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Dim Effect

Dim Effect

The Dim Effect is a natural phenomenon named by Brett C. Ratcliffe in which nature is said to "mimic"art. [1] The Dim Effect occurs when the following events occur in sequence:

  1. An element of nature never seen before and assumed not to exist is represented synthetically

  2. The same element is discovered to actually exist in nature entirely without human intervention.

The Dim Effect is named after a 3-D animated character Dim, the rhinoceros beetle from the film *A Bug's Life *. [1]


Synthetic elementDate of synthesisDate of discoveryNatural Element
The horn structure on Dim from *A Bug's Life *, clearly not modeled after any rhinoceros beetle known at that time to exist.[1]19982006*Megaceras briansaltini *[1]
The concept of a saber-toothed squirrel, represented by Scrat in *Ice Age *. According to director Chris Wedge, artist Peter de Seve came up with the design for Scrat after a visit to the Museum of Natural History. Wedge called it "sort of a squirrel based on some lemur."[2]20022011*Cronopio dentiacutus *, a dryolestoid that highly resembled the saber-toothed squirrel[5][6]
The dilophosaurus in the movie *Jurassic Park * was modeled after a juvenile animal. It wasn't until 2006 when a close relative of dilophosaurus was discovered to have a similar-looking snout as a juvenile, as did the one in the movie.19922006*Dracovenator regenti *[7]
The velociraptors in the movie *Jurassic Park * (which were actually based on *Deinonychus *) were larger than any dromaeosaurid known at the time.[7]19921993*Utahraptor ostrommaysorum *[7]


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