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Get Smart! (band)

Get Smart! (band)

Get Smart! was a three piece band formed in Lawrence, Kansas in 1980 consisting of Marc Koch, Lisa Wertman Crowe and Frank Loose.

Get Smart!
Background information
OriginLawrence, Kansas
Chicago, Illinois
GenresPunk rock, alternative rock, new wave
Years active1980–1990
LabelsFresh Sounds, Fever, Restless, Enigma
Associated actsDolly Varden, Nora O'Connor Band, the Honeybees, Cryin' Out Loud
Websitegetsmartmusic.com [21]
MembersMarc Koch
Lisa Wertman Crowe
Frank Loose
Bob Lara
Past membersRic Menck, Jay Sebastian


The band formed while at University of Kansas in 1980 and, along with bands like the Embarrassment, Start and the Mortal Micronotz, they were prominent in the alternative music scene in Lawrence.[1][2][3][4] They released their first record in 1981, which was a flexi disc released with "Talk Talk" magazine. This was followed by the self-released 4-track Words Move EP. Next was a four band split cassette, released by Fresh Sounds Records, called Fresh Sounds From Middle America (vol 1) (the four bands being Get Smart!, the Embarrassment, the Yard Apes and the Mortal Micronotz). In 1982 they relocated to Chicago, IL.[5] The group were signed by Colin Camerer to his Fever Records label (an independent label in Philadelphia, PA) and released their first album, Action Reaction in 1984. Swimming with Sharks was released in 1986 on Enigma Records' "Restless Records" imprint.

The band received considerable coverage in Nebraska's "Capitol Punishment" fanzine.[6][7]

Line-Up Changes

In 1987 Bob Lara, from the band Reaction, was added as a second guitarist. Shortly afterwards, Frank Loose left the band. He was originally replaced in 1988 by Ric Menck. Ric only stayed with the band for a short time. He was replaced by Jay Sebastian (aka "Redd Klaats"). Jay left the band after about a year, at which they continued as an acoustic trio until they disbanded in 1990.

After Get Smart!

  • Lisa Wertman continued performing with Bob Lara as "The Lisa and Bob Show" for about a year. Then she joined the band Dolly Varden as a founding member.[8] Later she would perform with the Nora O'Connor Band, the Honeybees and Jeanie B and the Jelly Beans.

  • Marc Kock moved back to Lawrence and currently plays in the country band "Cryin' Out Loud".[9]

  • Bob Lara has played in many local Chicago bands and has participated in several re-unions of his old band "Reaction".

  • Ric Menck went on to form Velvet Crush

  • Jay Sebastian went on to form the "Twang Bang" duo.

  • Frank Loose retired from music.

Band members

  • Marc Koch - guitarist (1980–1990)

  • Lisa Wertman Crowe - bassist (1980–1990)

  • Frank Loose - drummer (1980–1987)

  • Ric Menck - drummer (1988)

  • Jay Sebastian (aka "Redd Klaats") - drummer (1988–1989)

  • Bob Lara - guitarist (1988–1990)


  • 1981 - "Numbers and Colours" / "Ankle Deep In Mud" (flexi, Fresh Sounds) (with "Talk Talk" magazine, 1981-05-13) [10]

  • 1981 - Words Move (4 song EP, Syntax, 1981-12-08) [10]

  • 1981 - Fresh Sounds From Middle America (vol 1) (split/cassette, Fresh Sounds, 1981-12-12) [10]

  • 1981 - Get Smart! (11 song demo tape)

  • 1984 - Action Reaction (12 song LP, Fever/Enigma)

  • 1985 - "Back Into The Future" / "World Without End" (live, Fever/Enigma)

  • 1986 - Swimming with Sharks (10 song LP, Restless/Enigma)

  • 1987 - "Gold To Rust" (45, Enigma Europe)


  • Inspiration Series No. 1 (German cassette) - included "On And On" (different version)

  • Sub Pop No. 5 - included "Eat, Sleep A Go-Go" (from the "Words Move" EP)

  • Sub Pop No. 7 - included "Black Mirror" (different version)

  • Enigma Variations - included "Just For The Moment" (from Action Reaction)

  • Restless Variations - included "Back Into The Future" (from Swimming with Sharks)

  • Heat From The Wind Chill Factory — included "What It Is We Fear" (acoustic version)


  • "one of the few seriously innovative bands in the Lawrence-Kansas City-Topeka area" (Blake Gumprecht, University Daily Kansan, 1980-12-15 [1]

  • "original, simple, clean material and an energized, tight performance" (Karen Barber, KLZR 106, 1981-06-20) [11]

  • "their music has a beat and a fundamentally aggressive quality that is extremely satisfying" (John Korst, Jet Lag, Feb 1983) [12]

  • "This is what happened to Midwestern bar bands when they heard the Sex Pistols. Lots of beat and jangle; it's raw and rocking" (Barbara Nellis, Playboy, March 1985) [13]

  • "the band has a truly impressive knack for three-piece writing and arranging. Their new LP, Swimming With Sharks, is full of tense, carefully crafted miniatures that meld unvarnished noise with unexpected pretty vocal harmonies" (Renaldo Migaldi, Chicago Reader, 1986) [14]

  • "Dense minimalist rock featuring choppy guitars, a tight rhythmic thrust, and passionate, often eerie vocals, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics" (Jeff Silberman, Rock It, Fall 1986) [15]

  • "Get Smart! has emerged as one of Chicago's most respected (and nationally renowned) underground bands" (Moira McCormick, Illinois Entertainer, September 1986) [16]

  • "Warm pop melodicism competes with punky bluntness and jagged noise tendencies" (Ira Robbins, Trouser Press, 1986) [17]


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