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Anita Fuentes

Anita Fuentes

Anita Fuentes (née Rivera; born March 8, 1978), [9] also known by her professional title, Evangelist Anita Fuentes, is a Puerto Rican-American Christian evangelist and pastor [9] best known for her Christian eschatology broadcast, Open Your Eyes People. [9]

Anita Fuentes
BornAnita Rivera
(1978-03-08)March 8, 1978(age 38)
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
OccupationEvangelist, pastor
Years activec.2010—present
Home townCleveland, Ohio,[8]United States
TelevisionChristian Broadcasting Network
Spouse(s)Ignacio Fuentes(m.

Early life

Anita Fuentes was born to Eugenio Martir and Frances Rivera of Puerto Rico, [9] and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. [1] She left home, and went on to become a stripper. [1] In 2001, she moved to California to become a model, where she met Ignacio Fuentes. [9] [1] They married in April 2002. [1] She later attended church and converted to Christianity in 2005, as did her husband, in 2007. [1]


Personal beliefs

Anita Fuentes has stated her personal beliefs on several YouTube clips and has been reported by the media.

In 2013, she stated that Boston Marathon bombing as well as the September 11 attacks conspiracy theories were just "theories". [2]

In 2014, she said that the Ice Bucket Challenge (to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS, known mostly in the US as Lou Gehrig's Disease) "seems to simulate a Illuminati-Satanic ritual."

In 2015, Fuentes said that marriage was between "One man and one woman", and later saying "This is not okay, it's literally mocking the image of God ," while discussing topic of same-sex marriage in the Republic of Ireland. [3]

In March 2016, Anita and her husband Ignacio said that 2013 TX68, an asteroid, would coincide with a total solar eclipse and a super moon, signaling the end time. [4] Several major media outlets reported the claims made by Fuentes. “This is a big deal,” Anita Fuentes said. “This is three biblical events that are going to be taking place in one day… There will be a freak super moon, an eclipse and an asteroid. Which covers the sun, moon and the stars.” [5] According to *The Independent *, claims such as Fuentes' have been rejected by NASA, with the agency confirming that there would be no threat from the asteroid. [6]


During the evening of May 7, 2015, Fuentes and her family were parked at a Shell gas station near Victorville, California. [7] She reported noticing a US Department of Homeland Security bus with covered windows parked at the gas station. Speaking with the bus driver of the vehicle, Fuentes captures their conversation on video. The unnamed bus driver tells her that he is taking the passengers to a local detention facility, describing them as Somalis and Africans, also stating that they were coming through the southern border, "asking for asylum." [7] Fuentes responded, stating that "asylum" is "what the password is now" for immigrates attempting to enter the United States. Continuing to capture footage of their conversation, Fuentes asks whether members of the ISIS is at the border. After discovering that the conversation was being recorded, the man being filmed declined to speak with Fuentes. [7] After local citizens were concerned, spokeswoman Lori Haley for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement responded to the incident, stating that there was "nothing unusual" about the sighting. [7] She also stated that passengers on the bus were being transported to the High Desert State Prison as part of the "immigration court proceeding process." Virginia Kice, another spokeswoman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department, stated that "[the] video shows a basic operation,"[7] Howard Leslie, a former law enforcement officer, stated that the man's activity was unusual in regard to the video captured by Fuentes. [7]


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