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Andy Devine

Andy Devine

Andrew Vabre Devine (October 7, 1905 – February 18, 1977)[1] was an American character actor known for his distinctive raspy, crackly voice and roles in Western films. He is probably best remembered for his role as Cookie, the sidekick of Roy Rogers in 10 feature films. He also appeared alongside John Wayne in films like Stagecoach (1939), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and How the West Was Won (both 1962). He is also remembered as Jingles on the TV series The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok from 1951 to 1958, as Danny McGuire in A Star Is Born (1937) and as the voice of Friar Tuck in the Disney Animation film Robin Hood (1973).

Andy Devine
Andrew Vabre Devine

(1905-10-07)October 7, 1905
Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.
DiedFebruary 18, 1977(1977-02-18)(aged 71)
Orange, California, U.S.
Years active1926–77
Dorothy House (m. 1933)

Early life

Devine was born in Flagstaff, Arizona on October 7, 1905. He grew up in Kingman, Arizona, where his family moved when he was one year old. His father was Thomas Devine Jr., born in 1869 in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Andy's grandfather Thomas Devine Sr. was born in 1842 in County Tipperary, Ireland, and immigrated to the United States in 1852. Andy's mother was Amy Ward, a granddaughter of Commander James H. Ward, the first officer of the United States Navy killed during the Civil War. Devine was a Republican.[2]

He attended St. Mary and St. Benedict's College and Northern Arizona State Teacher's College (now Northern Arizona University) and was a football player at Santa Clara University.[3][4] He also played semiprofessional football[4] under the pseudonym Jeremiah Schwartz. His football experience led to his first sizable film role in The Spirit of Notre Dame in 1931.[4]


Devine with Rosemary Clooney, 1958

Devine with Rosemary Clooney, 1958

Devine's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 6366 Hollywood Blvd.

Devine's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 6366 Hollywood Blvd.

Devine had an ambition to act, so after college he went to Hollywood, where he worked as a lifeguard at Venice Beach,[4][5] in easy distance of the studios. While filming Doctor Bull at Fox Studios in 1933, he met Dorothy House (1915-2000). They were married on October 28, 1933, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and remained united until his death, on February 18, 1977. They had two children: Timothy Andrew Devine, Jr. (born 1934), Dennis Patrick Gabriel Devine (born 1935).

It was first thought that his peculiar wheezy voice would prevent him from moving to the talkies, but instead it became his trademark. Devine claimed that his distinctive voice resulted from a childhood accident in which he fell while running with a curtain rod in his mouth at the Beale Hotel in Kingman, causing the rod to pierce the roof of his mouth. When he was able to speak again, he had a labored, scratchy, duo-tone voice. A biographer, however, indicated that this was one of several stories Devine fabricated about his voice.[6] His son Tad related in an interview for Encore Westerns Channel (Jim Beaver, reporting from the 2007 Newport Beach Film Festival) that there indeed had been an accident, but he was uncertain if it resulted in his father's unusual voice. When asked if he had strange nodes on his vocal cords, Devine replied, "I've got the same nodes as Bing Crosby, but his are in tune."

Devine appeared in more than 400 films and shared with Walter Brennan, another character actor, the rare ability to move with ease from B-movie Westerns to feature films. His notable roles included Cookie, Roy Rogers's sidekick, in 10 films; a role in Romeo and Juliet (1936),[7] and Danny in A Star Is Born (1937). He appeared in several films with John Wayne, including Stagecoach (1939), Island in the Sky (1953), and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962).

He was a long-time contract player with Universal, which in 1939 paired him with Richard Arlen for a series of fast-paced B-pictures (usually loaded with stock footage) that mixed action and comedy; they made 14 over a two-year period. When Arlen left in 1941, the series continued for another two years, teaming Devine with various actors, often Leo Carrillo.

Most of Devine's characters were reluctant to get involved in the action, but he played the hero in Island in the Sky (1953), as an expert pilot who leads other aviators on an arduous search for a missing airplane. Devine was generally known for his comic roles, but Jack Webb cast him as a police detective in Pete Kelly's Blues (1955), for which Devine lowered his voice and was more serious than usual.

His film appearances in his later years included roles in Zebra in the Kitchen (1965), The Over-the-Hill Gang (1969), and Myra Breckinridge (1970).

Devine worked extensively in radio and is well remembered for his role as Jingles, Guy Madison's sidekick in The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, which the two actors reprised on television. Devine appeared over 75 times on Jack Benny's radio show between 1936 and 1942, often in Benny's semiregular series of Western sketches, "Buck Benny Rides Again". Benny frequently referred to him as "the mayor of Van Nuys." In fact, Devine served as honorary mayor of that city, where he lived, preferring to be away from the bustle of Hollywood, from May 18, 1938, to 1957, when he moved to Newport Beach.[8][9]

Devine also worked in television. He hosted Andy's Gang, a children's TV show,[9] on NBC from 1955 to 1960. During this time, he also made multiple appearances on NBC's The Ford Show, Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford. In addition, he was a guest star on many television shows in the 1950s and 1960s, including an episode of The Twilight Zone titled "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby", playing the part of Frisby, a teller of tall tales who impresses a group of gullible alien kidnappers. He played Hap Gorman, a character likewise given to tall tales, in five episodes of the NBC TV series Flipper, during its 1964 season. He played the role of Jake Sloan in the 1961 episode "Big Jake" of the acclaimed anthology series The Barbara Stanwyck Show, also on NBC. He also played Honest John Denton in the episode "A Horse of a Different Cutter" of the short-lived series The Rounders.

He made a cameo appearance as Santa Claus in an episode of the 1960s live-action Batman TV series on ABC. The episode, entitled "The Duo Is Slumming", was originally broadcast on December 22, 1966, three days before Christmas. In this role, he directly addressed the viewers, wishing them a merry Christmas.

Devine made his stage debut in 1957 with his portrayal of Cap'n Andy in Guy Lombardo's production of Show Boat at the Jones Beach Theatre in Wantagh, Long Island.[9] In 1973, he went to Monroe, Louisiana at the request of George C. Brian, an actor and filmmaker who headed the theater department at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, to perform in Show Boat.

He also performed voice parts in animated films, including "Friar Tuck" in Disney's Robin Hood. He provided the voice of Cornelius the Rooster in several TV commercials for Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Devine was a pilot and owned Provo Devine, a flying school that trained flyers for the government during World War II.

Death and legacy

Devine died of leukemia at the age of 71 in Orange, California on February 18, 1977. His funeral mass was held at Holy Family Cathedral. The actor Ken Curtis sang at the funeral.

The main street of his hometown of Kingman was renamed Andy Devine Avenue. His career is highlighted in the Mohave Museum of History and Arts in Kingman, and there is a star in his honor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His name also appears in the song "Pencil Thin Mustache" by Jimmy Buffett, which describes the pop culture of his youth, and in Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention's song "Andy" on their 1975 album "One Size Fits All".

Complete filmography

  • The Collegians (1926, Short) as student (uncredited)

  • Around the Bases (1927, Short) as Calford baseball player (uncredited)

  • The Relay (1927, Short) as sophomore (uncredited)

  • That's My Daddy (1927) as sailor (uncredited)

  • Finders Keepers (1928) as doughboy and gate guard (uncredited)

  • We Americans (1928) as Pat O'Dougal

  • Lonesome (1928) as Jim's friend

  • Noah's Ark (1928) as extra (uncredited)

  • Red Lips (1928) as a sophomore and as Professor Fountain

  • Naughty Baby (1928) as Joe Cassidy

  • Why Be Good? (1929) as young man at boiler (uncredited)

  • The Divine Lady (1929) as extra (uncredited)

  • Hot Stuff (1929) as Bob

  • Junior Luck (1929, Short) (uncredited)

  • His Lucky Day (1929) as roadhouse thug (uncredited)

  • Flying High (1929, Short) as student admirer (uncredited)

  • Dames Ahoy! (1930) as Marine at dance contest (uncredited)

  • Shooting Straight (1930) as kibitzer (uncredited)

  • A Soldier's Plaything (1930) as doughboy (uncredited)

  • The Criminal Code (1931) as Cluck, the convict with a knife (uncredited)

  • Heroes of the Flames (1931) as fireman

  • Danger Island (1931) as Briney

  • The Spirit of Notre Dame (1931) as Truck McCall

  • Three Wise Girls (1932) as Jimmy Callahan, the chauffeur

  • Law and Order (1932) as Johnny Kinsman

  • The Impatient Maiden (1932) as Clarence Howe

  • Destry Rides Again (1932) as stagecoach passenger (uncredited, scene deleted)

  • Man Wanted (1932) as Andy Doyle

  • Radio Patrol (1932) as Pete Wiley

  • Fast Companions (1932) as Information Kid

  • The Man from Yesterday (1932) as Steve Hand

  • Tom Brown of Culver (1932) as Mac

  • The All American (1932) as Andy Moran

  • The Cohens and Kellys in Trouble (1933) as Andy Moran

  • Song of the Eagle (1933) as Mud

  • The Big Cage (1933) as Scoops

  • Horse Play (1933) as Andy

  • Midnight Mary (1933) as Sam

  • Doctor Bull (1933) as Larry Ward, the soda jerk

  • Saturday's Millions (1933) as Andy Jones

  • Chance at Heaven (1933) as Al

  • The Poor Rich (1934) as Andy

  • Upper World (1934) as Oscar

  • Stingaree (1934) as Howie

  • Let's Talk It Over (1934) as Gravel

  • Million Dollar Ransom (1934) as Careful

  • Gift of Gab (1934) as John P. McDougal, the waiter

  • Wake Up and Dream (1934) as Joe Egbert, aka Egghead

  • The President Vanishes (1934) as Valentine Orcott

  • Hell in the Heavens (1934) as Sgt. "Ham" Davis

  • Straight from the Heart (1935) as Edwards

  • Hold 'Em Yale (1935) as Liverlips

  • Chinatown Squad (1935) as George Mason

  • The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935) as Elmer Otway

  • Way Down East (1935) as Hi Holler

  • Fighting Youth (1935) as Cy Kipp

  • Coronado (1935) as Pinky Falls

  • Small Town Girl (1936) as George Brannan

  • Romeo and Juliet (1936) as Peter, a servant of Juliet's nurse

  • Yellowstone (1936) as Pay-Day

  • The Big Game (1936) as Pop Andrews

  • Flying Hostess (1936) as Joe Williams

  • Mysterious Crossing (1936) as Carolina

  • A Star Is Born (1937) as Danny McGuire

  • The Road Back (1937) as Willy

  • Double or Nothing (1937) as Half Pint

  • You're a Sweetheart (1937) as Daisy Day

  • In Old Chicago (1937) as Pickle Bixby

  • Doctor Rhythm (1938) as Officer Lawrence O'Roon

  • Yellow Jack (1938) as Charlie Spill

  • Men with Wings (1938) as Joe Gibbs

  • Personal Secretary (1938) as "Snoop" Lewis

  • Swing That Cheer (1938) as Doc Saunders

  • The Storm (1938) as Swede Hanzen

  • Strange Faces (1938) as Hector Hobbs

  • Stagecoach (1939) as Buck

  • The Spirit of Culver (1939) as Tubby

  • Never Say Die (1939) as Henry Munch

  • Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1939) as Slim Collins

  • Tropic Fury (1939) as Tynan ('Tiny') Andrews

  • Legion of Lost Flyers (1939) as "Beef" Brumley

  • Geronimo (1939) as Sneezer

  • Man from Montreal (1939) as Constable "Bones" Blair

  • Danger on Wheels (1940) as "Guppy" Wexel

  • Little Old New York (1940) as Commodore

  • Buck Benny Rides Again (1940) as Andy

  • Torrid Zone (1940) as Wally Davis

  • Hot Steel (1940) as Matt Morrison

  • Black Diamonds (1940) as Tolliver Higgenbotham

  • When the Daltons Rode (1940) as Ozark

  • Margie (1940)

  • The Leather Pushers (1940) as Andy Adams

  • The Devil's Pipeline (1940) as Andy Jennings

  • Trail of the Vigilantes (1940) as Meadows

  • Lucky Devils (1941) as Andy Tompkins

  • Mutiny in the Arctic (1941) as Andy Adams

  • The Flame of New Orleans (1941) as first sailor

  • Men of the Timberland (1941) as Andy Jensen

  • Raiders of the Desert (1941) as Andy "Hammer" McCoy

  • A Dangerous Game (1941) as Andy McAllister

  • Badlands of Dakota (1941) as Spearfish

  • The Kid from Kansas (1941) as Andy

  • South of Tahiti (1941) as Moose

  • Road Agent (1941) as Andy

  • North to the Klondike (1942) as Klondike

  • Unseen Enemy (1942) as Detective Sam Dillon

  • Escape from Hong Kong (1942) as Blimp

  • Danger in the Pacific (1942) as Andy Parker

  • Top Sergeant (1942) as Andy Jarrett

  • Timber (1942) as Arizona

  • Between Us Girls (1942) as Mike Kilinsky

  • Sin Town (1942) as "Judge" Eustace Vale

  • Keeping Fit (1942 short) as Andy

  • Rhythm of the Islands (1943) as Eddie Dolan

  • Frontier Badmen (1943) as Slim, a cowhand

  • Corvette K-225 (1943) as Walsh

  • Crazy House (1943) as Andy Devine

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944) as Abdullah

  • Follow the Boys (1944) as Andy Devine (uncredited)

  • Ghost Catchers (1944) as Horsehead

  • Babes on Swing Street (1944) as Joe Costello

  • Bowery to Broadway (1944) as Father Kelley

  • Frisco Sal (1945) as Bunny

  • Sudan (1945) as Nebka

  • That's the Spirit (1945) as Martin Wilde Sr.

  • Frontier Gal (1945) as Big Ben

  • Canyon Passage (1946) as Ben Dance

  • The Michigan Kid (1947) as Buster

  • Bells of San Angelo (1947) as Sheriff Cookie Bullfincher

  • The Vigilantes Return (1947) as Andy

  • Springtime in the Sierras (1947) as Cookie Bullfincher

  • Slave Girl (1947) as Ben, the fat sailor

  • On the Old Spanish Trail (1947) as Constable Cookie Bullfincher

  • The Fabulous Texan (1947) as Elihu Mills

  • The Gay Ranchero (1948) as Cookie Bullfincher

  • Old Los Angeles (1948) as Sam Bowie

  • Under California Stars (1948) as Cookie Bullfincher and Alf Bullfincher

  • The Gallant Legion (1948) as Windy Hornblower

  • Eyes of Texas (1948) as Cookie Bullfincher

  • Night Time in Nevada (1948) as Cookie Bullfincher

  • Grand Canyon Trail (1948) as Cookie Bullfincher

  • The Far Frontier (1948) as Judge Cookie Bullfincher

  • The Last Bandit (1949) as Casey Brown

  • The Traveling Saleswoman (1950) as Waldo

  • Never a Dull Moment (1950) as Orvie

  • New Mexico (1951) as Sergeant Garrity

  • The Red Badge of Courage (1951) as the cheery soldier

  • Slaughter Trail (1951) as Sgt. Macintosh

  • Montana Belle (1952) as Pete Bivins

  • Island in the Sky (1953) as Willie Moon

  • Thunder Pass (1954) as Injun

  • Pete Kelly's Blues (1955) as George Tenell

  • Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as first mate of the 'S.S. Henrietta'

  • No Place Like Home (1960, TV Movie)

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960) as Mr. Carmody

  • Two Rode Together (1961) as Sgt. Darius P. Posey

  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) as Link Appleyard

  • How the West Was Won (1962) as Cpl. Peterson

  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) as Sheriff of Crockett County

  • Zebra in the Kitchen (1965) as Branch Hawksbill

  • The Ballad of Josie (1967) as Judge Tatum

  • Shoestring Safari (1967, TV Movie) as Colonel Hazeltine

  • The Road Hustlers (1968) as Sheriff Estep

  • The Over-the-Hill Gang (1969, TV Movie) as Judge Amos Polk

  • Smoke (1970, TV Movie) as Mr. Stone

  • The Phynx (1970) as Andy Devine

  • Myra Breckinridge (1970) as Coyote Bill

  • The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (1970, TV Movie) as Amos Polk

  • Robin Hood (1973) as Friar Tuck (voice)

  • Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976) as priest in dog pound

  • A Whale of a Tale (1976) as Captain Andy

  • The Mouse and His Child (1977) as the frog (voice) (final film role)


  • The Virginian - (1967) "Yesterday´s Timepiece"

  • Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok - 112 episodes (1951-1958) as Deputy Marshal Jingles P. Jones

  • Andy's Gang (1955-1960) as Host

  • Wagon Train - episode - "The Jess MacAbee Story" (1959) as Jess MacAbee

  • The Twilight Zone - "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby" (1962) as Frisby

  • Flipper - 5 episodes (1964-1965) as Hap Gorman

  • Batman - "The Duo Is Slumming" (1966) as Santa (uncredited)

  • Bonanza - "A Girl Named George" (1968) as Roscoe

  • Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color - "Ride a Northbound Horse: Parts 1 & 2" (1969)

  • Gunsmoke - episode - "Stryker" (1969) as Jed Whitlow

  • Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color - "Smoke: Parts 1 & 2" (1970) as Mr. Stone

  • Alias Smith and Jones - "The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg" (1972) as Sheriff Bintell

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