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Floating production storage and offloading

Floating production storage and offloading

A floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit is a floating vessel used by the offshore oil and gas industry for the production and processing of hydrocarbons, and for the storage of oil. A FPSO vessel is designed to receive hydrocarbons produced by itself or from nearby platforms or subsea template, process them, and store oil until it can be offloaded onto a tanker or, less frequently, transported through a pipeline. FPSOs are preferred in frontier offshore regions as they are easy to install, and do not require a local pipeline infrastructure to export oil. FPSOs can be a conversion of an oil tanker or can be a vessel built specially for the application. A vessel used only to store oil (without processing it) is referred to as a floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel.

Recent developments in LNG industry require relocation of conventional LNG processing trains into the sea to unlock remote, smaller gas fields that would not be economical to develop otherwise, reduce capital expenses, and impact to environment.[1] Emerging new type of FLNG facilities will be used. Unlike FPSOs apart of gas production, storage and offloading, they will also allow full scale deep processing, same as onshore LNG plant has to offer but squeezed to 25% of its footprint.[2] First 3 FLNG's are under construction (as at 2016): Prelude FLNG (Shell), PFLNG1 and PFLNG2 (Petronas).


Oil has been produced from offshore locations since the late 1940s. Originally, all oil platforms sat on the seabed, but as exploration moved to deeper waters and more distant locations in the 1970s, floating production systems came to be used.

The first oil FPSO was built in 1977 on the Shell Castellon field, located in the Spanish Mediterranean.[3] Today, over 270 vessels are deployed worldwide as oil FPSOs.

On July 29, 2009, Shell and Samsung announced an agreement to build up to 10 LNG FPSOs,[4] at same Samsung Yard Flex LNG appeared to construct smaller units.[5]

On May 20, 2011, Royal Dutch Shell announced the planned development of a floating liquefied natural gas facility (FLNG), called Prelude with 488 m long and 74 m wide, which is to be situated 200 km off the coast of Western Australia and is due for completion in around 2016, the largest vessel man-made ever.[6] Royal Dutch Shell (2013), LNG FPSO (Liquefied Natural Gas Floating production Storage and Offloading), Samsung Heavy Industries at a cost of $12 Billion.[7]

In June 2012, Petronas made a contract of procurement engineering, construction, installation and commissioning, a project with the Technip and DSME consortium.[8] The unit is destined for the Kanowit gas field off Sarawak, Malaysia. It is expected to be the World's First Floating Liquefaction Unit in operation when completed in 2015.[9]

At the opposite (discharge and regasification) end of the LNG chain, the first ever conversion of an LNG carrier, Golar LNG owned Moss type LNG carrier into an LNG floating storage and regasification unit was carried out in 2007 by Keppel shipyard in Singapore.[10]


Oil produced from offshore production platforms can be transported to the mainland either by pipeline or by tanker. When a tanker is chosen to transport the oil, it is necessary to accumulate oil in some form of storage tank, such that the oil tanker is not continuously occupied during oil production, and is only needed once sufficient oil has been produced to fill the tanker.[11]


Floating production, storage and offloading vessels are particularly effective in remote or deep water locations, where seabed pipelines are not cost effective. FPSOs eliminate the need to lay expensive long-distance pipelines from the processing facility to an onshore terminal. This can provide an economically attractive solution for smaller oil fields, which can be exhausted in a few years and do not justify the expense of installing a pipeline. Furthermore, once the field is depleted, the FPSO can be moved to a new location.[11]


A Floating Storage and Offloading unit (FSO) is essentially a simplified FPSO, without the capability for oil or gas processing. Most FSOs are converted single hull supertankers. An example is Knock Nevis, ex Seawise Giant, which for many years was the world's largest ship. It was converted into an FSO for offshore use before being scrapped.

At the other end of the LNG logistics chain, where the natural gas is brought back to ambient temperature and pressure, specially modified ships may also be used as floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs). A LNG floating storage and regasification unit receives liquefied natural gas (LNG) from offloading LNG carriers, and the onboard regasification system provides natural gas exported to shore through risers and pipelines.

  1. FSO, Floating Storage and Offloading

  2. FPSO, Floating Production, Storage and Offloading

  3. FDPSO, Floating, Drilling and Production, Storage and Offloading

  4. FSRU, Floating Storage Regasification Unit.



In addition to the historical records already mentioned, a few more are added in this section.

The FPSO operating in the deepest waters is the FPSO BW Pioneer, built and operated by BW Offshore on behalf of Petrobras Americas INC. The FPSO is moored at a depth of 2,600 m in Block 249 Walker Ridge in the US Gulf of Mexico and is rated for 80,000 bbl/d (13,000 m3/d). The EPCI contract was awarded in October 2007 and production started in early 2012. The FPSO conversion was carried out at MMHE Shipyard Pasir Gudang in Malaysia, while the topsides were fabricated in modules at various international vendor locations. The FPSO has a disconnectable turret (APL). The vessel can disconnect in advance of hurricanes and reconnect with minimal down time.[12] A contract for an FPSO to operate in even deeper waters (2,900 m) for Shell's Stones field in the US Gulf of Mexico was awarded to SBM Offshore in July 2013.[13]

One of the world's largest FPSO is the Kizomba A, with a storage capacity of 2.2 million barrels (350,000 m3). Built at a cost of over US$ 800 million by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, Korea, it is operated by Esso Exploration Angola (ExxonMobil). Located in 1200 meters (3,940 ft) of water at Deep water block 200 statute miles (320 km) offshore in the Atlantic Ocean from Angola, Central Africa, it weighs 81,000 tonnes and is 285 meters long, 63 meters wide, and 32 meters high (935 ft by 207 ft (63 m) by 105 ft).[14]

The first FSO in the Gulf of Mexico, The FSO Ta'Kuntah, has been in operation since August 1998. The FSO, owned and operated by MODEC, is under a service agreement with PEMEX Exploration and Production. The vessel was installed as part of the Cantarell Field Development. The field is located in the Bay of Campeche, offshore Mexico's Yucatán peninsula. It is a converted ULCC tanker with a SOFEC external turret mooring system, two flexible risers connected in a lazy-S configuration between the turret and a pipeline end manifold (PLEM) on the seabed, and a unique offloading system. The FSO is designed to handle 800,000 bbl/d (130,000 m3/d) with no allowance for downtime.[15]

The Skarv FPSO, developed and engineered by Aker Solutions for BP Norge, is one of the most advanced and largest FPSO deployed in the Norwegian Sea, offshore Mid Norway. Skarv is a gas condensate and oil field development. The development ties in five sub-sea templates, and the FPSO has capacity to include several smaller wells nearby in the future. The process plant on the vessel can handle about 19,000,000 cubic metres per day (670,000,000 cu ft/d) of gas and 13,500 cubic metres per day (480,000 cu ft/d) of oil.[16] An 80 km gas export pipe ties into Åsgard transport system. Aker Solutions (formerly Aker Kvaerner) developed the front-end design for the floating production facility as well as the overall system design for the field and preparation for procurement and project management of the total field development.[17] The hull is an Aker Solutions proprietary "Tentech975" design.[18] BP also selected Aker Solutions to perform the detail engineering, procurement and construction management assistance (EPcma) for the Skarv field development. The EPcma contract covers detail engineering and procurement work for the FPSO topsides as well as construction management assistance to BP including hull and topside facilities. The production started in field on August 2011.[19] BP awarded the contract for fabrication of the Skarv FPSO hull to Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea and the Turret contract to SBM. The FPSO has a length of 292 m, beam of 50.6 m and is 29 m deep, accommodates about 100 people in single cabins. The hull is delivered in January 2010.[17]

Current vehicles' types

As of August 2015, there are more than 277 Floating Production Units in use around the world, of which 62% are FPSOs.[20] Largest User of them is Petrobrás as of January 2015.[21]

ItemVessel NameTypeOilfieldCurrent LocationField OperatorNewbuild or
Vessel Designer
001AboFPSOAbo, Gulf of GuineaNigeriaNigeriaAgip
BW Offshore
Conversion2002BW Offshore
002Abu 50,826 t, Armata 02.1996 Handy Sonata 04.1990 Kikuwa 01.1990 Kikuwa Maru No.2 1980FSOAbu Cluster, South China SeaPeninsular
Petronas CarigaliConversion2006MISC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
FPSO Ventures
003Africa, 236,638 t length 380 m beam 68 m draft 19.3 m Speed 16.5 kn, ex-mv Ti Africa 07.2004 Hellespont Metropolis 2002FSOOsg Shipmanagement UK Newcastle upon Tyne, United KingdomConversion2010
004Agbami, 198,470 t beam moulded 58.4 m depth moulded 32.0 m draft 23.5 m length overall 320.0 m length between perpendicular 320.0 m length scantlings 310.4 mFPSONigeriaNigeriaStar Deep Water Petroleum Lagos, NigeriaNewbuild2007Chevron
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Geoje, South Korea
005AkpoFPSOAkpo, Gulf of GuineaNigeriaNigeriaTotalNewbuild2009Total
006Alvheim, 71,058 t length 252.2 m, ex-mv Odin 27.01.2003 Navion Odin 2001 tankerFPSONorwayNorwayAker BP Stavanger, NorwayConversion2005Vetco
007Al Zaafarana, 55,935 t, ex-mv Camar Nusantara 04.1991 Asoka Nusantara 01.1985 Kavo Longos 01.1976 Golar Ron 1969 tankerFSOWarda, Gulf of SuezEgyptEgyptAker SolutionsConversion1994Gemsa Petroleum Co
008Anasuria, 74,691 t length 234.2 m beam 44.8 m draft 23.8 mFPSOTeal, Teal South, Guillemot A, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomShellNewbuild1996Mhi Nagasaki Shipyard & Engine Works Nagasaki, Japan
009Anoa NatunaFPSOAnoa field, Natuna SeaIndonesiaIndonesiaPremier Oil1990Premier Oil, KN, Natuna Sea BV
010Angsi, 39,984 t, ex-mv Bertina 11.1989 Petrobulk Saturn 1988 Kohyoh Maru 1982 tankerFSOAngsi, South China SeaPeninsular
TalismanConversion2005MISC / FPSO Ventures
011Aoka Mizu, 66,426 t length 241m beam 44mFPSOupgrade at Dubai (from Q3 2017) Lancaster (from Q3 2018), North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomHurricane EnergyNewbuild1999Bluewater Energy Services
012Apollo Spirit, 89,421 t length 284 m beam 42 m draft 8 m, ex-mv Nordic Apollo 01.1991 Coastal Jade 01.1991 Jade Phoenix 01.1991 Coast Jade 1983 El Paso Cove Point 1983 tankerFSONorth SeaNorwayNorwayTeekay PetrojarlConversion2006Teekay Petrojarl
013Arco ArdjunaFPSOArdjuna Oil field, West Java SeaIndonesiaIndonesiaPertamina Hulu Energy1973Pertamina
014Arendal Spirit, the second and third unit are delayed in ChinaFloating Accommodation VesselRio de Janeiro BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasNewbuild2015Teekay as Logitel Offshore Holdings with Norway's Sevan Marine
015Armada ClaireFPSOBalnaves fieldWestern
Bumi Armada BerhadConversion2014Bumi Armada Berhad
016Armada Intrepid, ex-Schiehallion, 86,074 tFPSOex-Schiehallion, North AtlanticUnited KingdomUnited KingdomBPNewbuild, under refit2015, 1998Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries, Belfast, UK
Armada Olombendo[22]FPSOBlock 15/06AngolaEniConversion2017Keppel Singapore / Buri Armada
017Armada PerdanaFPSOOyoNigeriaNigeriaAllied Energy / Agip2010Bumi Armada Berhad
018Armada PerkasaFPSOOkoro SetuNigeriaNigeriaAfren / AMNIConversion2009Bumi Armada Berhad
019Armada Sterling, 58,510 t, ex-mv Umbe 08.2011 Monte Umbe 12.2004 Toula Z 1997 tankerFPSOD1 field, Off West CoastIndiaIndia"ONGC"Bumi Armada BerhadConversion2012Bumi Armada Berhad
020Armada Sterling II, ex-mv Albany 08.02.2003 Eagle Albany 1998, 57,929 t tankerFPSOC7 Field, Off West CoastIndiaIndia"ONGC" Forbes Bumi ArmadaConversion2014Keppel Tuas Shipyard
Bumi Armada Berhad
021Armada tgt I ex-Armada Perwira, 82,967 t, ex-mv Layak 15.04.2010 Jag Layak 09.2006 Seaprincess 1996 tankerFPSOTe Giac Trang field (TGT)VietnamVietnamArmada Tgt Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConversion2011
022Aseng, 144,072 t, ex-mv Bauhinia 01.2008 Island Bauhinia 09.2001 C Frontier 1997 Yukong Frontier 1988 tankerFPSOAsengEquatorial
JV (SBM Offshore / GE Petrol)
Single Buoy Moorings Marly, Switzerland
Conversion2011SBM Offshore
023Asgard A (Åsgard A), 89,013 tFPSOÅsgard, North SeaNorwayNorwayEquinorNewbuild1998Nagasu Hitachi Shipbuilding & Engineering Shibushi, Japan
024AzuriteFDPSO (first floating, drilling, production, storage and offloading)Azurite, AtlanticRepublic of the CongoCongoHyundai Heavy Industries, Keppel Corporation for Prosafe
Murphy Oil (Drilling)
BW Offshore
Conversion from VLCC2009Prosafe
BW Offshore
025Balder FPU (Spu 380), 47,244 tFPSONorth SeaNorwayNorwayVår energy Stavanger, NorwayNewbuild1996Far East Shipbuilding Industries Singapore
026Baobab Ivoirien MV10FPSOBaobab fieldIvory CoastCôte d'IvoireCNR International S.A.R.L.2005MODEC
027Ba Vi, 75,366 t, ex-mv Nuri Cerrahoglu 1985 Bralanta 1976 tankerFSOVung Tau fieldVietnamVietnamVietsovpetro1994Gotaverken Cityvarvet, Gothenburg, Sweden
028BelanakFPSOBelanak field, South Natuna SeaIndonesiaIndonesiaConocoPhillips2004KBR / J. Ray McDermott
029Belokamenka, 188,728 t, ex-mv Berge Pioneer 1980 tankerFSOKola Bay, Murmansk, North Atlantic OceanRussiaRussiaOil Terminal "Belokamenka" L.L.C Rosnefteflot, Moscow, RussiaConversion2004BW Offshore
Mitsui Ichihara Engineering & Shipbuilding, Japan
030Berge Helene, 133,871 t, ex-mv Picardie 11.1995 Esso Picardie 1976 tankerFPSOChinguetti, North Atlantic OceanMauritaniaMauritaniaWoodside Petroleum
BW Offshore
Conversion2005, 2003[23]BW Offshore
031Bertam ex Ikdam, 68,438 t, ex-mv Northia 02.1980 Oceanic Renown 09.1979 Kronoland 1971FPSOMalaysiaMalaysiaLundin Services Labuan, MalaysiaConversion2015, 2001Jurong, Singapore
032Bleo Holm, 59,248 t length 242 m beam 40 m draft 21 mFPSORoss, Blake, Parry, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomTalisman-Sinopec Energy UKNewbuild1999, 1997[24]Bluewater Energy Services
033Bo hai Ming Zhu Hao, 38,688 t, ex 1993 tankerFPSOPenglai19-3, BohaiChinaChinaConocoPhillipsConversion2003[25]CNOOC
034Bonga, 174,662 t length 305.1 m beam 58 m draft 23.4 mFPSOBonga, Gulf of GuineaNigeriaNigeriaShell2005[26]Samsung Heavy Industries
035Brasil, 120,545 t, ex-mv Moscliff 1993 Esso Freeport 1987 Esso Saba 1974 tankerFPSORoncador field, Campos BasinBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2002[27]SBM Offshore
036Brotojoyo, 37,987 t length 202.5 m beam 38.4 draft 11.8 m, ex-mv Ladon 03.1999 Ionio 04.1998 Chiba Spirit 06.1991 Sea Silkroad 1980 tankerFPSOIndonesiaIndonesiaEmerald Maritime Jakarta, IndonesiaConversion2005
037Bunga Kertas, 52,206 t, ex-mv Neptune Otome 1986 tankerFPSONorth Lukut & Penara, South China SeaPeninsular
Petronas Carigali
Misc Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conversion1993[28]DPS / FPSO Ventures
038BW AthenaFPSOAthena, North Sea UKUnited KingdomUnited KingdomBW Offshore for Ithaca EnergyConversion2012BW Offshore
039BW Cidade de São Vicente, 72,654 t, ex-mv Bw Peace 10.2007 Bw Endeavour 24.05.2006 Whakaaropai 03.1996 Ellida 04.1990 Umm Shaif 1976 tankerFPSOLula field, BrazilBrazilBrazilBW Offshore for PetrobrasConversion2009BW Offshore Petrobras
040BW Joko ToleFPSOTerang Sirasun Batur (TSB)IndonesiaIndonesiaBW Offshore for Kangean EnergyConversion2012BW Offshore
041BW Pioneer, 56,091 t length 241.78 m beam 42 draft 13.9 m, ex-mv Sarasota 06.2005 Tsunami 05.2003 Minerva Concert 15.12.1999 Stena Concert 1992FPSOCascade & Chinook, Gulf of MexicoUnited StatesUSABW Offshore for Petrobras AmericaConversion2010BW Offshore
042BW Singapore, 98,000 tFSRUBW OffshoreConversion2015BW Offshore
Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries Geoje, South Korea
043Capixaba, 137,452 t, ex-mv Stena Congress 16.05.1990 Peconic 01.1980 Universe Mariner 1974 tankerFPSOGolfinho, Espírito Santo BasinBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2005[29]SBM Offshore
044CaptainFPSOCaptain, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomChevronNewbuild1996[30]
045CendorFSOCendor, South China SeaPeninsular
PetrofacConversion2006[31]MISC / FPSO Ventures
046Cendor Phase 2FPSOCendor field, PM304, South China SeaPeninsular
E&P O&M Services Sdn Bhd, EPOMSConversion2014MISC / E&P O&M Services Sdn Bhd EPOMS
047Cidade de Anchieta, 273,000 t length 344 m beam 51 m height 28 mFPSOBaleia Azul field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilSBM (Single Buoy Moorings Inc.) Marly, Switzerland for PetrobrasConversion2009[32]SBM Offshore Petrobras
048Cidade de Angra dos Reis MV22FPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversionPetrobras
049Cidade de Ilha Bela, 160,842 t, ex-mv Anne 12.2010 Hyundai Banner 1996 tankerFPSOSapinhoá field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilQGOG (Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás)
SBM (Single Buoy Moorings Inc.) Marly, Switzerland for Petrobras
Conversion2013[33]SBM Offshore
Hyundai Heavy Industries
050Cidade de Itaguaí MV26, 82,000 t length 332 m beam 58 m height 31 mFPSOIracema Norte, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilMODEC for PetrobrasConversion2015[34]MODEC
051Cidade de Itajaí, 57,516 t, ex-mv Arc Ii 24.10.2011 Archon 12.2009 Arc 05.2007 Archon 11.2004 Spectrum 1985 tankerFPSOSantos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrojarl for Petrobras
Capital Shipmanagement Athens, Greece
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
052Cidade de Mangaratiba, crew 110 membersFPSOIracema South area of the Lula field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilMODEC for Petrobras in partnership with BG E&P Brasil Ltda. (25%) and Petrogal Brasil S.A. (10%)Conversion2014[35]MODEC
053Cidade de Maricá, 159,187 t length 346.5 m beam 58 m height 32.6 m, ex-mv Eli 2011 Eli Maersk 2000 tankerFPSOLula Alto BM-S-11 field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilSBM (Single Buoy Moorings Inc.) Marly, Switzerland for PetrobrasNewbuild, in build2015[36]SBM Offshore
CXG China
Estaleiro Brasa
054Cidade de Niteroí, 144,898 t length 304.5 crew 100 members, ex-mv Apollo Shoju 09.2005 Shoju Maru 1986 tankerFPSOMarlim Leste field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilMODEC for PetrobrasConversion2008[37]MODEC
055Cidade de Paraty, 148,661 t length 328 m beam 56 m, Theseus 05.08.2010 Ciadade De Paraty 12.2008 Titan Aries 06.2005 World Prelude 1988 tankerFPSOBrazilBrazilBrazilSBM (Single Buoy Moorings Inc.) Marly, Switzerland for PetrobrasConversion2012SBM Offshore Petrobras
056Cidade do Rio de Janeiro MV14, 146,575 t, ex-mv Bright Jewel 06.2004 Tokyo Maru 1986 tankerFPSOEspadarte Sul field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilMODEC for PetrobrasConversion2007[38]MODEC
057Cidade de Santos MV20, 118,273 t, ex-mv Bateau 09.2005 Bon Bateau 01.1983 Amoco Singapore 1973 tankerFPSOBrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobras
Gas Opportunity Mv2 Amsterdam, Netherlands
058Cidade de São MateusFPSOCamarupim, BrazilBrazilBrazilBW Offshore for PetrobrasConversion2007[39]BW Offshore
059Cidade de São Paulo MV23, 160,508 t length 332 m beam 58 m draft 12 m, ex-mv Jewel 2010 Radiant Jewel 2001 Golar Glasgow 1992 tankerFPSOBrazilBrazilBrazilMODEC for PetrobrasConversion2011MODEC
060Cidade de SaquaremaFPSOBrazilBrazilBrazilSBM (Single Buoy Moorings Inc.) Marly, Switzerland for PetrobrasNewbuild2016SBM Offshore Petrobras
061Cidade de Vitória exVictoria, 134,606 t, ex-mv Margaux 10.1996 Star Veraguas 10.1990 Texaco Veraguas 1976 tankerFPSOGolfinho II, Espírito Santo Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilSaipem Portugal Comercio Maritimo Funchal, Madeira for PetrobrasConversion2006Saipem Portugal Comercio Maritimo Funchal, Madeira
062Cilacap Permina Samudra 104 length 246.7 m beam 35.03 m draft 5.6 mFSOIndonesiaIndonesiaPertamina Jakarta, IndonesiaNewbuild1975Hakodate Dock Hakodate, Japan
064Cnooc 112FPSOCNOOC
065Thai Binh VN, ex Cuulong MV9FPSOSu Tu Den fieldVietnamVietnamCuulong Joint Operating Company (CLJOC)Newbuild2003Cuulong Joint Operating Company (CLJOC)
066Crystal Ocean, 6,984 t length 100.2 m beam 21 m draft 8.56 m Speed 12 knFPSORubicon Offshore International with Langstein Slip
Wisdom Shipping S Pte, Lysaker, Norway
Newbuild1999[40]Roc Oil Company, Anzon Australia
Bae Systems Surface Ships Govan Glasgow, United Kingdom
067Crystal SeaFPSOIndiaIndiaKværnerConversion1999Discovery Enterprise
068Dalia, 190,217 tFPSOBlock 17, Dalia Oil field, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaTotal
Sonangol Luanda, Angola
Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries Geoje, South Korea
069Dhirubhai 1, 94,839 t, ex-mv Aker Smart 1 02.2007 Polar Alaska 05.2000 Arco Alaska 1979 tankerFPSOMA-D6, Bay of BengalIndiaIndiaReliance Industries Limited
Aker Floating Production Oslo, Norway
070Didon, 37,166 t, ex-mv New Orleans 14.07.1993 Exxon New Orleans 1965FSOTunisiaTunisiaPa Resources Tunisia Tunis, TunisiaConversion1997Newport News Shipbuilding Newport News Va, United States of America
071Dynamic Producer, 73,641 t length 256 m beam 46 m draft 10 m, ex-mv Ragnhild Knutsen 1987 tankerFPSOBuzios field, Campos Basin BrazilBrazilBrazilPetroserv Rio de Janeiro, BrazilConversion2007Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Dalian, China
072EnQuest Producer, 53,176 t, ex-Uisge Gorm (Bluewater Energy Services), ex-mv Dirch Maersk 1983 tanker, length 248.31 m beam 29.9 mFPSOAlma (Formerly Ardmore) Oil field and Galia Tie-Back, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomEnQuestConversion2013 reconstruction, 1995[41]Blohm + Voss, OGN Shipyard UK
073EPV Balai Mutiara, ex-mv Stena Caribbean 2002 8,441 t tankerFPSOMalaysiaMalaysiaBC Petroleum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Thome Oil & Gas Singapore
074EspadarteFPSOEspadarte, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2000SBM Offshore
075Espirito Santo BC-10, 138,160t, ex-Fso Xv Domy 07.1993 ex-Fso Xv 06.1992, ex-mv Nielstor 05.1991 Knock Ville 1988 Azuro 1987 Kazuko 1985 tankerFPSOParque das Conchas (BC10), Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilShell Americas
Brazilian Deepwater Production Bermuda
Conversion2009SBM Offshore MISC Bhd
076Espoir IvorienFPSOEspoir, Gulf of GuineaIvory CoastCôte d'IvoireBW Offshore for CNRConversion2001Prosafe
BW Offshore
078FalconFPSOJohor RiverMalaysiaMalaysiaExxonMobilConversionSBM Offshore
079FarwahFPSOAl-Jurf, MediterraneanLibyaLibyaTotal2003
080Firenze, 59,491 t, ex-mv Betatank Ii 09.2004 Betatank 02.1993 Shoshone Spirit 1989 tankerFPSOAquila field, ItalyItalyItalyAgip[42]Conversion2011[43]ENI Agip
081FluminenseFPSOBijupira, Salema, AtlanticBrazilBrazilShellConversion2003[44]Modec
082Four Rainbow ex-Four Vanguard, 52,065 t, ex-mv Four Lakes 11.1997 Isola Blu 1992 tankerFPSOWoollybutt, Indian OceanAustraliaAustraliaENIConversion2010, 2003Premuda Spa
083FradeFPSOFrade, Campos BasinBrazilBrazilSBM OffshoreConversion2009SBM Offshore
084Front PuffinFPSORubicon Offshore InternationalConversion[40]Rubicon Offshore International
085FSRU Toscana, 117,916 t length 288 m beam 48 m draft 12 m, ex-mv Golar Frost 2003 LNG tankerFSRUItalyItalyOlt Offshore Lng Toscana Milano, ItalyConversion2003Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
086GimboaFPSOGimboa, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaSonangolConversion2009Saipem
087Girassol, 171,959 tFPSOBlock 17, Girassol, Jasmine & Rosa[45] Oil fields, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaSonangol Luanda, Angola for TotalNewbuild2004, 2001Total
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
088Glas Dowr, 56,924 t, ex-mv Nissos Heraclia 1996 tankerFPSOJPDA, Timor SeaIndonesiaIndonesiaENIConversion1997Bluewater Energy Services
089Glen Lyon, 98,973 tFPSOSchiehallion, North AtlanticUnited KingdomUnited KingdomBPNewbuild2014Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
090Global Producer III, 54,631 t, ex-Kerr Mcgee Global Producer III (Spu 550)FPSODumbarton field Block 15/20, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomMaersk Oil North Sea Aberdeen, United KingdomNewbuild2006, 2000Maersk
Mitsui Ichihara Engineering & Shipbuilding Ichihara, Japan
091GoliatFPSOGoliat fieldNorwayNorwayVår EnergiNewbuild2013Sevan Marine (Cencept), CB&I (FEED), Hyundai Heavy Industries (Detail)
092Greater Plutonio, 181,173 tFPSOBlock 18 Greater Plutonio, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaSonangol Luanda, Angola for BPNewbuild2007BP
093Griffin VentureFPSOGriffin, Chinook, Scindian, Indian OceanAustraliaAustraliaBHP BillitonNewbuild1994
094Gryphon A, 66,830 tFPSOGryphon, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomMaersk1993
095Hæwene Brim, 66,538 t length 252 m beam 41 m draft 12 m, ex-mv Berge Hugin 1997 tankerFPSOPierce, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomShellConversion2001Bluewater Energy Services
Samsung Heavy Industries Geoje, South Korea
096Hai Yang Shi You 102 ex-Chang Qing Hao ex-Bo hai Chang Qing Hao, 35,727 t, ex 1990 tankerFPSOBZ34ChinaChinaChina National Offshore Oil Beijing, ChinaConversion2012, 2011
097Hai Yang Shi You 115, 75,484 tFPSOSouth China SeaChinaChinaCNOOC Tianjin, ChinaNewbuildBeihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Qingdao, China
098Hai Yang Shi You 118FPSOSouth China SeaChinaChinaCNOOC Tianjin, ChinaNewbuild
099Hoegh Grace ex-Hoegh ChallengerFSRUnear CartagenaColombiaColombiaHoegh Lng Fleet Management Oslo, NorwayNewbuild2015Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
100Hummingbird SpiritFPSOChestnut field, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomNewbuild2008[46]Teekay for Centrica Energy Upstream
102Jamestown, 23,915 t, ex-mv Jamestown 07.1993 Exxon Jamestown 1957 tankerFPSOTema, GhanaGhanaGhanaConversion1995
103Jorunn Knutsen (Åsgard C), 72,651 tFSONorth SeaNorwayNorwayKnutsen Oas Shipping Haugesund, NorwayNewbuild2000Astillero La Naval Sestao, Spain
John Agyekum Kufuor[47]FPSOTano Basin Sankofa-Gye Nyame fieldGhanaGhanaEni, Vitol, GNPCConversion2017Keppel Shipyard / Ynson
104Jasmine Venture MV7FPSOJasmine fieldThailandThailandPEARL Energy Pte Ltd.Conversion2004MODEC
105Jotun A, 65,420 t length 232 m beam 41.5 mFPSOJotun, North SeaNorwayNorwayVår Energi Norge Stavanger, NorwayNewbuild1999Bluewater Energy Services
Kvaerner Masa-Yards Inc Turku
106Kakap NatunaFPSOKakap KH fieldIndonesiaIndonesiaConocoPhillips (Kakap) Ltd.Conversion1986MODEC
107Khalij & Fars, 190,612 tFSOSorooshIranIranIranian Offshore Oil Tehran, IranNewbuild2011Stx Offshore & Shipbuilding Jinhae Shipyard Jinhae, South Korea
108Kikeh, 135,244 t, ex-Atlas, ex-mv Stena Conductor 23.01.1990 Stena Explorer 01.1986 Universe Explorer 1974 tankerFPSOKikeh, SabahMalaysiaMalaysiaMurphy Oil
Malaysia Deepwater Production Contractors Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conversion2006, 2004SBM Offshore MISC Bhd
109Kizomba AFPSOHungo, Chocalho, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaExxonMobilNewbuild2004SBM Offshore
110Kizomba B, 188,203 tFPSOKissanje, Dikanza, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaExxonMobilNewbuild2005SBM Offshore
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
111Knock Adoon, 135,535 t, ex-mv Knock Adoon 17.01.2005 El Greco 04.2001 Tagawa Maru 1985 tankerFPSOFred Olsen Marine Services Oslo, NorwayConversion2014
112Kuito (scrapped 2014)FPSOKuito, CabindaAngolaAngolaChevronConversion1999SBM Offshore
113Kwame Nkrumah M21, 151,542 t, ex-mv Ohdoh 07.2008 Tohdoh 1991 tankerFPSOJubilee fields, Gulf of GuineaGhanaGhanaTullow OilConversion2010MODEC Management Services Singapore
114Langsa Venture MV8FPSOLangsa field, Malacca StraitIndonesiaIndonesiaMEDCO MOECO Langsa Ltd.Conversion2001MODEC
115Layang ex-Deep Producer 1, 42,575 t, ex-mv Laurita 13.07.2006 Nordic Laurita 01.1997 Nordic Challenger 10.1989 Houston Accord 1981 tankerFPSOMalaysiaMalaysiaRamunia Fabricators Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConversion2007
116Leonis, 54,673 t length 238 m beam 43 m draft 6.5 mFSOVega oil field, PozzalloItalyItalyTea Shipping Pozzallo, ItalyConversion
117Maersk Curlew, 52,175 t, ex-mv Maersk Curlew 1997 Maersk Dorset 12.1995 Bin He 05.1992 Dorthe Maersk 1983 tankerFPSOCurlew, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomShellConversion2002Maersk[48]
118Maersk Ngujima-Yin, 162,154 t, ex-mv Maersk Ngujima Yin 05.2008 Ellen Maersk 2000 tankerFPSOVincent, Exmouth Sub-basinAustraliaAustraliaWoodside PetroleumConversion2011Maersk
119Maersk Peregrino, 165,829 t length 333 m beam 55 draft 11.3 m, ex-mv Maersk Nova 07.2012 Maersk Peregrino 07.2010 Maersk Nova 2008 tankerFPSOPeregrino, Campos BasinBrazilBrazilMaerskConversion2012Maersk
120Marlim SulFPSOMarlim Sul, Campos BasinBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2004SBM Offshore
121Moho BilonFPSONewbuild2007
122Mondo, 132,206 t length 321 m beam 54 m, ex-mv Capella 19.05.2002 Stena Constellation 21.05.1990 Hamlet 01.1980 Universe Sentinel 1975 tankerFPSOBlock 15, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaOps Servicos De Producao De Petroleos Luanda, Angola for ExxonMobilConversion2007SBM Offshore
123Munin, 66,662 t, ex-Navion MuninFPSOLufeng, Xijiang, South China SeaChinaChinaCNOOCNewbuild2001, 1997Bluewater Energy Services
Samsung Heavy Industries Geoje, South Korea
124MystrasFPSOOkono, Okpoho, Gulf of GuineaNigeriaNigeriaAgipConversion2004Saipem
125NabarimaCorocoro Oil field, Gulf of PariaVenezuelaVenezuelaPDVSA PETROSUCRE S.ANewbuild2004Samsung Heavy Industries
126Nanhai Fa Xian, 127,295 t, ex-mv Agip Campania 1976 tankerFPSOChina SeaChinaChinaCnooc Fpso Holding Monrovia, LiberiaConversion1989
127Nanhai Kai Tuo, 93,370 t, ex-mv Java 01.1988 H.j.haynes 1970 tankerFSOChinaChinaConversion1992
128Nanhai Shengkai, 62,041 t, ex-mv Sea Queen 1975 tankerFSOLefeng Oil field, Southern China SeaChinaChinaCNOOC Tianjin, ChinaConversion1993
129N'Goma ex-Xikomba, 125,027 t, ex-mv Atlantic 2002 Mosocean 11.1996 Amazon Glory 01.1993 Esso Bahamas 1985 Esso Bonn 1974 tankerFPSOBlock 15/06, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaEniConversion2014, 2003SBM Offshore
130NganhurraFPSOEnfield, Exmouth Sub-basinAustraliaAustraliaWoodside PetroleumNewbuild2006
131Njord Bravo, 60,750t, ex-mv Njord B Fsu 2001 Njord B 1997 tankerFSONorth SeaNorwayNorwayEquinorConversion2001
132Nkossa II, 45,603 t, ex-mv Inger Maersk 1992 tankerFSORepublic of the CongoCongoMaersk Copenhagen, DenmarkConversion1996
133Noble Seillean, ex-Seillean, 50,928 tFPSOCachalote, Espirito Santo BasinBrazilBrazilPetrobras, but built for BPNewbuild2010, 1988Noble Corporation
Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries Belfast, United Kingdom
134NorneFPSONorne, North SeaNorwayNorwayEquinorNewbuild1997Vetco
135North Sea ProducerFPSOMacCulloch, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomConocoPhillipsConversion1997[48]Maersk
136Northern EndeavourFPSOLaminaria, Corallina, Timor SeaAustraliaAustraliaWoodside PetroleumNewbuild1999Kvaerner
SBM Offshore
137Okha, 85,351 t length 274 m beam 48 m draft 16.89 mFPSOCossack, Wanaea, North West ShelfAustraliaAustraliaWoodside PetroleumConversion2011SBM Offshore
Woodside Petroleum
138OPL 209 Erha, 188,758 t length 285 m beam 63 m draft 25.5 mFSOGulf of Benin, NigeriaNigeriaNigeriaExxonMobilNewbuild2006[49]Saipem[50]
139Opportunity, 96,896 t, ex-mv Cossack Pioneer 10.1991 Chevron London 1972Johor riverMalaysiaMalaysiaConversion2011
140Orkid, 57,892 t, ex-mv Orchid II 04.2005 Palmstar Orchid 1989 tankerFSOMalaysiaMalaysiaMisc Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConversion2009
141OSX 1, 94,626 t length 271.75 m beam 46 m draft 6 mFPSOTubarão Azul, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilOSXConversion2011OSX
142OSX 2, 144,851 t, ex-mv Concorde Spirit 2009 Dec 14 Episkopi 2004 Jun 29 Stena Episkopi 2001 Sep World Pendant 1989 tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilOSXConversion2012OSX, Keppel Shipyard
143OSX 3, 160,257 t length 370 m beam 57 m height 31 m, ex-mv Tar II 2011 Jul Star II 2005 Jan Columba Star 1990 Jun Golar Klementine 1989FPSOTubarão Martelo, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilOSXConversion2013OSX
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Geoje, South Korea
145PazflorFPSOPazflor, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaTotalNewbuild2011DSME
146Peeti ex-Bongkot Fso I, 15,676 t, ex-mv Lan Shui 1988 Diala 1966FSOThailandThailandAuo Siam Marine Bangkok, ThailandConversion2006, 1991
147PeregrinoFPSOPeregrino, South Atlantic OceanBrazilBrazilBW Offshore for EquinorConversion2010BW Offshore
148PerintisFPSOMASA field, South China SeaPeninsular
Petronas CarigaliConversion1999Aker Kvaerner / M3Nergy
149Perisai Kamelia, ex-Lewek Arunothai, ex-Lewek Fpso 1, 63,994 t, ex-mv Kitty Knutsen 11.2003 Norrisia 01.1987 Gerina 1980 tankerFPSOMalaysiaMalaysiaEmas Offshore Oslo, NorwayConversion2013, 2008, 2007
150Petrobrás 10000, 60,331 t length 227 m beam 40 m draft 14.5 mFDPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2009Petrobras
151Petrojarl Banff, 18,488 t, ex-Ramform BanffFPSOBanff, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomCNRNewbuild2006, 1997Teekay Petrojarl Trondheim, Norway
Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Ulsan, South Korea
152Petrojarl Cidade Rio das Ostras, ex-mv Che Guevara 2004 St. Michaelis 1981 tanker, 26,940 tFPSOBadejo, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2007[51]Teekay Petrojarl
153Petrojarl Foinaven, 43,279 t, ex-mv Anadyr 1988 tankerFPSOFoinaven, North AtlanticUnited KingdomUnited KingdomBPConversion1997[52]Teekay Petrojarl
154Petrojarl I, 30,742 t length 208 m beam 32 mFPSOAtlanta oil fieldQGEPUndergoing Refit, Damen Shiprepair1986 (2016)[53]Teekay Petrojarl
155Petrojarl Knarr, 95,418 tFPSONorth SeaNorwayNorwayTeekay PetrojarlNewbuild2014[54]Samsung Shipyard Geoje, South Korea
156Petrojarl VargFPSOVarg, North SeaNorwayNorwayTalisman EnergyNewbuild1999[55]Teekay Petrojarl
157Petroleo NautipaFPSOEtame, South Atlantic OceanGabonGabonBW Offshore for Vaalco EnergyConversion2002Yinson Production, Prosafe
BW Offshore
158PFLNG Satu (PFLNG 1), length 365 m, first of this typeFLNG180 km off Sarawak fieldPeninsular
Petronas CarigaliNewbuild2015[56]
159PFLNG 2FLNGPeninsular
Petronas CarigaliNewbuild2018[56]
160Piranema Spirit ex-Sevan Piranema ex-Ssp Piranema, 26,523 tFPSOPiranema field, BrazilBrazilBrazilRubicon Offshore International
Teekay Petrojarl Production Trondheim, Norway
Newbuild2007[57]Teekay for Petrobras
161PolvoFPSOPolvo, South Atlantic OceanBrazilBrazilBW Offshore for Devon EnergyConversion2007HRT
BW Offshore
162Prelude, ~ 300,000 t length 488 m beam 74FLNGAustraliaAustraliaShell AustraliaNewbuild2016Shell Samsung Heavy Industries
163PSVM ex-Bourgogne, 168,674 t, ex-mv Bourgogne 1997 tankerBlock 31 Plutao, Saturno, Venus, Marte, South Atlantic OceanAngolaAngolaBP Exploration Angola London, United KingdomConversion2012, 2009MODEC
Jurong Shipyard
164Puteri DulangDulang field, South China SeaPeninsular
Petronas CarigaliConversion Petronas Carigali / FPSO Ventures
165PyreneesRavensworth, Crosby, Stickle Fields, Exmouth Sub-basinAustraliaAustraliaBHP Billiton PetroleumNewbuild2010BHP Billiton / MODEC
166Pyrenees Venture, 81,431 t, ex-mv Carp 2007 tankerRavensworth, Crosby, Stickle Fields, Exmouth Sub-basinAustraliaAustraliaBHP Billiton PetroleumConversion2008BHP Billiton
167P-31, 138,015 tFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1974Petrobras
168P-32, 137,086 t length 337.09 m beam 54.49 m height 27.79 m draft 21.59 m, ex-mv Cairu 1974 Transpetro tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1996Petrobras
169P-33, 135,673 t, ex-mv Henrique Dias 1978 tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilBraspetro Oil Services Luanda, Angola for PetrobrasConversion1996Petrobras
170ex-P-34, ex-mv Juscelino Kubitcheki 1966, Presidente Prudente De Moraes 1959 27,643 t Transpetro tanker, one of the first FPSO in the world. Destroyed on 2016 due ScrapFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1968Petrobras
171P-35, 137,950 t, ex-mv José Bonifácio 1974 tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1997Petrobras
172P-37, 130,608 t length 330 m beam 75 mFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1976Petrobras
173P-43FPSOBarracuda field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2005KBR
174P-47, 131,242 t length 386 m draft 14 m, ex-mv Eastern Strength 1987 Calamus 1987 World Heritage 1976 tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1997Petrobras
175P-48, 135,729 t, ex-mv Stena Concordia 1973 tankerFPSOCaratinga field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2001KBR
176P-50, 146,901 t, ex-mv Felipe Camarão 1980 Transpetro tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2004Petrobras
177P-52FPSORoncador field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversionPetrobras
178P-53, 157,574 t length 346.24 m beam 52.36 m draft 16 m Speed 15 knFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1986Petrobras
179P-54, 146,177 t, ex-mv Barão De Mauá 1979 Transpetro tankerFPSORoncador field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2003Petrobras
180P-55FPSORoncador field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversionPetrobras
181P-57, 144,145 t, ex-mv Accord 11.01.2008 Island Accord 07.2001 C Commander 09.1997 Yukong Commander 1988 tankerFPSOJubarte field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobras
Single Buoy Moorings Marly, Switzerland
Conversion2009SBM Offshore
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
182P-58, 153,971 t crew 110 members, ex-mv Roncador 03.2008 Welsh Venture 1991 63,300 t tankerFPSOParque das Baleias field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2011[58]Petrobras
183P-61FPSOPapa Terra field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2013[59]Petrobras
184P-62 in conjunction with production platforms P-52, P-54 and P-55, 60,500 tFPSORoncador field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasNewbuild2013[60]Petrobras
185P-63 Papa Terra, length 340 m beam 53 m h 28 m cr 110, ex-mv SW Nisa tankerFPSOPapa Terra field, Campos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilBW Offshore for PetrobrasNewbuild2012[61]BW Offshore
186P-66, 353,500 t length 288 m beam 54 m height 31.5 m draft 23.1 m crew 110 members, the first platform in a series of eight "replicant" FPSOs being constructed to meet oil production demands in Brazil, completely entirely built in the country.FPSOLula field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasNewbuild2014[62]Petrobras
187P-74, ex-mv Titan Seema 1992 tanker, in parallel to the completion of the P-76 hull conversion.FPSOBuzios III field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasNewbuild2015[63]Inhaúma shipyard in Rio de Janeiro for Petrobras
188P-75, 149,945 t length 322.07 m beam 56.05 m height 21.62 m draft 10.5 m Speed 15 kn, ex-mv Titan Orion 2010 Front Duke 1996 Sea Duke 1992 tankerFPSOBrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2012Petrobras
189P-76, 82,000 t length 332 m beam 58 m height 31 m, in parallel to the completion of the P-74 hull conversion.FPSOBuzios III field, Santos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion2018Unidade Offshore Techint in Pontal do Paraná for Petrobras
190P-77, 149,945 t length 322.07 m beam 56.05 m height 21.62 m draft 10.5 m Speed 15 kn, ex-mv Ticen Ocean 2009 Front Lady 1996 Sea Lady 1991 tankerFPSOCampos Basin, BrazilBrazilBrazilPetrobrasConversion1976Petrobras
191ex-Rang Dong 1, 86,872 t, ex-mv Prostor 02.1996 Enalios Ethra 12.1994 Puertollano 1978 tankerFSORang Dong, South China SeaVietnamVietnamJVPC, Nippon OilConversion1997Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
192Rang Dong MV17, 31,644 tFSORang Dong, South China SeaVietnamVietnamRang Dong Shipping Thanh Hoa, VietnamConversion
193Raroa, 54,737 t, ex-mv Andaman Sea 09.1995 Tenryusan Maru 1980 tankerFPSOMaari, Tasman SeaNew ZealandNew ZealandOMV Wellington, New ZealandConversion2007
194Raroa IIFPSOMaari, Tasman SeaNew ZealandNew ZealandOMV Wellington, New ZealandConversion2008
195Ratu Songkhla, 44,251 t, ex-mv M3 Susanne 06.2008 Difko Susanne 08.2001 Northsea Bellows 12.1994 Zidona 1989 tankerFPSOGulf of ThailandThailandThailandM3nergy Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConversion2009Keppel Benoi Shipyard Singapore
196Rubicon Intrepid, 38,406 t, ex-mv Nordic Troll 25.10.2005 Ruicon Intrepid 15.07.2003 Petrotroll 07.1993 Skaustream 01.1991 Jaguar 1981 tankerFPSOPhilippinesPhilippinesRubicon Offshore International SingaporeConversion2005[40]Rubicon Offshore International
197Rubicon Vantage, 45,150 t, ex-mv Nordic Trym 2003 Jan Petrotrym 1995 Jan Primo 1989 Jul Osco Beduin 1987 tankerFPSORubicon Offshore InternationalConversion2007[40]Dalian Shipyard, China
198Ruby PrincessRuby, South China SeaVietnamVietnamPetrovietnamConversion1998Prosafe
199Ruby IIRuby, South China SeaVietnamVietnam Petronas Carigali Vietnam Ltd.Conversion2010MISC Bhd
200Sanha LPGFLNGAngolaAngolaChevronNewbuild2005SBM Offshore / Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Chevron
201Saxi-BatuqueFPSOBlock 15, Luanda, AngolaAngolaAngolaExxonMobilConversion2008SBM Offshore
202Sea EagleFPSOEA, Gulf of GuineaNigeriaNigeriaShellNewbuild2003Samsung Heavy Industries
203SeaRose, 127,000 t length 267 m beam 46 m height 26.6 m draft 18 mFPSOWhite Rose, Grand Banks of NewfoundlandCanadaCanadaHusky EnergyNewbuild2005Samsung Heavy Industries
204Sendje Berge, 133,871 t, ex-mv Berge Charlotte 04.1997 Alsace 12.1995 Esso Normandie 1974FPSOOkworiNigeriaNigeriaBW Offshore for SinopecConversion2004, 2000BW Offshore
205Sendje Ceiba, ex-Berge Hus 133,969 t, ex-mv Africa 07.1994 Esso Africa 1975FPSOCeiba oil field, Equatorial GuineaEquatorial
Amerada Hess Equatorial Guinea Bata, Equatorial GuineaConversion2001, 1996
206SEPATFPSOMalaysiaMalaysia Petronas Carigali SDN BHDConversion2011Bumi Armada Berhad
207Sevan Hummingbird, 27,596 tFPSONorth SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomSevan Drilling Oslo, Norway
Wood Group Engineering North Sea Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Newbuild2007Cimc Raffles Offshore Yantai, China
208Sevan Voyageur, 27,596 tFPSOSevan Drilling Oslo, Norway
Teekay Petrojarl Production Trondheim, Norway
Newbuild2008Cimc Raffles Offshore Yantai, China
Teekay Petrojarl
209Serpentina ex-Eagle, 151,123 t, ex-mv Amazon Eagle 12.1996 Kawasaki 08.1994 Esso Kawasaki 1974 tankerFPSOZafiro, Gulf of GuineaEquatorial
Exxonmobil Malabo, Equatorial GuineaConversion2003SBM Offshore
210Skarv, 111,914 tFPSOSkarv oil field and Idun oil field, North SeaNorwayNorwayAker BP Norge Stavanger, NorwayNewbuild2010BP
Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries Geoje, South Korea
211Sloug, 126,147 t length 345 m beam 43 draft 14.5 m, ex-mv Agip Sardegna 1973 tankerFSOEl Bouri oilfield LibyaLibyaLibyaLibyan National Oil Tripoli, LibyaConversion1985
212Song Doc MV19FPSOSong Doc fieldVietnamVietnamTruong Son Joint Operating Company (TSJOC)Conversion2008MODEC
213Stybarrow MV16FPSOStybarrow field, Exmouth Sub-basinAustraliaAustraliaBHP Billiton PetroleumNewbuild2007MODEC
214Ta'kuntah, 170,706 t, ex-mv Juno 01.1986 Zenit Juno 01.1985 Velma 1978 tankerFSOMexicoMexicoPEMEX MexicoConversion1997
215Terra Nova, 110,720 tFPSOTerra Nova, Grand Banks of NewfoundlandCanadaCanadaPetro-Canada
Suncor Energy Calgary, Canada
Newbuild2000Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Geoje, South Korea
216Turritella, 82,780 t, ex-Stones, ex-mv Captain X.kyriakou 2003 tankerSBM OffshoreConversion2016, 2013Keppel Shipyard, Singapore
217TritonFPSOBittern, Guillemot West, Guillemot Northwest, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomDana Petroleum[64]Newbuild2000
218UmuroaTui, Tasman SeaNew ZealandNew ZealandBW Offshore for Australian Worldwide ExplorationConversion2007APS / Prosafe Production
BW Offshore
219Unity, 186,194 tFSONigeriaNigeriaElf Petroleum Lagos, Nigeria
Total Courbevoie, France
Newbuild2002Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
220Usan, 199,340 tFPSONigeriaNigeriaEsso Exploration & Production Lagos, Nigeria
Total Courbevoie, France
Newbuild2011Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan, South Korea
221Venture 11FPSOMutineer-Exeter fieldAustraliaAustraliaSantosConversion2005MODEC
222Vietsovpetro 02, 77,064 t, ex-Ptsc Bach Ho 2010FSOVung Tau field, VietnamVietnamVietnamVietsovpetro2011Vinashin Nasico, Haiphong, Vietnam
223Voyageur Spirit (Sevan 300)FPSOHuntington field, North SeaUnited KingdomUnited KingdomPetrobrasNewbuild2007[65]Yantai Raffels
Keppel Verolme
Nymo for Sevan Marine
224Yoho, 132,492 t, ex-mv Yoho Nkossa 1 07.2004 Nkossa 1 07.1995 Stena Contender 03.1990 Menantic 1980 Universe Ranger 1974 tankerFPSONigeriaNigeriaMobil Producing Lagos, NigeriaConversion2006
225YunusFPSOBDR3, MediterraneanSyriah & N.T.J. GroupConversion1998Syriah & NTJ Group
226Yúum K'ak'náab, 189,863 t ex-mv Bw Enterprise 19.12.2005 Folk Moon 26.01.2005 Berge Enterprise 1981 tankerFPSOKu-Maloob-Zaap field, Gulf of MexicoMexicoMexicoBW Offshore for PEMEXConversion2007[66]BW Offshore
227GDF Suez Neptune, 96,153 GT, storage capacity 145,130 m3(5,125,000 cu ft)FSRUTurkeyTurkeyNew2009[67]Leif Höegh & Co
228MOL FSRU Challenger, 169,293 GT, storage capacity 263,000 m3(9,300,000 cu ft) (world largest FSRU)FSRUTurkeyTurkeyNew2017[68]MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd.


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