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Administrator may refer to:

Job roles

Computing and internet

  • Database administrator, a person who is responsible for the environmental aspects of a database

  • Forum administrator, one who oversees discussions on an Internet forum

  • Network administrator, engineers involved in computer networks

  • Server administrator, a person who acts as the administrator for an Internet gaming or other type of server

  • Superuser, a type of computer user with administrative privileges

  • Sysop, a commonly used term for a system operator, an administrator of a multi-user website Wikipedia administrators

  • System administrator, a person responsible for running technically advanced information systems


  • Administrator of the Government, in various Commonwealth realms and territories Administrator (Australia), for use of this title in Australia

  • In the independent agencies of the United States government, the highest executive officer in an independent agency whose name ends with the word "administration"

  • Administrator, a practitioner of public administration


  • Administrator (of ecclesiastical property), anyone charged with the care of church property in the Roman Catholic Church

  • Diocesan administrator, a provisional ordinary of a Roman Catholic church

  • Apostolic Administrator, a prelate appointed by the Pope to serve as the ordinary for an apostolic administration

  • Administrator (medieval), the ruler of a prince-bishopric in medieval times who was not confirmed by the Pope

Other job roles

  • Business administration, a person responsible for the performance or management of administrative business operations

  • Administrator (law), a person appointed by a court to handle the administration of an estate for someone who has died without a will

  • Academic administration, administration of a school

  • Arts administrator, responsible for the business end of an arts organization

  • Health administration, leadership, management, and administration of health organizations

Other uses

  • Administrator (role), one of the roles in the Keirsey Temperament Sorter personality assessment scheme

  • Administr@tor, an education magazine published by Scholastic Corporation

  • Administration (law), a procedure under the insolvency laws of a number of common law jurisdictions

  • Da share z0ne, a comedic social media account run by a fictitious skeleton character named "Admin"

See also

  • Administration (disambiguation)


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