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Gode family

Gode family

Goday or Gode family (Telugu : గొడే) is famous Zamindari family in the North East Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Following are the prominent estates ruled by Gode families:

  • Anakapalle

  • Embaram

  • Kuppili

  • Korupolu

  • Gottipalle

  • Godecharla

  • Bharinikam

  • Munagapaka

  • Sriram Puram

  • Sher Mohemmed Puram

Gode families belong to Perike ( Perike Rajulu / Puragiri Kshatriya) caste and Chatrasala Mallu gotram.

[1] History of the Gode families known from Chenna Malla Bhupaludu.

Akkanna Bhupati is one of his heirs and had two sons Suranna and Ramachandrayya.

Suranna was known as Peda Surya Rao and he was a Moghul sardar and he built HariHara temple in Wakatippa.

He and his wife Gumpamma had five sons, Uppanna, Sarvesha, Jagga Rao, Bhupathi, Gopalu.

Middle son Jagga Rao (Jagga Raya) was popular.

Jagga Raya and his wife Ankamaba had four sons and fourth son named Surya Rao.

Surya Rao and his wife Subadramma had a son Peda Jagga Rao and two daughters Appaayamma and Seetayamma.

Appayamma married to Madine families and Seetayamma married to Chevala families.

Peda Jagga Rao (Peda Jagga Raya) was very popular.

He was interpreter in Machilipatam Chief-in-council f British empire.

His first wife Krishnamma had no children and second wife had Subadramma, Bangaramma, Suryaprkasha Rao, Lakshmi Narasamma, Bhaskara Rao and Suryanarayana Rao.

Subadrayamma married to Suranna son of Madine Appayamamba and Krishnayya.

Madine Subadraymma (1781–1840) is prominent poet of those days.

Gode Suryanarayana Rao's son Venkata Jagga Rao (1817–1856) got his education from Madras and Zamindar of Sher Mohemmada Puram.

Astronomy was his favorite subject.

His wife Bangaramamba is daughter of Chevala Jagga Raya.

He established an observatory in Vishakha Patnam.

His daughter Achayamma got married to Raya Bahadur Ankitham Venkata Narasinga Rao (1827–1898).

They had one son Ankitham Venkata Jagga Rao.

Ankitham Bhanoji Rao succeeded him in 1920.

He established Mrs. AVN College as his wife's memorial.

Gode Suryanarayana Rao and his third wife Seetayamma's son Maharaja Sir Gode Narayana Gajapathi Rao Bahadur (1828–1903) was prominent in political and cultural activities.

GAJAPATI RAO is a scion of the ancient Goday family of Vizagapatam in the Northern Circars, Madras Presidency, and Zamindar of Ankapalle and other estates.

Educated in the Hindu College, Calcutta.

He Was a Member of the Madras Legislative Council from 1868 to 1884; and a Fellow of the University of Madras.

The title of Raja was conferred upon him in 1881; the Companionship of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire in 1892; and the title of Maharaja on May 21, 1898.

Has established and maintains several schools; presented the statue of Her Majesty the Queen Empress of India to the city of Madras in honour of Her Majesty's Jubilee in 1887; and has given large donations to many public objects.

Has received from His Holiness the Pope Leo XIII.

through his Delegate Apostolic in East Indies, in 1891, a mosaic picture as a mark of appreciation of his kindness shown to the Catholics of Vizagapatam.

The Raja's grandfather, Sri Goday Jaga Rao, distinguished himself in the service of Government about the middle of the 18th century.

It was of him that the Honourable Court of Directors in a communication to the Government of Fort Saint George, dated April 17, 1789, wrote I " We concur in the acknowledgment your Government have rendered of the zeal for our interests manifested on various occasions by Goday Jugga Row."

Sri Jaga Rao was succeeded by his son Sri Goday Soorya Narayan Rao, father of the Raja; born 1792, died 1853.

Lord Connemara, when publicly complimenting the Raja on his presentation of the statue of the Queen Empress to the city of Madras, said of this gentleman I ' ' The Raja's father, Goday Soorya Narayan Rao, followed in the footsteps of his father, founded various charitable institutions, and during the famine of 1833 fed a large number of poor in the neighbourhood of Nellore.

He also contributed largely to various public works."

The Raja's crest is a rising sun over a Hindu device, with the motto, " I desire the Light," in Sanskrit and Latin.


Famous Personalities

  • Gode Jagga Rao : He established Kodanda Ramalayam in Visakhapatnam in 1714. [3] His elder daughter Subhadrayamma was famous poet.

  • Gode Suryaprakasha Rao : His widow established a Sanskrit School in Visakhapatnam in 1864.

  • Gode Suryanarayana Rao

  • Gode Venkata Jagga Rao : He has founded an Observatory in Visakhapatnam. [-1] Ankitam Venkata Narasinga Row, the founder of Mrs. A.V.N. College in Visakhapatnam married his only daughter Achayamma and inherited the entire estate of the father-in-law. [4] [5]

  • Gode Narayana Gajapathi Rao : Donated for the establishment of Andhra Medical College. His daughter Lakshmi Narasayamma was married Raja Vyricharla Virbhadra Raju of Kurupam Zamindari in 1897. [6]


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