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David Hogg (activist)

David Hogg (activist)

David Miles Hogg (born April 12, 2000)[2] is an American gun control activist and student who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018. Following the shooting, he became a gun control advocate and an activist against gun violence in the United States.[3][4][5][6] He is one of 20 founding members of Never Again MSD, a gun control advocacy group led by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) students.[7] In conjunction with his gun control advocacy, he has helped lead several high-profile protests, marches, and boycotts. He has also been a target and scapegoat of several conspiracy theories and right-wing accusations.[8][9]

With his sister, he wrote a book titled #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line that made the New York Times bestseller list.[10] They have pledged to donate all income from the book to charity.[11] Hogg plans to attend Harvard University in the fall of 2019.[12]

David Hogg
David Miles Hogg[1]

(2000-04-12)April 12, 2000[2]
ResidenceParkland, Florida, U.S.
EducationMarjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Years active2018–present
OrganizationNever Again MSD
Known forGun control advocacy

Early life and education

Before attending Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Hogg lived in Los Angeles, California.[13] He is the son of Kevin Hogg, a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,[14][15] and Rebecca Boldrick, a teacher for Broward County Public Schools in Broward County, Florida.[16]

Hogg chose to attend Stoneman Douglas because it offered television production classes.[17] He is a Teenlink reporter for the Sun Sentinel.[18] He graduated on June 3, 2018.[19][20]

Hogg had been accepted to several universities including the University of California, Irvine, but decided to take a year off before starting college to work on the 2018 mid-term elections.[21][22] In December 2018, he announced that he had been accepted by Harvard University and planned to start courses there in fall 2019.[12][23] Hogg reportedly had a 1270 SAT score and 4.2 weighted GPA,[24] which resulted in criticism from conservatives.[25]

Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

On February 14, 2018, Hogg was a senior at Stoneman Douglas and on campus when a 19-year-old former student of the school entered Building 12 and started shooting with a semi-automatic rifle after pulling the fire alarm. Hogg, who was in his AP environmental science class, told the teacher that the repeated "pop" sounds the class heard sounded like gunshots.[4][26] Hogg and other students made an attempt to exit the building, but a janitor instructed the students to go back into the classroom. Hogg credits the janitor for saving them, as the group of students were unintentionally heading towards the shooter.[4] A culinary arts teacher pulled Hogg and others inside her classroom and they hid in a closet.[4]

Hogg checked social media and discovered that the shooting was occurring at his high school in real time.[5] He used his cell phone to record the scene, to interview the other students hiding in the closet, and to leave a record in the event that they did not survive the shooting.[27][28] Hogg's sister, who was a freshman student at the time, corresponded with her brother via text message while the shooting was taking place.[29] After about an hour, SWAT team police officers came into the classroom and escorted them out. Hogg reunited with his sister and father later that day.[29]

Gun control advocacy


Hogg (center) speaking at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 17, 2018.

Hogg (center) speaking at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 17, 2018.

After the school shooting, Hogg emerged as a leader in the 2018 United States gun violence protests.[30] Along with Alfonso Calderon, Sarah Chadwick, Emma González, Cameron Kasky and other students, he turned to the media to talk about their role as survivors in the shooting and voice his opinion on gun control and gun violence.[31] He called on elected officials to pass gun control measures[32] and has been a vocal critic of officials who take donations from the NRA, and he has been urging them to compromise on legislation to save lives.[33]

Hogg joined the social media movement and student-led gun control advocacy group Never Again MSD shortly after its formation.[34] Hogg flew to Los Angeles on February 21, 2018, to be on The Dr. Phil Show, along with his sister, to discuss the shooting. There, they met with survivors of the Columbine High School massacre.[35][36][37] Hogg, along with fellow activist Emma González, blamed the National Rifle Association and the politicians to which they donate as being complicit in school shootings.[38] He declined to go to the White House on February 21 to meet with President Donald Trump, saying that he had to be in Tallahassee, and that Trump could come to Parkland if he wanted to talk.[39]

Reactions by politicians

David Hogg speaking at March for Our Lives

David Hogg speaking at March for Our Lives

When Republican candidate Leslie Gibson, who was running unopposed for the Maine House of Representatives, described fellow Parkland student Emma González as a "skinhead lesbian", and also insulted Hogg as a "bald-faced liar",[40] Hogg called for somebody to challenge the Republican; Eryn Gilchrist, who was "horrified and embarrassed" by Gibson's comment, decided to run as a Democrat to challenge Gibson for the position,[41] as did Republican former State Senator Thomas Martin, Jr., who said Gibson's remarks did not represent the Maine Republican Party and that he planned to contact the survivors to commend their courage. Gibson dropped out of the race in response to public reaction critical of his comments.[42]


Hogg was featured on the cover of an April 2018 edition of Time, along with fellow activists Jaclyn Corin, Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky and Alex Wind.[43]

2nd Amendment views

Hogg states that he is a supporter of the Second Amendment and supports NRA members' right to own guns legally, saying, "We're calling out the NRA a lot and 99.9 percent of the people that are in the NRA are responsible, safe gun owners and I respect them for that, joining an organization that wants to support safe gun ownership is excellent."[44]

In an interview with Fox News, Hogg said he was for reasonable gun control such as regulations that prohibit those suffering from mental illnesses from acquiring guns.[45] Asked what new legislation he wants to see, Hogg replied: "Raising the federal age of gun ownership and possession to the age of 21; banning all bump stocks; making sure that we have universal background checks; making sure that people that have committed acts of domestic violence are no longer able to get a gun, which in Florida, it's harder, it's just not impossible, fully, yet; and making sure that people with a criminal history and a history of mental illness are not able to obtain these weapons of mass destruction."[46]


Hogg criticized the media coverage of the Parkland shooting as well as its aftermath in that black students were not given a voice by the media; he said that his school was 25% black but "the way we're covered doesn't reflect that".[47]

In April 2018, Hogg initiated an effort to urge Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to bring a bill to the House of Representatives that required mandatory background checks for gun buyers; on Twitter, Hogg urged people to contact speaker Ryan and demand a vote on universal background checks.[48]

Hogg worked to develop an anti-NRA advocacy group to encourage young people to register and vote in the 2018 midterm elections and elect candidates who promise better gun control legislation.[49]

In May 2018, Hogg and other Never Again MSD students led a "die-in" protest at a Publix supermarket, with a mass of students lying down on the store's floor, as a rebuke of the supermarket's financial support of pro-NRA gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam; the supermarket had contributed more than $670,000 to Putnam's campaign over three years.[50] In addition, Hogg called on people to boycott Publix until the chain's support of Putnam stopped.[50] As a result of the protest, Publix made a statement suspending support for Putnam.[50]


Hogg called for students to boycott spring break in Florida and instead travel to Puerto Rico if gun control legislation was not passed by the Florida state government.[51][52] Having finished high school in May 2018, Hogg has taken a gap year to campaign for politicians in favor of gun reform in the midterm elections.[53]

Hogg initiated a boycott of companies who advertise during The Ingraham Angle. Hogg called for the boycott after television host Laura Ingraham attacked him in a tweet about his lack of college acceptances, which Hogg characterized as cyberbullying. In response to the boycott, 24 advertisers left the show.[54][55][56] Following the loss of advertisers, Ingraham apologized.[57] Hogg dismissed the apology as insincere.[58][59] The boycott drew mixed reactions. Ingraham was supported by Ted Nugent, Bill Maher[60][61] and by Russian bots on Twitter.[62][63] Fox News continued to support Ingraham.[64] Public polling showed that public perception of Fox News declined more than that of any advertiser.[65] Simultaneously, Ingraham's viewership increased in the weeks following the boycott. Before, her viewership averaged 2.5 million. It jumped to 3 million when she returned after the boycott.[66]

Conspiracy theories and harassment

Shortly after the shooting, false claims appeared on social media that it had never really happened, and others accused Hogg and other students of being "crisis actors".[67] After a series of televised interviews following the shooting, far-right figures and conspiracy theorists attacked Hogg in online media.[68][69][70][71] Hogg's family received death threats from various conspiracy theorists, according to David's mother.[72] Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram reported removing posts that attack the students or accuse them of being actors.[73][74] The conspiracy theories about Hogg and other Parkland activists were named *PolitiFact'*s 2018 Lie of the Year.[75]

In April of 2018, Hogg was threatened by a Sinclair Broadcast Group TV host Jamie Allman from station KDNL in St. Louis, who wrote a tweet threatening to insert a hot poker in his anus. Following a boycott of advertisers initiated by Hogg on The Allman Report, Allman resigned and his show was canceled.[76][77]

On the morning of June 5, 2018, Broward County Sheriff's Office received a false report from an anonymous caller claiming that there was a hostage situation in Hogg's family home.[78][79] The harassment tactic known as swatting was described by Hogg, several media organizations, and the sheriff's department as a prank.[80]

During a June 2019 interview with the Washington Post Magazine, Hogg said there have been seven assassination attempts upon his life.[81]


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