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Barron's (newspaper)

Barron's (newspaper)

Barron's [2][3] is an American weekly magazine/newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company, a division of News Corp. Founded in 1921 by Clarence W. Barron (1855-1928)[4] as a sister publication to The Wall Street Journal, Barron's covers US financial information,[5] market developments, and relevant statistics. Each issue provides a summary of the previous week's market activity as well as news, reports, and an outlook on the week to come.

Total circulation(2013)305,513[1]
FounderClarence W. Barron
First issue1921
CompanyDow Jones & Company(News Corp)
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City


Features in the publication include:

  • Market Week – coverage of the previous week's market activity[6][7]

  • Barron's Roundtable – Posts from noted investors such as Bill Gross, Mario Gabelli, Abby Joseph Cohen, Felix Zulauf, and Marc Faber[8][9]

  • Best Online Brokers – A ranking of the top online trading brokerage firms. Criteria include trading experience and technology, usability, mobile, range of offerings, research amenities, portfolio analysis & report, customer service & education, and costs.[10]

  • Top Financial Advisors – America's top financial advisors.[11][12]


The magazine has been published by Dow Jones & Company since 1921.[13] The magazine is named after Clarence W. Barron,[4] an influential figure to Dow Jones and a founder of modern financial journalism. Dow Jones also publishes The Wall Street Journal. In 1990, color was introduced to the magazine and full color in January 1996. Barron's introduced a two-section version of the paper on March 7, 1994.

Barrons.com[14][15] was launched in 1996 as part of WSJ.com.

Following "its first redesign in nearly 11 years"[16] Barron's relaunched as a standalone product[17], months after their first Financial Advisor conference.[18]

In September 2008, Barron's acquired the Winner's Circle Organization.[19] In September 2009, Barron's launched Penta as a new section. The section targets "pentamillionaires", individuals with at least $5 million in assets, with financial advice.[20][21]


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