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Anil Awachat

Anil Awachat

Anil Awachat (Devanagari : अनिल अवचट) (born 1944) is a doctor, a social activist and Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India.

Awachat was born in 1944 in the town of Otur in Pune District. He completed Pre-Degree education from Fergusson College and later received his medical degree from B. J. Medical College in Pune in 1968.

Awachat and his psychiatrist wife Sunanda founded a deaddiction center in Pune, called Muktangan (मुक्तांगण), which was the first of its kind in India at that time. The center has been a highly successful operation.

Awachat has written extensively on social issues in India and through his writings sought justice for the helpless segment of the society.

He has been an editor of Sadhana (साधना) magazine.

Literary works

The following is a list of the titles of Awachat's books presenting his essays, poetry, and biographical sketches:

  • Purniya (पूर्णिया) [1969]

  • Hameed (हमीद) [1977]

  • Sambhram (संभ्रम) [1979]

  • Manasa.n

  • (माणसं) [1980]

  • Waghya Murali (वाघ्या मुरळी) [1983]

  • Kondmara (कोंडमारा) [1985]

  • Mor (मोर )[1986]

  • Gard (गर्द) [1986]

  • Dhage Adawe Ubhe (धागे आडवे उभे) [1986]

  • Dharmik (धार्मिक) [1989]

  • Swataha Wishayi (स्वतःविषयी ) [1990]

  • America (अमेरिका ) [1992]

  • Aapt (आप्त) [1997]

  • Karyarat (कार्यरत) [1997]

  • Prashna Ani Prashna (प्रश्न आणि प्रश्न) [2001]

  • Chhanda.n

  • Wishayi (छंदांविषयी ) [2000]

  • Jaganyatil Kahi (जगण्यातील काही ) [2005]

  • Disale Te (दिसले ते) [2005]

  • Mast, Mast Utar (मस्त, मस्त उतार) [2006]

  • Srushtit Goshtit (सृष्टीत…गोष्टीत) [2007]

  • Sunandala Athawatana (सुनंदाला आठवतांना) [2007]

  • Chhed(छेद)

  • Wedh (वेध)

  • Punyachi Apurvai (पुण्याची अपूर्वाई) [2009]

  • Muktanganachi Goshta (मुक्तांगणची गोष्ट) [2010]

Awachat's books were declared "The Best Book of the Year" by the Government of Maharashtra for three consecutive years.

In 2007, Awachat received the Ramshastri Prabhune Pratishthan (रामशास्त्री प्रभुणे प्रतिष्ठान) Social Justice Award.


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