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Eurokids (India)

Eurokids (India)

Founded2001; 15 years ago
LocationDani Corporate Park, 1st Floor, 158 Vidyanagari Marg, Kalina, Santacruz (East) Mumbai 400098
Studentsover 300,000
Playschool centersover 900 in 350 cities

EuroKids International is a company in the education space in India which has its presence in education in preschooling, the K-12 sector, and online learning.

EuroKids preschools specialize in early childhood education and preschool programs, with a curriculum and special learning initiatives like S.P.E.A.K, motion-based learning, Learn2Play, EuroGym and EuroMusic.

Launched in 2001, EuroKids has over 15 years of expertise, with over 900 centers spread across over 350 cities and towns and has nurtured over 3,00,000 students.

EuroSchool focuses on K-12 education, setting itself apart with its philosophy of ‘Balanced Schooling’ that strikes an equilibrium between academics and co-curricular activities. EuroSchool’s motto ‘Learn…Explore…Discover yourself’ embodies 21st century preparedness in education to create a responsible global citizen. EuroSchool has a presence of 10 school campuses in 6 cities across the country. EuroKids International launched EuroVarsity in July 2016-an online platform that provides certification for women who are eager to build a professional career in the field of early child care education (ECCEd). The ECCEd curriculum designed by EuroKids International experts offers skills and expertise tailored to meet the needs of a New Age Preschool Teacher. Course topics are delivered in simulated classroom environment to offer teachers an interesting, engaging and enhanced learning experience. With over 17 awards in education.

FounderPrajodh Rajan, Vikas Phadnis
Key people
Prajodh Rajan, Vikas Phadnis


Vikas Phadnis is the vice-chairman of EuroKids International.

He has been associated with the company for over 16 years and his contribution has steered EuroKids into a successful franchise and the most sought after private educational institutions in India.

Phadnis has also been instrumental in setting up the Association of Private school operators in India.

Prajodh Rajan, co-founder and CEO of EuroKids Int, has been with the organisation for over 16 years.

He has been instrumental in driving the growth of the school.

Under his leadership, the company grew from 2 preschools to over 900 preschools across 350 cities in 3 countries.

The expansion of 10 K-12 schools in 6 cities has also been under his guidance.

Prajodh is a founding and active member of industry associations like the National Association of Preschool Educators (NAPSE), Association of International Schools (AIOS) and Early Childhood Association (ECA).

Building and infrastructure

The infrastructure facilities in the EuroKids Preschool are built according to the international standards & guidelines.

The school provides new-age learning experience in a safe and stimulating environment.

EuroKids provides the following safety measures in its school premises.

The premises are installed with CCTV cameras to monitor the children’s safety around the clock. Staff are employed after a thorough background check and police verification. Child safe furniture and toys are used to ensure the safety of the kids. Toys used are 100% non-toxic. Cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in and around the school campu s throughout. Fumigation and pest control is done on a regular basis to keep health problems at bay. Toilets are sanitised and a healthy habit of sanitisation is promoted. First Aid kits and emergency services are provided.


EuroKids has designed its curriculum based on the research findings by Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University. It provides facilities like SPEAK, Learn2Play, Motion Based Learning, EuroGym, Wellness @ EuroKids and EuroMusic.

SPEAK: SPEAK stands for Speech, Pronunciation, Expression, Application and Knowledge. This technique in teaching helps children to learn various nuances of a language with emphasis on pronunciation, diction, proficiency, phonetics etc.

Motion Based Learning(MBL): EuroKids is the first to introduce Motion Based Learning (MBL) in India.

MBL enables children to understand, develop and enhance their learning through the use of specially designed games, stories, rhymes and digital content.

Learn2Play: This is a toy library which gives children access to carefully selected learning based toys to take home and play. These toys help develop skills like logical reasoning, abstract thinking, aesthetic skills, visual perception, analytical reasoning and critical thinkin g in children.

EuroGym: EuroGym provides quality fitness training to children of various age groups. Fun equipments like trampoline, ball pools, foam mats, swiss balls and fun obstacle courses are utilized to keep children active and fit. The child’s progress is recorded and fitness test conducted every 8–10 weeks for flexibility and endurance.

Wellness@EuroKids health check-ups are initiated within the preschool premises on 4 parameters: paediatric, ENT, dental and eyesight. The equipment used for diagnosis are WHO and FDA approved and are sterilised. Parents are given report cards with comments and feedback that help to access health of the kids.

EuroMusic helps children discover and develop an ear for music.

Children are encouraged to explore musical instruments like the drum, triangle with holder tambourine, one bell and three bell jingles, slide whistle, and clackers, and conduct fun musical sessions with interesting themes.


The curriculum for EuroKids preschool is designed as per the research findings by Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University. EuroKids’ programs are built to provide children the right stimulation for their age. The right balance of learning & fun is combined to ensure an overall development of children. The programs are designed to encourage curiosity and fuel the creative side of kids. These are the following innovative techniques employed by EuroKids teachers:

Children’s brain power is built through activities that enhance cognitive skills like counting, anticipation and logical conclusions.

Creativity in kids is nurtured through the encouragement of free expression. Art activities like painting, singing and story-telling with puppets is organised to stimulate the creative side of kids.

Children are encouraged to communicate using the right words.

This is made easy through identification of letters in day to day engagements.

Children are made to reason and analyse situations on their own.

They are encouraged to ask open ended questions and encouraged to use their senses to explore different play materials at class through building scenarios.

Flexible and lateral thinking in children is strengthened through activities that enhance memory building, motor and problem-solving skills.

Children are made to learn body control & management of body movement through physical play.

Character-building activities help children identify with emotions and develop their emotional and social skills.

Concepts of cooperation, decision making, independent choices, are initiated to improve social skills in kids.

EuroKids employs its teachers through the EuroKids Teacher Assessment Tool (ETAT)- an online testing platform which ensures a uniformity in hiring as well as it assesses the skills and competencies of teachers on a regular basis.

EuroKids has its teachers certified in Early Childhood Care & Education (E.C.C.Ed) program.

The teachers are handed a daily teaching plan to help them deliver the standardised and structured curriculum.

The daily teaching plans are crafted to make the learning structured and engaging.


EuroKids offers four programs: Playgroup, Nursery, EuroJunior and EuroSenior.


EuroKids has 900+ preschool centres in 350 cities across three nations: India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

EuroSchool has 10 K-12 school branches spread out in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat and Kakinada.


  • "Indian Education" Awards 2016 – Early Child Playschool chain [3]

  • IBC India’s Most Trusted Brand" Award 2015: Preschool category [4]

  • “Best Licensing Program in Education” award 2011 [5]

  • “Best in Category - Education” franchising award 2011 [6]

  • “Business Leadership” award 2009 [7]

  • India’s most Trusted Brand [11]


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