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Brittanya McCall Razavi

Brittanya McCall Razavi


Brittanya Razavi (born Brittanya O’Campo on July 7, 1985 in Oxnard, California) is an American Model and Actress. She is the sole owner of the international fashion brands 187 Clothing and MeowGang. She has also co-authored a book entitled Millionaire Self Talk and is the Chief Executive Officer of Lucky Kings, a company specializing in digital marketing and advertising. [3] She is also known for her appearances on reality Television shows like VH1's Rock of Love Bus and Charm School 3. [4]

Personal Life

Brittanya Razavi is the youngest of five children.

She grew up in Oxnard, California with her family until the age of 15 when her father was sent to prison. She told Money Inc that her independence is rooted in lessons she got from family:

"I loved having my siblings around, it was a blessing.

My father taught us to always take care of one another and that’s what we did.

Yes I feel every event in life shapes us to who we are today.

It was a change because I lived with him but he must of knew it was a possible situation for his future and already was molding me to be independent.

I got my first car at age 12 and first job when I was 13 so I missed him but I was prepared with out even knowing it at the time."

Brittanya got her first tattoo at the age of 11. She explained that the person who did her first one grew up to be an amazing artist and has done nearly every other one she has today. She also has dimple piercings and nipple piercings. [7]

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Lucky Moe Razavi and their two children, Cash King and Legend King. Brittanya had her first child at the age of 15 who lives with his Godfather. Moe Razavi is the CEO of Digital Media and Entertainment Group. He has a tattoo of Brittanya's face on his scalp and is of Iranian descent. [3][9]

She had previously dated a man named Nico Vasquez for a short period of time.

She was also in a short-lived relationship with a man named Meso who would visit her while she was in jail. [9]



Razavi pursued modeling after appearing on reality television in 2009 with VH1's Rock of Love Bus and Charm School 3. She was ejected from Rock of Love Bus after getting into a fight with another contestant and spitting in her face. She had previously turned down a role on the reality TV show Real Chance of Love. She's also had a role in the comedy drama Dysfunctional Friends and appeared in a few episodes of VH1's I Love Money. [3]

Brittanya received a lot of attention in 2009, when she appeared in several magazines in an eight-month period, including cover features for MMA Sports Magazine, Spire Magazine, Rebel Ink, Savage Tattoo, and Tattoo Energy.

She has modeled for a total of 22 magazines.


In late 2016, Brittanya announced her upcoming memoir called "My Mind Is My Weapon". She has revealed that she wants to eventually open a tattoo shop. [3][10]

Social Media

Brittanya McCall Razavi at one point had over 16 million followers on Instagram, in an interview with Money Inc she spoke about how lucky she was to reach those numbers: [7] [13]

"I’d say getting on the app when it first started which was timing.

And also being blessed with the audience who wanted to follow me.

And always staying consistent with new photos that I think my audience would like.

So it’s a mix of those three things and I’m so thankful for it all every single day."

As of December 18th, 2019 Brittanya has over 1,300,000 followers on Instagram where she goes by the handle @imbrittanya. She mostly posts revealing photos in tropical places, and pictures of her family. She also has over 814,000 followers on Twitter where she goes by the handle @brittanya18718 and mostly pomotes her nude videos. [14]


Razavi was sentenced to six months in jail in 2010 for assaulting a woman with a "pimp chalice" in 2008.

She pleaded guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor battery offense. [6]

When asked if she'd learning anything from the experience, Razavi replied: [7]

"That time is very valuable and you just have to be a stronger person and walk away from situations"

Plastic Surgery

Whether or not Brittanya has had plastic surgery became a big topic of discussion. She addressed certain changes she's made to her body in a Facebook post. She had her breasts done twice, she's had her lips done and has had certain tattoos removed that she didn't want any more. She is also speculated to have had liposuction and a butt lift. [11][12]

At one point her Instagram had the caption:

"Body upgrading like the iPhone every year⌛️"


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