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Lieutenant colonel

Lieutenant colonel

Lieutenant colonel(pronounced Lef-ten-ent Kernel (UK & Commonwealth) or Loo-ten-ent Kernel (US)) is a rank of commissioned officer in the armies, most marine forces and some air forces of the world, above a major and below a colonel. The rank of lieutenant colonel is often shortened to simply "colonel" in conversation and in unofficial correspondence. Sometimes, the term 'half-colonel' is used in casual conversation in the British Army.[2] A lieutenant colonel is typically in charge of a battalion or regiment in the army.

Comparative military ranks in English
NaviesArmiesAir forces
Commissioned officers
Admiral of the fleetField marshalor
General of the army
Marshal of the air force
AdmiralGeneralAir chief marshal
Vice admiralLieutenant generalAir marshal
Rear admiralMajor generalAir vice-marshal
brigadier general
Air commodore
CaptainColonelGroup captain
CommanderLieutenant colonelWing commander
Lieutenant commanderMajoror
Squadron leader
LieutenantCaptainFlight lieutenant
Lieutenant junior gradeor
first lieutenant
Flying officer
Second lieutenantPilot officer
Officer cadetOfficer cadetFlight cadet
Enlisted grades
Warrant officeror
chief petty officer
Warrant officeror
sergeant major
Warrant officer
Petty officerSergeantFlight sergeant
Leading seamanCorporalor

Lieutenant colonel ranks by country

The following articles deal with the rank of lieutenant colonel (or its equivalent)

  • Lieutenant-colonel (Canada)

  • Lieutenant colonel (United Kingdom)[3]

  • Lieutenant colonel (United States)

  • fr:Lieutenant-colonel (France)

Lieutenant colonel equivalents

  • Azerbaijan - Polkovnik leytenant

  • Afghanistan — Dagarman (دګرمن)

  • Arab worldMoqaddam (مقدم)

  • Albania — Nënkolonel

  • Argentina - Teniente Coronel

  • Armenia — Pokhgndapet (փոխգնդապետ)

  • Austria — Oberstleutnant

  • Belgium — Lieutenant-colonel (French language), Luitenant-kolonel (Dutch language)

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina — Potpukovnik

  • Brazil — Tenente-coronel

  • Chile — Teniente Coronel

  • Bulgaria — Podpolkovnik

  • Cambodia — Lok Vorsenito (លោកវរសេនីយ៍ទោ)

  • Colombia — Teniente Coronel

  • Croatia - Podpukovnik

  • Czech Republic — Podplukovník

  • People's Republic of China — 中校 (Zhōng xiào)

  • Republic of China (Taiwan) — 中校 (Zhōng xiào)

  • Denmark — Oberstløjtnant

  • Estonia — Kolonelleitnant

  • Ethiopia — Lieutenant koronel

  • Finland — Everstiluutnantti, Överstelöjtnant

  • France — Lieutenant-colonel

  • Germany — Oberstleutnant Nazi Germany — Obersturmbannführer (only in the SS)

  • Georgia — Vice-colonel (vitse-polkovniki)

  • Greece — Antisyntagmatarkhis

  • Honduras — Teniente Coronel

  • Hungary — Alezredes

  • Indonesia — Letnan kolonel (abbreviated Letkol)[1]

  • Iran — Sarhang dovom (سرهنگ دوم)

  • Israel — Sgan aluf (סגן-אלוף / סא״ל)

  • Italy — Tenente colonnello

  • Japan — Ni sa (二佐)

  • North Korea — Jungjwa (중좌)

  • South Korea — Jungryung (중령)

  • Latvia — Pulkvežleitnants

  • Lithuania — Pulkininkas leitenantas

  • Macedonia - Потполковник (Potpolkovnik)

  • Malaysia - Leftenan-Kolonel

  • Malta — Logotenent kurunell

  • Mongolia — Дэд Хурандаа (Ded Khurandaa)

  • Netherlands — Luitenant-kolonel

  • Norway — Oberstløytnant

  • Pakistan - Lieutenant Colonel

  • Philippines — Kalakan (Tagalog), Teniente Coronel (Spanish)

  • Poland — Podpułkownik

  • Portugal — Tenente-coronel

  • Romania — Locotenent colonel

  • Russia — Podpolkovnik

  • Serbia — Potpukovnik

  • Slovakia — Podplukovník

  • Slovenia — Podpolkovnik

  • Somalia — Gaashaanle Dhexe

  • South Africa — Commandant/kommandant (1950–1994); Lieutenant-colonel or Luitenant-kolonel (Afrikaans language: pre-1950 and post-1994)

  • Spain and some Spanish speaking countries — Teniente coronel

  • Sweden — Överstelöjtnant

  • Switzerland — Oberstleutnant (German language), Lieutenant-colonel (French language)

  • Thailand — พันโท

  • Turkey — Yarbay

  • Ukraine — Pidpolkovnyk

  • Vietnam — Trung Tá


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