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Hikari Hino ( Japanese:妃乃 ひかり, Hepburn:Hino Hikari) is a Japanese former AV idol who performed for several prominent adult video (AV) companies and who appeared in more than 500 AVs. [9]

Life and career

Hino was born March 7, 1986 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan In July 2005 she debuted at age 19 on the Crystal-Eizou company's Venus label in the video G's Curiosity - Hikari Hino (Gの好奇心 妃乃ひかり). [12] Crystal-Eizou promoted her video appearances by offering fans a chance to buy a pair of her "T-Back" panties in an auction ending on January 21, 2006. [13] Hino was the subject of two further panty-auctions in March and June 2006. Hino remained with Crystal-Eizou for a year, making about one video a month, before she moved on to Moodyz, one of the largest studios in the Japanese porn industry, in July 2006. For the 2006 year, Hino ranked number 31 in the list of 100 best selling actresses at the video retailer DMM (part of the Hokuto Corporation). [15] Outside the AV world, Hino also starred in the softcore V-cinema feature about a child bride, Moe moe yō na tsuma (萌え萌え幼な妻) released in August 2006. [16]

Hino continued to make videos with Moodyz but she also made numerous videos with several other companies as well including a number of more hardcore S&M works for the Attackers and Dogma studios. Hino's 2007 video for Moodyz, Super Deluxe Body Special (超絶品ボディーSPECIAL), won the 8th Place runner-up award at the 2007 Vegas Night Awards sponsored by Moodyz and 22 other AV companies [17] and her 2008 video Roomshare was the Wanz Factory nominee for the 2009 AV Grand Prix. [8] She also starred in another V-Cinema film, this one about an office affair, Office Immorality (社内不倫 秘密の2人,Shanai furin himitsu no 2 nin), which was released in January 2008. [8] [8]

For the year 2009, Hino placed number 28 in the list of 100 best selling actresses at the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM, [8] and in 2010, five years after her debut in AV, she was ranked at number 62 in sales. [8] In 2012, when DMM held a poll of its customers to choose the 100 all-time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of adult videos in Japan, Hino finished in 43rd place in the overall balloting. [8]

Hino announced her retirement from the AV industry in her Official Blog on October 5, 2013. [8]

Partial filmography

Release date [8] Video title Company Director Notes
2005-07-23 G's Curiosity - Hikari Hino Gの好奇心 妃乃ひかり Crystal-Eizou Venus VFDV-031 Debut
2005-08-26 The Love Syndrome 恋愛シンドローム Crystal-Eizou Venus VFDV-035
2005-09-30 Female Breast, Hikari Hino 女乳 妃乃ひかり Crystal-Eizou Venus VF-82D
2005-10-28 The Costume Play Maid, Hikari Hino コスプレ召使い 妃乃ひかり Crystal-Eizou Venus VFDV-044 Kyosuke Murayama
2005-12-16 Grandprix Special 9 巨乳×爆乳GRANDPRIX SPECIAL 9 Crystal-Eizou MMC MCDV-093 Compilation with 9 other actresses
2005-12-23 Masochist Milk Toy M乳玩具 Crystal-Eizou Venus VFDV-050 Yukihiko Shimamura
2006-01-27 Feel Hikari Hino feel 妃乃ひかり Crystal-Eizou Venus VFDV-053
2006-03-19 Fetish Flash Hikari Hino FETISH FLASH 妃乃ひかり Crystal-Eizou Grace GA-39D
2006-03-31 CRYSTAL THE BEST 2005 2nd Crystal-Eizou MMC MCDV-116 Compilation with 4 other actresses
2006-05-26 Super Re-Mix Best of Hikari Hino SUPER Re-MIX 妃乃ひかり THE BEST 大総集編' Crystal-Eizou MMC MCDV-128 Compilation
2006-06-23 Shiofuki Fuck G14+2 Part 5 潮吹きFUCK G14+2 PART.5 Crystal-Eizou MMC MCDV-131 Compilation with 6 other actresses
2006-07-13 Sell Debut 初セル Moodyz Diva MIDD-165 Masaru Omura
2006-07-21 CRYSTAL THE BEST 2005 3rd Crystal-Eizou MMC MCDV-135 Compilation with 5 other actresses
2006-07-28 Big Tits vs. Huge Tits: Home Tutor Special 巨乳×爆乳 家庭教師スペシャル Crystal-Eizou MMC MCDV-140 Compilation with Sakurako Kaoru, Mika Morinaga, Yūna Akarino, Ririco, Yū Atto & Monami Sakura
2006-08-01 Hyper-Digital Mosaic Vol.035 ハイパーデジタルモザイクVol.035 Moodyz Diva MIDD-172 Midori Kohaku
2006-09-13 Super Excellent Body 超絶品ボディ Moodyz Diva MIDD-195 [Jo]Style
2006-10-13 G-Cup Big Bust Fuck Gカップ爆乳FUCK Moodyz Diva MIDD-212 Hiroa
2006-11-13 Torture Club 拷問くらぶ Moodyz Acid MIAD-223 Fubuki Sakura
2007-03-01 Super Excellent Body Special 超絶品ボディーSPECIAL Moodyz Real MIRD-017 [Jo]Style With Nayuka Mine, Yuna Mizumoto & @YOU
2007-07-07 Woman's Revenge 2 女の復讐2 Attackers Shark SHKD-299 Jorougumo Co-starring SHIHO
2007-07-19 Drug Investigator, X-File-05 麻薬捜査官 X-FILE05 IEnergy IESP-308 TAIZO
2007-08-04 Magic Mirror The Two-way Mirror Car; Hot Body In Yokohama マジックミラー号 激烈ボディー逆ナンパ 横浜みなとみらい編 Deep's DVDPS-920 Stephen Sotaberg With Hotaru Akane, Aoi Mizumori & Naami Hasegawa
2007-08-07 Confinement and Drug Immoral Slave 3 監禁薬漬け 淫乱奴隷の強制快楽3 妃乃ひかり Attackers Ryubaku RBD-087 Rinya
2007-12-01 Immoral Teacher 極上 おしゃぶり学園 Moodyz Real MIRD-028 [Jo]Style With Rei Aoki & Yuho Mizushima
2007-12-13 E-Body Hikari Hino E-Body EBOD-001
2008-01-01 A Galaxy Of Eros エロスの宇宙 Moodyz Real MIRD-030 Kingdom With Ai Takeuchi, Nana Aoyama, Nayuka Mine, You Haruka, Yumi Kazama & @YOU
2008-01-07 The Lady Panther Vol. 6 女怪盗 女豹6 爆弾を抱いて眠れ Attackers SSPD-047 Yuji Sakamoto Co-starring Maria Ozawa & Moe Aizawa
2008-02-07 House of Slaves 奴隷の住む家 Attackers Ryubaku RBD-105 Kenzo Nagira Co-starring Hitomi Kouda
2008-03-06 SOD Rape Hospital The Premium SOD陵辱病棟 The プレミアム SOD SDMS-395 Nampaou With Nene, Akane Mochida, Asami, Anna Kosaka, Yuka Osawa, Tsubomi & Rimu Himeno
2008-04-19 The Deep Love of Facial Maniacs 爆乳二人は顔射好きインテリ濃厚マニア Cross CRPD-231 Dragon Nishikawa Co-starring Yui Aoyama
2008-06-19 Queen Under Submission: The United Sadistic Nymphomaniacs In Action 女王様監禁凌辱レズビアン 集団サディスト淫乱痴女 Cross CRPD-242 Dragon Nishikawa With Yūka Osawa, Miyuki Masima & Haruka Okoshi
2008-06-19 Perfect Body M 完全ボディM Dogma DDT-186 TOHJIRO
2008-08-19 Big Tits Wives 巨乳人妻町内会 Yellow ELO-170 PURE-MAX With Naho Hazuki, Natsumi Horiguchi, Rei Kitajima
2008-09-12 Extreme Tongue-Job, Hikari Hino 極上ベロチュー 妃乃ひかり UP'S SUPS-078 Junk Saito
2008-10-19 Real Fighting Fucker リアルファイティング・ファッカー Dogma DDT-203 TOHJIRO
2008-10-19 G-Cup Slutty Maid Gカップ痴女メイド妃乃ひかり Cross CRPD-265 Dragon Nishikawa
2008-11-22 Roomshare パイズリ狭射 トリプル痴女大乱交 Wanz Factory AVGP-150 Asao Takai Co-starring Akira Ichinose and Miruku Matsuzaka Entry in the 2009 AV Grand Prix
2009-01-16 Building of Only Sex Service Shop With Hot Models 完全撮りおろし カリスマモデルだらけの超高級風俗ビル KMP MILD-584 RMILD-584 (Rental) K*West With Yuri Kosaka, Saki Tsuji & Meguru Kosaka
2009-01-19 Onanie Paranoia オナニー パラノイア Dogma DDK-025 Normal Kim
2009-01-19 kira*kira Special, Lewd Style Gals Oil Orgy kira☆kira SPECIAL 淫乱スタイルGALS☆OIL乱交 kira☆kira KISD-023 Koji Nakameguro With Ayaka Misora & Saki Otsuka
2009-02-19 Dancing School Lesbian ダンス教室レズビアン Anna and Hanako ANND-031 Tomoyasu Takei With Azusa Ito & Natsumi Horiguchi
2009-02-20 Ultimate Ecstasy, Hikari Hino 鬼イカセ 妃乃ひかり Real Works Ecstasy EC-077 Takuan
2009-03-13 The Other Side of a Galaxy of Eros 裏エロスの宇宙 Moodyz Acid MIAD-410 Minami Namio With Nayuka Mine, Ai Takeuchi, Nana Aoyama, @YOU, Yu Haruka & Yumi Kazama
2009-03-19 Sex with the Biggest Dick in the World 世界で一番大きなチンポを持つ男のSEX Rookie RKI-005 Fubuki Sakura With Natsumi Horiguchi, Risa Murakami & Saki Otsuka
2009-04-10 Non Stop Orgasm, Hikari Hino Non Stop Orgasm 妃乃ひかり Crystal-Eizou e-Kiss EKDV-035 Meo Sakamoto
2009-04-16 Fu-Zoku Channel 12 風俗ちゃんねる12 Maxing MXGS-175
2009-04-19 The Lesbian Confines Life Insurance Lady 巨乳生保レディーアクメ監禁レズ姉妹 Cross CRPD-294 Tomoyasu Takei With Moe Aizawa & Tsukasa Minami
2009-06-12 Extreme Ecstasy, Vibrator, Nakadashi and Gangbang 極★イカせ電マ中出し乱交 Crystal-Eizou e-Kiss EKDV-043
2009-06-25 Bukkake Nakadeshi Gang Rape 100 Shots ぶっかけ中出し輪姦100連発 DAS DASD-079 TAKE-D
2009-06-26 Super High-Class Soap Charismatic Model 完全撮りおろし もしもカリスマモデルが超高級ソープ嬢だったら・・・ KMP MILD-603 RMILD-603 (Rental) K*West With Meguru Kosaka, Neiro Suzuka & Eku Ibuki
2009-07-01 Torture Fellatio Club DX2 拷問フェラくらぶDX2 Moodyz Acid MIAD-424 [Jo]Style With Nozomi Ichinohe & Yūno Hoshi
2009-07-23 Tentacle Orgasm 8 触手アクメ 8 SOD SDMS-775 Kin Ishikawa With Yui Aoyama
2009-09-19 Sperm Lesbian スペレズ M's Video Group Shock MVSD-099 With Saki Otsuka
2009-09-25 Swimsuit Lovers 競泳水着 LOVERS TMA Mizuiro MIZ-010
2009-12-01 Nude Naturalist Healing Body Vol.1 Nude Naturalist 癒し体 vol.1 Wanz Factory PPS-201
2010-01-01 WetLook Body Wanz Factory PPS-202 Kou Takahashi
2010-01-19 M Drug Mドラッグ Dogma DDT-267 TOHJIRO
2010-01-22 The Fiendish Fellatio Inferno 6 鬼フェラ地獄 VI Real Works M EMU-058 Kitorune Kawaguchi With Anna Mitsui
2010-02-01 The President's Secretary Is An Intelligent Slut 社長秘書はインテリ痴女 Wanz Factory WNZ-175 Sarji
2010-02-19 Erotic Juice Secretary 愛液ダラダラ・セクレタリー Dogma DDT-272 TOHJIRO
2010-07-19 Lesbian Predatory Love レズビアン略奪愛 Anna and Hanako ANND-065 Tomoyasu Takei With Sakura Sakurada & Azumi Mizushima
2010-08-13 Bristly First Shaved, Hikari Hino 剛毛初パイパン 妃乃ひかり Moodyz Gati MIGD-352 Bieroda Toudai
2011-01-01 Welcome to Dreamy Hard Play Soap 夢のハードプレイソープへようこそ!! Moodyz Gati MIGD-371 cobo With Mirei Yokoyama, Kei Megumi & Shizuka Kanno

Selected magazine appearances


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