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Canton (country subdivision)

Canton (country subdivision)

A canton is a type of administrative division of a country.[1] In general, cantons are relatively small in terms of area and population when compared with other administrative divisions such as counties, departments, or provinces. Internationally, the best-known cantons - and the most politically important - are those of Switzerland. As the constituents of the Swiss Confederation, theoretically (and historically), the Swiss cantons are semi-sovereign states.

The term is derived from the French word canton, meaning corner or district (from which "Cantonment" is also derived).[2]

In specific countries

Cantons exist (or existed) in the following countries:

  • Cantons of Belgium

  • Cantonal Government of Bohol

  • Cantons of Bolivia

  • Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina: federal units of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Canada: Canadian French equivalent for the English word "township", since the translation municipalité is already used for a different level of government (see township). Cantons of Quebec

  • Cantons of Costa Rica: subdivisions below the provinces of Costa Rica

  • Cantons of Ecuador: subdivisions below the provinces of Ecuador

  • Cantons of El Salvador: divisions of a municipality outside the more urban caserios, which border the town or city. Cantones can be thought as the more rural parts of a city or town, generally far from the actual urban population.

  • Cantons of France: a subdivision of 'arrondissements' and départements, grouping several 'communes'

  • Cantons of Lebanon, unofficial areas controlled by the various militias and factions during the Lebanese Civil War and afterwards. Most areas have been returned to Lebanese government control.

  • Cantons of Luxembourg: a subdivision of the districts of Luxembourg

  • Cantonal Government of Negros, short-lived provisional government in the Visayas during the Filipino-American Wars in the 19th-20th century Republic of Negros

  • Cantons of Rojava (Western Kurdistan): Afrin, Kobanî, Jazira, Shahba Canton

  • Cantons of Switzerland: each a semi-sovereign state within Switzerland

  • subdivisions of vingtaines in Jersey

  • subdivisions of the parishes of Guernsey

  • Juridical district in the Netherlands

In former countries

  • Cantons of Prussia: military enrollment districts between 1733 and 1813

  • Cantons of Eastern Rumelia, the subdivisions below the departments.

  • Cantons of the Soviet Union, subdivisions of several autonomous regions of the Soviet Union before 1941

  • In the Republic of New Granada, cantons were subdivisions below the provinces of the Republic of New Granada

  • In 1873, "Cantonalists" took over the city of Cartagena, Spain, a haven for the Spanish Navy, and declared the city independent (see Cantonal Revolution)


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