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Arun Budhathoki

Arun Budhathoki

Arun Budhathoki (Nepali: अरुण बुढाथोकी) (born Jan 17, 1987), is a Nepali poet, fiction writer and journalist from Kathmandu, Nepal. He did his undergraduate studies in Nizam College, Hyderabad, India and pursued master's degree in the University of Northampton, England.

Arun is the founder of Nepal Tribune Media and founding editor of Kathmandu Tribune. He has written articles for India Today, The Huffington Post (India), [3] Daily O, The Citizen (India), Republica, The Kathmandu Post and Anna Note. He was the Nepal Editor for The Citizen (India). [18] [36]

Budhathoki is currently a columnist with The Diplomat.

Alma mater

Early life and education

Budhathoki was born and grew up in Kathmandu.

He has an MA in International Relations from the University of Northampton.


Edge, [666666] his first poetry book was published on 2011 and launched on January 24, 2012 by Nepali poet Yuyutsu Sharma, [6] novella The Lost Boys of Kathmandu as ebook format in Amazon.com on May 30, 2012 and Poems on Sikkim. Edge was favorably reviewed by Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. [9] [9] His poems have appeared in The Kathmandu Post, [10] [11] The Weather Report, [12] and poems selected and published in Journeys (anthologies by Sampad), Happy Birthday to Me (anthology by The Asian Writer) and Inspired by Tagore. [15] He's also regularly featured in MadSwirl [16] and was the founder for The Applicant, [17] [19] which was an online magazine. He was interviewed by República about getting published in Nepal. [3] His poetry book Prisoner of an iPad is released. [3] [3] His poems have been published in various journals. [3] [3] [3] [3] He was a contributor to The Brunswickan. [3]

Arun attended the Sharjah International Book Fair in November 2015. [3]


Arun Budhathoki is a freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

His articles have appeared in Vice, Asia Times, Digital Trends, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Strangers Guide, Asia Times, The Huffington Post, Nikkie Asian Review, The Globe and Mail, TRT World, The New Arab, and others.

He has also contributed to Aljazeera, The Globe and Mail, BBC Radio 4, and Toronto Life as a fixer/reporter.

Arun is interested in investigative, narrative and multimedia journalism.

He's also a columnist for The Diplomat.

Published works

  • Prisoner of an iPad

  • Edge


  • Second In Love: Short Stories

  • Going Home

See also

  • Nepali literature


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