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Editor (disambiguation)

Editor (disambiguation)

An editor is a person who edits (i.e. makes changes to) documents or audio-visual works. The term can also apply to software and hardware tools used to accomplish such changes.

People referred to as editor

  • Authors' editor, works with authors (rather than publishers) to make draft texts fit for purpose (sometimes called “manuscript editor”)

  • Contributing editor, a magazine or book-publishing title, sometimes honorary, with a variety of meanings

  • Copy editor, making formatting changes and other improvements to text (sometimes called "manuscript editor" in academic publishing)

  • Developmental editor, an editor who supports authors before and during the drafting of a manuscript

  • Editor-at-large, a special kind of journalist

  • Editor-in-chief, having final responsibility for a publication's operations and policies

  • Film editor, person who selects and edits the raw footage of a film to create a finished motion picture

  • Literary editor, in a newspaper or similar, deals with reviews or literary criticism

  • Managing editor, senior member of a publication's management team

  • Picture editor, or photo editor, collects and reviews photographs and/or illustrations for publication

  • Script editor, works with the screenwriter and producer of television dramas and comedies

  • Sound editor (filmmaking), prepares the sound mixing a TV program or film

  • Sound editor or audio editor, a role of an audio engineer

Computer tools referred to as editor

  • Character editor, for editing characters in computer games

  • Digital audio editor, for editing audio data

  • Graphics editor, for creating and manipulating visual images Raster graphics editor, for editing pictures in bitmap or raster format Vector graphics editor, for editing pictures in vector format

  • Hex editor, for editing binary data

  • HTML editor, for editing web pages

  • Level editor, for editing levels of computer games

  • MS-DOS Editor, a plain-text editor for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows

  • Source code editor, for editing source code

  • Text editor, for editing plain text

  • Visual editor, an editing program that displays text on screen as it is edited

  • Word processor, for producing and editing any sort of printable material

  • WYSIWYG editor, for editing and visualizing formatted text or graphics

  • XML editor, for editing XML data

Other uses of editor

  • Editors (band), indie rock band from Birmingham, England

  • Linear video editing, editing images and sound recorded on videotape

  • Non-linear editing system – or 'NLE' —, audio or video editing system allowing random access

  • Video editing software – used in NLE systems

  • SS Editor, an American cargo ship in service 1919-41

  • EDITED (company), a retail technology company based in London, England

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