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Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller (born 29 October 1990) is the stage name of a Spanish YouTuber and former adult film actress, producer, director and writer. Her real name is Marina.[1]

Miller, whose stage name comes from an Egyptian archaeological site Amarna and the writer Henry Miller, graduated in fine arts from the European University of Madrid.[2]

She is openly bisexual, polyamorous and practices BDSM.[1]

Amarna Miller
Born(1990-10-29)29 October 1990
Madrid, Spain
Alma materEuropean University of Madrid
  • Adult film actress
Years activeSince 2010
Height5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight110 lb (49.9 kg; 7.9 st)
Websitewww.amarnamiller.com [46]


Miller joined the adult film industry at 19 years-old, producing her first adult film and working on her own film production company called Omnia-X for five years.[3]

She has appeared in over 100 adult films according to IAFD,[4] working for adult film studios such as Private, Dorcel, Bang Bros, Blacked or Sex Art, as well as filming erotic, artistic and self-managed films with Four Chambered Heart,[5] while also collaborating in the magazines PlayGround, Primera Línea and on the Orgasmatrix website.[6]

Despite being a supporter of feminist pornography, she acknowledges that she works in "an industry made by and for men" and that "if I only shot feminist porn, I would not pay half a bill”.[7]

Another concept widely used by her is ethical pornography, based on respect for actors and actresses: salary, contracts, working conditions, etc.[8] In the Primera Persona Festival of 2015 explained that these rights are not respected, only the United States has mechanisms of control and complaint of these situations.[9]

She was the spokeswoman and protagonist of the controversial promotional spot of the Erotic Salon of Barcelona 2016. The advertisement, called Patria and awarded with a Silver Lion at the Cannes Lions festival, criticizes Spanish double standard and ends with the phrase "We live in a disgustingly hypocritical country, but some of us do not give up".[10]

In 2017, she starred in her first feature film called Contigo no, bicho directed by Álvaro Alonso and Miguel Ángel Jiménez, which premiered at the Málaga Film Festival.[11] In September of that year, she was injured in a motorcycle accident in Puerto Princesa, Palawan in the Philippines, spraining her right shoulder.

Since March 2018 she has a Patreon page, a crowdfunding site that allows her to subsidize her videos and activities, rewarding her followers with exclusive advantages.[12]

Although she has not said a definite goodbye to pornography, she has stopped shooting voluntarily since the beginning of 2017 because it is no longer a challenge and she wants to live new experiences. She is aware of the difficulty of this new path due to the stigma she suffers from having devoted herself to sex work, according to her own words "I will always be the porn actress who...".[13]

Media appearances

She has taken part, among others, on the television programs Al rincón de pensar (Antena 3),[14] Late Motiv (Movistar+),[15] Sálvame Deluxe (Telecinco),[16] and The Zoo (LATV),[17] while also taking part on the independent radio program Carne Cruda.[3]

She presents the television show Diario Vice on channel 0 of Movistar+ where she interviewed the Spanish artist Abel Azcona and the musical band Las Odio.[18] In 2016 she was interviwed by Buenafuente in Late Motiv.[19][20] In 2018 she assisted to the TV program La Resistencia, presented by David Broncano.[21]

She appeared in the cover magazine Interviú in 2014 and 2016,[22][23] as well as Bad Skin,[24] Mongolia[25] and Primera Línea.[26]

In digital media, she has done many interviews such as Erebus, Jot Down and GQ.[1][27] She is also very active in social media.[28] She uses her YouTube channel to express ideas about sustainability, stigma rupture and ecology. In this channel, Miller tells her experiences like living a month in her van or without producing trash, why she conceded pornography, or what medicines to take when going to a foreign land.[29]

Literary publications

In 2015, she published her first book titled Manual de psiconáutica with the publisher Lapsus Calami (while the prologue was done by Nacho Vigalondo and the epilogue by Luna Miguel) and it was a mix of poetry and photography.[30] She defined it as "my personal labyrinth, my nook, my innermost".[31]

She also wrote the prologue of @Alicia_hot written by Alejandro Ruiz Morillas,[32] the back cover of the book Post Coño written by Gaby Bess[33] (both in 2015) and the prologue of X written by Risto Mejide in 2016.[34]

Pornography, feminism, diversity and religion

In May 2016, she held a talk with the deputies of Podemos Beatriz Gimeno and Clara Serra titled "Sex, porn and feminism" in which she said that pornography can not be used for sex education, but her presence in this talk was not well received by some feminist sectors.[35] She held a talk again with Clara Serra in 2017, this time accompanied by the pornographic actor Aday Traun, at the Charles III University of Madrid titled "Pornography and diversity" in which she criticized some clichés of the pornographic industry.[36]

She has appeared in short films The Immaculate Heart by Vex Ashley and Lacrimarum by Nico Bertrand.[37] On the cover of the magazine Mongolia in March 2016, she posed emulating the Virgin Mary.[38]

Awards and nominations

  • TEA Award (2017) - Best Female Performer (winner)[39]

  • Ninfa Award (2015, 2016) – Best personal web (winner)[40]

  • Ninfa Award (2014) – Best Actress of the Year (winner)[41]

  • Ninfa Award (2015) – Best Spanish Actress (nominee)[40]

  • AVN Awards (2016, 2017) – Female Foreign Performer of the Year (nominee)[42]


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