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Beyhadh (transl. Limitless) is an Indian romantic thriller show which premiered on 11 October 2016 on Sony TV.[1] It chronicles the life of Maya Mehrotra and how her path crosses with Arjun Sharma and Saanjh Mathur. It starred Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani in season 1. Season 2 is confirmed by Jennifer Winget and will be produced by LSD Films.[2][3]

Romantic thriller
Psychological thriller
Created byPrateek Sharma
Screenplay byShilpa F D'Mello
Story byPriya Ramanathan
Prateek Sharma
Directed byVikram V. Labhe
Suyash Vadhavkar
Creativedirector(s)Ameeta Devadigga
Music byMukul Puri
Elvis Nishant
Country of originIndia
No.of seasons1
No.of episodes273
Producer(s)Prem Krishen
Sunil Mehta
Production location(s)Mumbai
CinematographyHanoz Kerawala
Editor(s)Ganga Kacharla
Amit Singh
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20 minutes
Productioncompany(s)Cinevistaas Limited
DistributorSony Pictures Networks
Original networkSony Entertainment Television (India)
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release11 October 2016 (2016-10-11) –
27 October 2017 (2017-10-27)
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Website [17]
Production website [18]


Maya Mehrotra, is the owner of a fashion magazine who lives in fear due to a troubled childhood with her abusive father, Ashwin Mehrotra. Arjun Sharma is a carefree and cheerful photographer who starts working for Maya's magazine. His childhood best friend Saanjh Mathur is a lawyer. Saanjh loves Arjun while Arjun considers her as his best friend.

Arjun takes Maya's fancy when he rescues her in an elevator accident and then again from her abusive father. She falls in love with him and later proposes to him. A series of circumstances including Maya rescuing Ayaan from jail, revealing her past to Arjun, helping him realise his past mistakes and uniting his family in the process leads to Arjun falling in love with Maya. Thus, he ends up proposing her, much to Saanjh's dismay.

As Maya and Arjun plan their wedding, Maya tries to strain Arjun and Saanjh's friendship. Maya's father Ashwin tries to provoke Saanjh and Vandana(step mother of Arjun) against Maya. A furious Maya goes to Ashwin's house and kills him.

When Jhanvi discovers Maya is behind the murder, Maya pushes her mother off the building which ends up putting Jhanvi in a coma. Maya experiences a miscarriage and makes it look like Saanjh was responsible for this, leading to a fall out between Arjun and Saanjh. Hurt, Saanjh leaves for London.

Three years later

Maya has completely isolated Arjun from the world. Arjun is shown to have realised Maya's mental illness and tries to leave her and break off the marriage, but in vain. Saanjh returns to India with her boyfriend Samay Ahuja. Saanjh and Samay are about to get married. Later, it is revealed that Samay has been Maya's obsessive lover for the last eight years.

Eventually, Saanjh and Arjun come to know about Maya and Samay. Arjun saves Maya as she is pregnant with Arjun's child.

Six months later

Maya is in a mental hospital where she admitted herself for her treatment to pretend to be cured. Arjun's mother tries to expose Maya. Arjun tells Maya that their relationship was just an adjustment and he doesn't want to live with her anymore. Filled with anguish and desire for revenge, Maya kills Arjun's mother. Maya fakes her death by knocking out Arjun and then killing and planting her look alike at the scene of the crime. Arjun is convicted of her murder and is given death sentence. Arjun believes that Maya is alive. Meanwhile, Maya plans to die when Arjun is hanged, thus reuniting with him in death.

But, Arjun escapes from jail to kill Maya. Maya joins hands with Samay to plot against Arjun and Saanjh but Arjun convinces Samay that Maya is only using him. Maya kills Samay and abducts Saanjh. Arjun rescues Saanjh and Maya is proved guilty in court after her own mother testifies against her. Eventually, Arjun and Saanjh get married.

Five years later

Maya is still in jail. Arjun has become a millionaire. Ayaan is a widower and has a daughter. Saanjh and Arjun raise his child together. Maya escapes from jail by, once again, faking her death. Arjun wants a child of their own but are told that Saanjh cannot conceive. They decide to use a surrogate. Maya manages to somehow become their surrogate leaving Arjun and Saanjh shocked.

Saanjh decides to care for Maya despite her longtime animosity towards her, whilst Maya plots against everyone. As the pregnancy nears an end, Maya asks Saanjh for Arjun in exchange for the baby. Arjun expresses his hatred for Maya and love for Saanjh. Maya gives birth to a baby girl and runs away with it.

Arjun and Saanjh find her. Maya points the gun at Saanjh and blames her for snatching away her happiness. Arjun shoots Maya and she dies in his arms confessing her obsessive and limitless love for him.



  • Jennifer Winget as Maya Mehrotra, Arjun's obsessive lover and former wife

  • Kushal Tandon as Arjun Sharma, Maya's former husband; Saanjh's best friend turned husband

  • Aneri Vajani as Saanjh Mathur, Arjun's best friend turned wife


  • Sumit Bhardwaj as Ayaan Sharma, Vandana's son; Arjun's half brother

  • Kavita Ghai as Jhanvi Mehrotra, Ashwin's wife; Maya's mother

  • Vibha Bhagat as Suman Mathur, Prem's wife; Saanjh and Shubh's mother

  • Rakshit Wahi as Shubh Mathur, Suman and Prem's son; Saanjh's brother

  • Piyush Sahdev as Rajeev Randhawa/Samay Ahuja, Maya's former lover, Saanjh's ex fiance [4][5][6]

  • Swati Shah as Vandana Sharma, Arjun's step mother, Ayaan's mother

  • Imran Khan as Prem Mathur, Suman's husband; Saanjh and Shubh's father

  • Rajesh Khattar as Ashwin Mehrotra, Jhanvi's husband; Maya's father[7]

  • Yahvi Dubey as Young Maya Mehrotra

  • Sharad Vyas as Mr. Malkhani, Saanjh's boss

  • Shraddha Jaiswal as Maya's neighbour

  • Vaishnavi Dhanraj as Pooja, Maya's lawyer

  • Kiran Srinivas as Jeetendra Kumar Srivastav

Dubbed and international broadcast

  • Beyhadh was dubbed In Tamil as Maya on Polimer TV and the series ended on 15.1.2018 with 271 episodes at Weekdays on 19:00

  • Beyhadh was also dubbed In Sinhalese as Obath Mamath Eyath (ඔබත් මමත් ඇයත්) on TV Derana and it has aired on weekdays at 9 pm since 4 December 2017.[8][9][10][11][4][7] [12][13][14][6][5]

  • It is aired in Mauritius on MBC Digital 4 every weekdays at 9 30PM.

  • The Serial Was Dubbed With Malayalam as Premam on Surya TV, It's Shown on June 19, 2017 Weekdays and Saturday At 21:30 (Suspended Time on 22:00), Last Episode On April 14, 2018.

  • The Serial Was Dubbed With Telugu As Nuvvu Naaku Nachav on Gemini TV, it's Shown on July 24, 2017, Weekdays At Noon 12:00.

  • The Serial Was Dubbed with Thai as อย่างมากมาย On MONO 29.

  • The Serial Was Dubbed With Vietnamese as Vô cùng on VTVCab 1 Giai Tri TV.

  • The Serial Was Dubbed With Korean as 극도로 (Preulo) on MBC, it's Merge 3 Episode, (Serial total 273 Episode, After Make Up on 91 Episode).

  • The Serial Was Dubbed With Spanish as Beyhadh: Un amor sin limites on Panamericana Televisión in Peru.


2017Lions Gold AwardsFavourite Best Actor (Male)Kushal Tandon[15]
Favourite Best Actor (Female)Jennifer Winget
Favourite Best Male Actor (Negative Role)Rajesh Khattar
Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Actress JuryJennifer Winget[16]


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