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Ihsan (name)

Ihsan (name)

Ihsan (also transliterated as Ehsan, Arabic: إحسان‎) is an Arabic given name which is primarily masculine, but can be found in female name registers in some Arabic countries. The word may also refer to the highest level of charity in Islam.

Given name

  • Ihsan Nuri (c. 1893–1976), Kurdish soldier and politician

  • İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil (1908–1993), Turkish politician

  • Ihsan Danish (1914–1982), Urdu poet

  • İhsan Ketin (1914–1995), Turkish earth scientist

  • İhsan Doğramacı (1915–2010), Turkish academic

  • Ihsan Abdel Quddous (1919 –1990), Egyptian writer, novelist, and journalist

  • Ehsan Yarshater (born 1920), Iranian historian

  • İhsan Saraçlar (1928–2008), Turkish lawyer and politician

  • İhsan Yüce (1930-1991), Turkish actor

  • İhsan Sabancı (1931–1979), Turkish businessman

  • Ihsan Ali Al-Shehbaz (born 1939), Iraqi American botanist

  • Ihsan H. Nadiem (born 1940), Pakistani archaeologist, museologist, author and poet

  • Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (1945–1987), Muslim scholar

  • Ehsan ul Haq (born 1949), Pakistani general

  • Ehsan Aman (born 1959), Afghan singer

  • İhsan Oktay Anar (born 1960), Turkish writer

  • İhsan Hakan (1965-1993), PKK defector

  • Hafiz Ihsan Saeed (born 1978), Pakistani Guantanamo detainee

  • İhsan Burak Özsaraç (born 1979), Turkish footballer

  • İhsan Emre Vural (born 1984), Turkish rower

  • Ehsan Haddadi (born 1985), Iranian discus thrower

  • Ehsan Jami (born 1985), Dutch politician

  • Ihsan Poyraz (born 1988), Austrian footballer

  • Ihsan Tarore (born 1989), Indonesian singer

  • Ehsan Hajysafi (born 1990), Iranian footballer

  • Ihsan Maulana Mustofa (born 1995), Indonesian badminton player

  • Ehsan Adil (born 1993), Pakistani cricketer

See also

  • Ihsan, Arabic term meaning benefaction


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