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Gel (disambiguation)

Gel (disambiguation)


Gel may also refer to:

Personal care

  • Hair gel, a gel used for setting hair styles

  • Shower gel, a cosmetic body wash

  • Personal lubricant used for sex purposes

Pharmaceutics and physical chemistry

  • Gel cap, a gelatinous capsule in which a drug is held

  • Aerogel, a gel that has been dehydrated under supercritical conditions such that the liquid has been replaced with gas

  • Hydrogel or Aquagel, a water-insoluble polymer

  • Sol-gel, a colloidal suspension that can be gelled to form a solid

  • Xerogel, a dried gel that, when heated, becomes a dense glass


  • Color gel, a transparent colored material used to shade stage lighting

  • Gel, a fictional character from The Tribe

  • "Gel", a song by Collective Soul from their 1995 self-titled album

Other uses

  • Gel (dessert), a dessert made with sweetened and flavored gelatin

  • Gel conference

  • Gel pen

  • Georgian lari, ISO 4217 currency code GEL

  • Group Exemption Letter, issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service

  • Lichk, Armenia, formerly Gël

  • Silica gel

  • ut-Ma'in language

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