.7621,344
GameKing I (GM-218), VMU48×323∶23∶21∶11,536
Etch A Sketch Animator 200060×403∶23∶21∶12,400
Nokia 3210 and many other early Nokia Phones84×487∶42∶11.1434,032
Hartung Game Master64×641∶11∶11∶14,096
Field Technology CxMP smart watch[6]72×649∶81∶10.8894,608
Montblanc e-Strap[8]128×3632∶91∶10.2814,608
Epoch Game Pocket Computer75×6475∶641∶11:1.1718754,800
Entex Adventure Vision150×4015∶43.751∶16,000
First graphing calculators: Casio fx-7000G, TI-8196×643∶23∶21∶16,144
Pokémon mini96×643∶23∶21∶16,144
Early Nokia colour screen phones96×6596∶653∶21.0166,240
Sony Ericsson T68i, T300, T310 and other early colour screen phones101×80101∶805∶40.998,080
MetaWatch Strata & Frame watches96×961∶11∶11∶19,216
Atari Portfolio, TRS-80 Model 100240×6415∶43.751∶115,360
Atari Lynx160×10280∶518∶51.0216,320
Sony SmartWatch, Sifteo cubes, early colour screen phones (square display)128×1281∶11∶11∶116,384
Quarter Quarter VGA (QQVGA)160×1204∶34∶31∶119,200
Nintendo Game Boy (GB), Game Boy Color (GBC); Sega Game Gear (GG)160×14410∶910:91∶123,040
Pebble E-Paper Watch144×1686∶76:71∶124,192
Neo Geo Pocket Color160×15220∶1920:191∶124,320
Palm LoRes160×1601∶11∶11∶125,600
Apple II HiRes (6 color) and Apple IIe Double HiRes (16 color), grouping subpixels140×19235∶484∶31.82826,880
VIC-II multicolor, IBM PCjr 16-color, Amstrad CPC160×2004∶54∶35∶332,000
Nokia Series 60 smartphones (Nokia 7650, plus First and Second Edition models only)208×17613∶1113∶111∶136,608
Half QVGA (HQVGA)Nintendo Game Boy Advance240×1603∶23∶21∶138,400
Older Java MIDP devices like Sony Ericsson K600220×1765∶45∶41∶138,720
Acorn BBC 20 column modes160×2565∶84∶32.13340,960
Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 8800208×2081∶11∶11∶143,264
TMS9918 modes 1 (e.g. TI-99/4a) and 2, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Nintendo DS (each screen)256×1924∶34∶31∶149,152
Apple II HiRes (1 bit per pixel)280×19235∶244∶30.91453,760
Samsung Gear Fit432×12827∶81∶10.29655,296
Apple iPod Nano 6G240×2401∶11∶11∶157,600
Atari 400/800 PAL320×1925∶35∶31∶161,440
Color Graphics Adapter (CGA)CGA 4-color, Atari ST 16 color, Commodore 64 VIC-II Hires, Amiga OCS NTSC Lowres, Apple IIGS LoRes, MCGA320×2008∶54∶30.83364,000
Elektronika BK256×2561∶11∶11∶165,536
UIQ 2.x based smartphones320×20820∶133∶20.97566,560
Sega Nomad, Neo Geo AES320×22410∶73∶21.0571,680
Quarter VGA (QVGA)Mega Drive, Apple iPod Nano 3G, Nintendo 3DS (lower screen)320×2404∶34∶31∶176,800
Acorn BBC 40 column modes, Amiga OCS PAL Lowres320×2565∶45∶41∶181,920
Apple iPod Nano 5G376×24047∶3014∶90.99390,240
Apple Watch 38mm272×3404∶54:51∶192,480
Wide QVGA (WQVGA)Common on Windows Mobile 6 handsets400×2405∶35∶31∶196,000
Palm (PDA) HiRes, Samsung Galaxy Gear320×3201∶11∶11∶1102,400
Wide QVGA (WQVGA)Apple iPod Nano 7G432×2409∶59∶51∶1103,680
Apple IIe Double Hires (1 bit per pixel)[9]560×19235∶124∶30.457107,520
Common Intermediate Format384×2884∶34∶31∶1110,592
WQVGA*Variant used commonly for portable DVD players, digital photo frames, GPS receivers and devices such as the Kenwood DNX-5120 and Glospace SGK-70; often marketed as "16:9"480×23480∶3916∶90.866112,320
Quarter SVGA (qSVGA)Selectable in some PC shooters400×3004∶34∶31∶1120,000
Teletext and Viewdata 40×25 character screens (PAL non-interlaced)480×25048∶254∶30.694120,000
Apple Watch 42mm312×3904∶54:51∶1121,680
Amiga OCS NTSC Lowres interlaced320×4004∶54∶35∶3128,000
Color Graphics Adapter (CGA)Atari ST 4 color, CGA mono, Amiga OCS NTSC Hires, Apple IIGS HiRes, Nokia Series 80 smartphones640×20016∶54∶30.417128,000
Sony PlayStation Portable, Zune HD, Neo Geo X480×27230∶1716∶91.007130,560
Elektronika BK, Polyplay512×2562∶12∶11∶1131,072
Nokia Series 60 smartphones (E60, E70, N80, N90)416×35213∶1113∶111∶1146,432
HVGAPalm Tungsten T3, Apple iPhone, HTC Dream, Palm (PDA) HiRES+480×3203∶23∶21∶1153,600
HVGAHandheld PC640×2408∶38:31∶1153,600
Acorn BBC 80 column modes, Amiga OCS PAL Hires640×2565∶24∶30.533163,840
Black & white Macintosh (9")512×342256∶1713∶21.002175,104
Nintendo 3DS (upper screen in 3D mode: 2× 400 × 240, one for each eye)800×24010∶35∶30.5192,000
Macintosh LC (12")/Color Classic (also selectable in many PC shooters)512×3844∶34∶31∶1196,608
Nokia Series 90 smartphones (7700, 7710)640×3202∶12∶11∶1204,800
Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA)640×35064∶354∶30.729224,000
nHD, used by Nokia 5800, Nokia 5530, Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia N8[10]640×36016∶916∶91∶1230,400
Teletext and Viewdata 40×25 character screens (PAL interlaced)480×50024∶254∶31.389240,000
Atari ST mono, Amiga OCS NTSC Hires interlaced640×4008∶54∶30.833256,000
Apple Lisa720×364180∶914∶30.674262,080
Nokia E90 Communicator800×35225∶1125:111∶1281,600
Some older monitors600×4805∶45∶41∶1288,000
Video Graphics Array (VGA)MCGA (in monochome), Sun-1 color640×4804∶34∶31∶1307,200
Amiga OCS PAL Hires interlaced640×5125∶44∶31.066327,680
Wide VGA (WVGA)768×4808∶58∶51∶1368,640
Wide VGA (WGA)List of mobile phones with WVGA display800×4805∶35∶31∶1384,000
Wide PAL (W-PAL)848×48053∶3016∶91.006407,040
FWVGAList of mobile phones with FWVGA display854×480427∶24016∶90.999409,920
Super VGA (SVGA)800×6004∶34∶31∶1480,000
Quarter FHD (qHD)AACS ICT, HRHD, Motorola Atrix 4G, Sony XEL-1[11]960×54016∶916∶91∶1518,400
Apple Macintosh Half Megapixel[12]832×6244∶34∶31∶1519,168
PlayStation Vita (PSV)960×54430∶1716∶91.007522,240
PAL 16:91024×57616∶916∶91∶1589,824
Double VGA (DVGA)Apple iPhone 4S,[13][14] 4th Generation iPod Touch[15]960×6403∶23∶21∶1614,400
Wide SVGA (WSVGA)1024×600128∶7516∶91.041614,400
Close to WSVGA1024×6408∶58∶51∶1655,360
Panasonic DVCPRO100 for 50/60 Hz over 720p - SMPTE Resolution960×7204∶34∶31∶1691,200
Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone SE1136×64071∶4016∶91.001727,040
Extended Graphics Array (XGA)Common on 14″/15″ TFT's and the Apple iPad1024×7684∶34∶31∶1786,432
Sun-1 monochrome1024×80032∶254∶31.041819,200
Supported by some GPUs, monitors, and games1152×7208∶58∶51∶1829,440
Apple PowerBook G4 (original Titanium version)1152×7683∶23∶21∶1884,736
Wide XGA (WXGA-H)Minimum, 720p HDTV1280×72016∶916∶91∶1921,600
NeXT MegaPixel Display1120×83235∶264∶30.99931,840
Wide XGA (WXGA)Average, BrightView1280×7685∶35∶31∶1983,040
XGA+Apple XGA[2]1152×8644∶34∶31∶1995,328
Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 81334×750667∶37516∶90.9991,000,500
Wide XGA (WXGA)Maximum1280×8008∶58∶51∶11,024,000
Sun-2 Prime Monochrome or Color Video, also common in Sun-3 and Sun-4 workstations1152×90032∶2532∶251∶11,036,800
Network Computing Devices1024×10241∶11∶11∶11,048,576
Standardized HDTV 720p/1080i displays or “HD ready”, used in most cheaper notebooks1366×768683∶38416∶90.9991,049,088
Apple PowerBook G41280×854640∶4273∶21.0011,093,120
Super XGA "Minus" (SXGA−)1280×9604∶34∶31∶11,228,800
Sony VAIO P series1600×76825∶1225:121∶11,228,800
HTC Vive (per eye)1080×12009∶109:101∶11,296,000
Wide SXGA (WSXGA)1440×9008∶58∶51∶11,296,000
Wide XGA+ (WXGA+)1440×9008∶58∶51∶11,296,000
Super XGA (SXGA)1280×10245∶45∶41∶11,310,720
Apple PowerBook G41440×9603∶23∶21∶11,382,400
Super XGA Plus (SXGA+)Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet1400×10504∶34∶31∶11,470,000
Similar to A4 paper format (~123 dpi for A4 size)1440×102445∶327∶50.9961,474,560
HDV 1080i1440×10804∶34∶31∶11,555,200
SGI 1600SW1600×102425∶1625∶161∶11,638,400
Wide SXGA+ (WSXGA+)1680×10508∶58∶51∶11,764,000
Available in some monitors1776×1000222∶12516∶91.0011,776,000
Ultra XGA (UXGA)Lenovo Thinkpad T601600×12004∶34∶31∶11,920,000
Sun3 Hi-res monochrome1600×12805∶45∶41∶12,048,000
Full HD (FHD)1080 HDTV (1080i, 1080p)1920×108016∶916∶91∶12,073,600
Windows Mixed Reality headsets (per eye)1440×14401∶11∶11∶12,073,600
DCI 2K (DCI 2K)2048×1080256∶1351.90∶11.0022,211,840
Wide UXGA (WUXGA)1920×12008∶58∶51∶12,304,000
Xiaomi Mi MIX 22160×10802∶12∶11∶12,332,800
Supported by some GPUs, monitors, and games1792×13444∶34∶31∶12,408,448
Full HD Plus (FHD+)Microsoft Surface 31920×12803∶23∶21∶12,457,600
Samsung Galaxy S10e2280×10802.10∶12.10∶10.9952,462,400
Supported by some GPUs, monitors, and games1856×13924∶34∶31∶12,583,552
Supported by some GPUs, monitors, and games1800×14405∶45∶41∶12,592,000
CWSXGANEC CRV43,[16] Ostendo CRVD,[17] Alienware Curved Display[18][19]2880×90016∶516:51∶12,592,000
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift (both eyes)2160×12009∶59∶51∶12,592,000
Supported by some GPUs, monitors, and games2048×12808∶58∶51∶12,621,440
Tesselar XGA (TXGA)1920×140048∶357∶51.0212,688,000
Apple iPhone X2436×1125812∶3752.1651∶12,740,500
Avielo Optix SuperWide 235 projector[20]2538×10802.35∶12.35∶11.0172,741,040
Supported by some GPUs, monitors, and games1920×14404∶34∶31∶12,764,800
UltraWide FHD (UW-FHD)Cinema TV from Philips and Vizio, Dell UltraSharp U2913WM, ASUS MX299Q, NEC EA294WMi, Philips 298X4QJAB, LG 29EA93, AOC Q2963PM2560×108021∶921∶91∶12,764,800
Microsoft Surface Pro 32160×14403∶23∶21∶13,110,400
Quad XGA (QXGA)iPad (3rd Generation)2048×15364∶34∶31∶13,145,728
Maximum resolution of the Sony GDM-FW900, Hewlett Packard A7217A and the Retina Display MacBook2304×14408∶58∶51∶13,317,760
Surface Laptop2256×15043∶28∶51.0673,393,024
Quad HD (QHD)Dell UltraSharp U2711, Dell XPS One 27, Apple iMac2560×144016∶916∶91∶13,686,400
Supported by some displays and graphics cards[21][22]2304×17284∶34∶31∶13,981,312
Wide QXGA (WQXGA)Apple Cinema HD 30, Apple 13" MacBook Pro's Retina Display, Dell Ultrasharp U3011, Dell 3007WFP, Dell 3008WFP, Gateway XHD3000, Samsung 305T, HP LP3065, HP ZR30W, Nexus 102560×16008∶58∶51∶14,096,000
LG G6, LG V30, Pixel 2 XL, HTC U11+, Windows Mixed Reality headsets (both eyes)2880×14402∶12∶11∶14,147,200
Infinity DisplaySamsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy Note 82960×144018.5:92.0561∶14,262,400
Chromebook Pixel2560×1700128∶853∶20.9964,352,000
Pixel C2560×180064∶4564:451∶14,608,000
Lenovo Thinkpad W5412880×162016∶98∶50.94,665,600
Max. CRT resolution, supported by the Viewsonic P225f and some graphics cards2560×19204∶34∶31∶14,915,200
Ultra-Wide QHDLG, Samsung, Acer, HP and Dell UltraWide monitors3440×144043∶1843:181∶14,953,600
Microsoft Surface Pro 42736×18243∶23∶21∶14,990,464
Apple 15"MacBook Pro's Retina Display2880×18008∶58∶51∶15,184,000
Quad SXGA (QSXGA)2560×20485∶45∶41∶15,242,880
iPad Pro 12.9"2732×20484∶34∶30.9995,595,136
Wide QXGA+ (WQXGA+)HP Envy TouchSmart 14, Fujitsu Lifebook UH90/L, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro3200×180016∶916∶91∶15,760,000
Quad SXGA+ (QSXGA+)2800×21004∶34∶31∶15,880,000
3KMicrosoft Surface Book, Huawei Matebook X Pro[23]3000×20003∶23∶21∶16,000,000
Ultra-Wide 4K (UW4K)3840×16002.35∶12.35∶10.9966,144,000
Wide QSXGA (WQSXGA)3200×204825∶1625∶161∶16,553,600
Microsoft Surface Book 2 15"3240×21603∶23∶21∶16,998,400
Quad UXGA (QUXGA)3200×24004∶34∶31∶17,680,000
4K Ultra HD 1 (4K UHD-1)2160p, 4000-lines UHDTV (4K UHD)3840×216016∶916∶91∶18,294,400
DCI 4K (DCI 4K)4096×2160256∶1351.90∶11.0028,847,360
Wide QUXGA (WQUXGA)IBM T2213840×24008∶58∶51∶19,216,000
Ultra-Wide 5K (UW5K)21:9 aspect ratio TVs5120×216021∶921∶91∶111,059,200
Hex XGA (HXGA)4096×30724∶34∶31∶112,582,912
Surface Studio4500×30003∶23∶21∶113,500,000
5KDell UP2715K, Apple 27" iMac 5K Retina Display5120×288016∶916∶91∶114,745,600
Wide HXGA (WHXGA)5120×32008∶58∶51∶116,384,000
Hex SXGA (HSXGA)5120×40965∶45∶41∶120,971,520
Wide HSXGA (WHSXGA)6400×409625∶1625∶161∶126,214,400
Hex UXGA (HUXGA)6400×48004∶34∶31∶130,720,000
8K Ultra HD 2 (8K UHD-2)4320p, 8000-lines UHDTV (8K UHD)7680×432016∶916∶91∶133,177,600
Wide HUXGA (WHUXGA)7680×48008∶58∶51∶136,864,000
DCI 8K (8K Full Format)8192×4320256∶1351.90∶11.00235,389,440
Ultra-Wide 10K (UW10K)10240×432021∶921∶91∶144,236,800
8K Fulldome8192×81921∶11∶11∶167,108,864


For television, the display aspect ratio (DAR) is shown, not the storage aspect ratio (SAR); analog television does not have well-defined pixels, while several digital television standards have non-square pixels.

Analog TV standards

Analog broadcast television systems
(dots × lines)
PAL, SECAM~520 × 5764:3~299,520
PALplus~520 × 57616:9~300,000
Undecoded PALplus~520 × 43216:9~220,000
NTSC[24][25]~440 × 4864:3~213,840
LaserDisc~580 × 486 (NTSC)4:3[4]~268,800
~570 × 576 (PAL/SECAM)~322,560
Betamax~320 × 486 (NTSC)4:3~153,600
~310 × 576 (PAL/SECAM)~178,560
Betamax Superbeta~380 × 486 (NTSC)4:3~182,400
~370 × 576 (PAL/SECAM)~213,120
VHS~320 × 486 (NTSC)4:3~153,600
~310 × 576 (PAL/SECAM)~178,560
S-VHS~420 × 576 (PAL)4:3~241,920
Hi-Vision[26]~1,920 × 1,03516:9

Digital TV standards

Digital television standards
(dots × lines)
PixelVision120 × 904:310,800
Video CD352 × 240 (NTSC)4:384,480
352 × 288 (PAL)101,376
UMD480 × 272~16:9 (30:17)130,560
China Video Disc352 × 480 (NTSC)4:3 or 16:9168,960
352 × 576 (PAL)202,725
SVCD480 × 480 (NTSC)4:3 or 16:9230,400
480 × 576 (PAL)276,480
SDTV 480i, EDTV 480p, SMPTE 293M352 × 4804:3 or 16:9 or 3:2168,960
528 × 480253,440
544 × 480261,120
640 × 480307,200
704 × 480337,920
720 × 480345,600
SDTV 576i, EDTV 576p480 × 5764:3 or 16:9276,480
544 × 576313,344
704 × 576405,504
720 × 576414,720
DVD720 × 480 (NTSC)4:3 or 16:9345,600
720 × 576 (PAL)414,720
720p (HDTV)1280 × 72016:9921,600
1366 × 768 (FWXGA)1,049,088
1080i, 1080p (HDTV, Blu-ray)1440 × 10804:3 or 16:91,555,200
1920 × 10802,073,600
4K (UHDTV, Ultra HD Blu-ray)3840 × 216016:98,294,400
8K (UHDTV)7680 × 432016:933,177,600
16K (UHDTV)15360 x 864016:9132,710,400


Digital film standards
Digital cinema 2×2048 × 8582.39:11,757,184
Digital cinema 2×1998 × 10801.85:12,157,840
Academy 2×1828 × 13321.37:12,434,896
Full Aperture Native 2×2048 × 15561.32:13,186,688
Digital cinema 4×4096 × 17142.39:17,020,544
Digital cinema 4×3996 × 21601.85:18,631,360
Digital Cinema Initiatives 4× (native resolution)4096 × 21601.90:18,847,360
Academy 4×3656 × 26641.37:19,739,584
Full Aperture 4×4096 × 31121.32:112,746,752
6K[27]6144 × 31601.94:119,415,040
IMAX Digital[28]5616 × 40961.37:123,003,136
Red Epic 61728000 × 93343:1261,352,000

The below distinguish SAR (aspect ratio of pixel dimensions), DAR (aspect ratio of displayed image dimensions), and the corresponding PAR (aspect ratio of individual pixels), though it currently contains some errors (inconsistencies), as flagged.

Post-production digital working resolutions
DV NTSC720 × 4803:24:310:11
D1 NTSC720 × 48640:274:39:10349,920
DV PAL720 × 5765:44:312:11
D1 PAL720 × 5765:44:316:15414,720
Panasonic DVCPRO HD 720p960 × 7204:316:94:3691,200
Panasonic DVCPRO HD 1080, 59.94i1280 × 108032:2716:93:21,382,400
Panasonic DVCPRO HD 1080, 50i1440 × 1080
HDV 1080i/1080p1440 × 10804:316:94:31,555,200
Sony HDCAM (1080)1440 × 1080
Sony HDCAM SR (1080)1920 × 108016:916:91:12,073,600
Academy 2×1828 × 13321.37:11.37:11:12,434,896
Full Aperture Native 2×2048 × 15561.3164:3~1:13,186,688
Academy 4×3656 × 26641.37:11.37:11:19,739,584
Full Aperture 4×4096 × 31121.3164:3~1:112,746,752

Video conferencing

Video conferencing standards
SQCIF (Sub Quarter CIF)128 × 961.33:112,288
QCIF (Quarter CIF)176 × 1441.22:125,344
CIF (or FCIF)352 × 2881.22:1101,376
4CIF (4 × CIF)704 × 5761.22:1405,504
16CIF (16 × CIF)1408 × 11521.22:11,622,016

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