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Bofu/伯服 (779-750 B.C., r. 770-750 B.C.), namely King Xie/携 (posthumous name), son of King You of Zhou, mother Bao Si, capital Haojing, his descendants such as You Yu/由余 (born in Beidi) & You Zhang/由彰 (Taishou/太守 of Changsha/长沙 Commandery) & Youwu Daorong/由吾道荣 (successively named as Jianyidafu/谏议大夫 & Gong/公 of Shuyang/沭阳 Commandery by Emperor Wenxuan of Northern Qi & Shangyitongsansi/上仪同三司 by Emperor Wen of Sui) & Youwu Yu/由吾裕 (or Youwu Gong Yu/由吾公裕, writer of Shixinjinglue/式心经略 & Zangjing/葬经).


Citation Linkopenlibrary.org
Feb 4, 2021, 5:19 AM