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Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet

Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet

The Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet is used in Vojvodina in Serbia. It was first introduced in 1945.

IPA TranscriptionHungarian letterCyrillic LetterLetter name
/ɒ/A aЯ яя
/aː/Á áА аа
/b/B bБ ббе
/ts/C cЦ цце
/tʃ/Cs csЧ ччэ
/d/D dД дде
/dz/DZ dzЅ ѕѕе
/dʒ/Dzs dzsЏ џџе
/ɛ/E eЭ ээ
/eː/É éЕ ее
/f/F fФ фэф
/ɡ/G gГ гге
/ɟ/Gy gyЂ ђђе
/ç~ȷ̊/H hХ хха
/i/İ iИ ии
/iː/Í íІ̇ іі
/j/J jЈ ј/Й ййе / је
/ɥ/Ly ly
/k/K kК кка
/l/L lЛ лэл
/n/N nН нэн
/m/M mМ мэм
/ɲ/Ny nyЊ њэњ
/ɔ/O oО оо
/oː/Ó óЁ ёё
/ø/Ö öӨ өө
/øː/Ő őӨө өөөө
/p/P pП ппе
/ʝ~rʲ/R rР рэр
/ʃ/S sШ шше
/s/Sz szС сэс
/t/T tТ̵ т̵т̵е
/c/Ty tyЋ ћће
/u/U uУ уу
/uː/Ú úЮ юю
/y/Ü üҰ ұұ
/yː/Ű űҮ үү
/v/V vВ вве
/z/Z zЗ ззе
/ʒ/Zs zsЖ жже

Letters only in loanwords include Q (Ќ ќ), W (В в), X (Хс хс), and Y (Ь ь).

Other versions

Another version of the Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet and Georgian Cyrillic alphabet was invented by Samuel P. Bateman, who wanted to make it easier for Hungarians to learn Russian as a second language. The Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet was mostly based on the Russian, Macedonian, Serbian and Azerbaijani Cyrillic alphabets, and is used for writing in the Hungarian language. Most of the digraphs used in the Hungarian Latin alphabet are replaced by single letters in Cyrillic, thereby making it more phonetic.

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