Kesarin Chaichalermpol ( Thai: เกศรินทร์ ชัยเฉลิมพล ; rtgs: Ketsarin Chaichaloemphon ) is a Thai actress who has acted under a number of stage names, particularly Nong Natt ( Thai: น้องแนท ; rtgs: Nong Naet ) and Natt Chanapa ( Thai: แนท ชนาภา ; rtgs: Naet Chanapha ). [4]

Her father died when she was about 8–9 years old, she didn't finish high school. At 14 she joined the adult movie business. Before that she worked at the salon of her young auntie.

Partial filmography

Year Title Thai Title Role
2003 Crazy Father พ่อตา ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง
Mora โมรา นางในวรรณคดี
She’s Ann เธอชื่แอน
Seven Days in a Coffin กว่าจะได้เผาผี
2011 Dragon in Love ลอดรักลายมังกร
2012 Jan Dara the Beginning จัน ดารา (ภาพยนตร์ทวิภาค)
Nang Chan Raem นางจันทร์แรม
Phuying Lalla 2 ผู้หญิงลัลล้า ยกกำลัง 2
Sao Khan Hu สาวคันหู


Her particular infamy surrounds pornographic videos released outside Thailand. [3] These videos led to her arrest and prosecution by the Thai police, as pornography is illegal in Thailand. [7] The videos featured her in hardcore porn acting with Caucasian and Japanese men. It was revealed that modeling and advertising companies, magazines and television programs have been offering her six-digit sums for modeling work since the accusation made media headlines. [9] She eventually had to pay a fine, received a suspended 6-month sentence, and probation for a year. Harsh punishment was nonexistent due to her popularity and lack of public outcry concerning the matter. [11]