Hitomi Tanaka (田中瞳 Tanaka Hitomi ), also known as Hitomi , is a gravure idol and Japanese AV idol .


Tanaka was born on July 18, 1986 in Kumamoto , Japan .

Tanaka began her career as a model in November 2007 when she appeared in the video Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki as a gravure idol . [4] In November 2008, she did her first appearance in the porn industry with the video Hitomi AV Debut from Soft On Demand studios.

She won American Adult Entertainment SCORE Newcomer of the Year in 2012 and SCORE Model of the Year in 2013 and 2014. [5] She is listed in "The 50 Hottest Japanese AV Idols" on the website of the magazine Complex . [6] She is listed as a model on Allure . [7] Hitomi performed in multiple videos for Das , [8] Moodyz , [9] Madonna , [10] OPPAI [2] and Soft On Demand .

She did the cover of the magazine Voluptuous of September 2014 and several SCORE magazines (March 2012, May 2013, and February and September 2015).


Release date Title Company Director Notes
2007-11-08 Bakunyu J no Shougeki CHNS-003 no nudity
2008-01-05 Gokunyu J no Waisetsu CHNS-004 no nudity
2008-05-08 Premium Cutie - Hitomi Tanaka CHD-027 no nudity
2008-08-07 Premium Cutie - Hitomi Tanaka and Yuri Himegami CHD-030 no nudity
2008-09-12 Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part 1 ZARD-65 V-Cinema
2008-09-28 Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part 2 ZARD-66 V-Cinema
2008-06-11 AV Shock Debut of Entertainers Hitomi STAR-128 AV Debut
2008-12-04 Hitomi's First Exposure Under The Blue Sky STAR-134
2009-01-22 Enough To Incontinence STAR-139
2009-02-19 Soap Lady Hitomi Super Luxury STAR-148
2009-03-19 Molester Hell Geki STAR-153
2009-04-18 Heaven Pies STAR-159
2009-05-14 J-Cup Hitomi Miraculous REBD-003 softcore
2009-05-21 Tokyo Exposure Sex Hitomi Entertainer STAR-165
2009-06-18 Hitomi Slutty Girl Entertainer STAR-171
2009-07-23 Geki Geki Iki Poruchio Blown STAR-177
2009-09-01 Transfer Shock SUPER J Hitomi ARS-020
2009-09-13 Teacher Is A Private Teacher Hitomi ARS-024
2009-10-13 Temptation Of Wife Hitomi Young Tits ARS-027
2009-11-13 I Love Hitomi Hobo Boyne Sperm ARS-030
2009-12-13 SPECIAL Hitomi Bit Tit ARS-032
2010-01-19 Special Collaboration Of Time PPPD-082
2010-03-01 Geki Geki Geki SP Hitomi Big Tit Super J Cup Body MIDD-599
2010-04-01 Big Breast Bra Teacher Lesson Hitomi Flickering MIDD-610
2010-05-01 Hitomi True Entertainer J Cup Pies MIGD-325
2010-06-01 Dream Woman Hitomi 78 MIGD-331 Alala Kurosawa part of Dream Woman series
2010-07-01 Celebrities Defeat Torment Until The Indecision MIDD-648
2010-08-01 Shaved Bukkake Deep Throating Hitomi J Cup MIGD-347 Hiroa
2010-09-19 Fucking Special 97 cm J Cup Of Hitomi PPPD-107
2010-10-13 8 Hours Prime Hitomi Milk MIBD-519
2010-10-19 Big Cock Nurse Hitomi PPPD-112
2010-11-19 Solve The Complex Of Comfortable Home Visits PPPD-115
2010-12-25 Hitomi Barrage Baptism Of 500 Semen DASD-132 gangbang , bukkake
2011-01-19 Hitomi Of Man With The Biggest Cock In The World RKI-106
2011-02-13 Hitomi Sex Tit Encouragement Exercise The Blood MIDD-738
2011-03-13 Temporary Staff - The Temptation Of Unprotected Breast Cup MIDD-751 Take-d
2011-04-19 3D OPPAI Hitomi PPPD-131 in 3D
2011-05-19 Hitomi Breasts While Wearing PPPD-137
2011-06-19 Hitomi Let Squid In Milk Exposure PPPD-143
2011-07-19 Hitomi Class Female Teacher PPPD-148
2011-08-01 My Pet Is A Female Trainer With A Big Bust JUFD-162 Hata Tairyou part of My Pet Is A series [2]
2011-08-25 Mrs. Jogging 3 Hitomi JUC-611 Kitorune Kawaguchi part of Mrs. Sports series [2]
2011-09-25 Hitomi Tits Dangerous Game JUC-630 part of Younger Sister's series [2]
2011-10-19 Hitomi Gets Fucked By A Big Sister PPPD-157
2011-11-19 Hitomi Married Woman PPPD-162
2011-12-07 Drowning In The Tentacle ATID-192 Honda Norihito
2012-01-25 Hitomi And The Eldery Rich And The Kiss ZONO-048
2012-02-19 Hitomi Gets Fucked By Big Sister Breast Ultra-Hami Of Plump Perfect Costume PPPD-175
2012-03-19 Hitomi Guerilla Big Nasty TYOD-145 Hasami En
2012-04-13 Morphism Hitomi Fucking Amazing MIDD-861
2012-06-13 Big Super Instructor Hitomi J Cup MIDD-879
2012-07-13 Hitomi Soup Courier MIDD-889 K.c. Takeda
2012-08-13 Sakuragi the industry's largest ultra-milk co-star MIRD-113 (Jo)Style with Ria Sakuragi
2012-09-13 Busty Hitomi Reverse Molester MIDD-903
2012-10-13 Ejaculate 10 Times A Day MIDD-911
2012-11-13 Hitomi Tits Exposed Inorganic Soup MIDD-921
2012-12-13 Production Hitomi J Cup Tits Big Dick MIDD-929
2013-01-13 Super Body x Pitakosu SPECIAL Hitomi MIDD-933
2013-03-13 BODY Hitomi Nyurunyuru Tits MIDD-952
2013-03-19 Hitomi COMPLETE BEST 24 Hours PPBD-062
2013-04-13 Hitomi Rejuvenated Man Dedicated Esthetician MIDD-958
2013-05-13 Soap Lady Hitomi JCup Super Delicious MIDD-967
2013-06-13 24 Big Boobs Cohabitation Life Hitomi MIDD-977
2013-07-13 Tits Pet Secretary Hitomi MIDD-989
2013-08-13 Temptation Bra Life Hitomi Without Permission Of Ultra Tits Married MIDE-003
2013-09-01 Force Angle Volley That 100 Big-binding Imminent MIBD-752
2013-09-13 Ultra Deep Impact Hitomi Milk Of SSS-Body EBOD-302
2013-10-13 Temptation Tits Hitomi Landlady In Valley MIDE-027
2013-11-13 Rina Sister Hitomi Also Rising MIDE-038
2013-12-13 Busty Female Teacher Pet Hitomi MDYD-854
2014-01-13 Mother-in-Law Slave MDYD-868
2014-02-13 Wife Hitomi Which Is Danced In A Strip Neighborhood Association MDYD-875
2014-03-13 3 Days Of Hitomi Young Wife MDYD-885
2014-04-13 Classroom Visitations Body-Conscious Mom MDYD-895
2014-05-13 Hitomi Married Dropping The Key MDYD-905
2014-06-19 Big Naked Housekeeper Hitomi PPPD-291
2014-07-13 Big Tits Housewife Hitomi MDYD-921
2014-08-13 Busty Woman Kin'yu-ya Hitomi That Was Fucked MDYD-931
2014-09-13 Company Slave Unpaid Overtime MDYD-940
2014-10-13 Invitation Hitomi Phallic MDYD-951
2014-11-13 Wife Of Hitomi Bondage MDYD-960
2014-12-13 Mom Original Gravure Hitomi MDYD-971
2015-01-01 Ultra Breast Shoplifting Investigator MIDE-184
2015-02-01 Zukobako Super Orgy Hitomi MIDE-197
2015-03-01 Continued Until Amusing In Pleasure Convulsions Intercourse And Climax Tide MIDE-208
2015-04-01 Hitomi Your Bride MIDE-219
2015-05-19 Fan Appreciation Off Meeting Out In Raw PPPD-369
2015-06-01 J Out And L Super Milk W Intrinsic MIRD-150 with Okita Anri
2015-07-01 Beautiful Wife - Hitomi Was Cuckold To Tits Wife Bondage Fell MIDE-245
2015-08-01 Hitomi Exquisite Maneers Full Course 8 MIDE-253
2015-09-19 Her Older Sister Is Seduced me With Big Boobs And Cum PPPD-402
2015-10-01 Woman Shinobu MIDE-271
2015-11-01 Reverse Customs SPECIAL Which Was Very Happy To MIDE-280
2015-12-19 Our House Of Pleasure-depraved Incest PPPD-425
2016-01-19 Busty Daughter and Spear Unlimited PPPD-432
2016-02-13 Hitomi 8 Hours BEST MIBD-985
2016-02-19 Busty Undercover Investigator PPPD-441
2016-03-19 Tits Ocup Ultimate Tits Onasapo PPPD-449