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Adhu Idhu Edhu

Adhu Idhu Edhu

Adhu Idhu Edhu (English: That This Which) is a Tamil celebrity game show on the regional television channel Vijay TV of Star TV. [1] It is a very popular and well-received show. It is aired weekly, and there are three guest celebrities who participate. The program involves three levels. Players are provided with a thousand points at the start and may lose points at every level. The one having the maximum number of points at the end of the three rounds eventually wins the game.

Adhu Idhu Edhu
Also known asTamil :௮து இது எது
GenreComedy show
Directed byThomson
Presented byManisha Dubey
Country of originIndia
Running timeapprox. 1 hrs.
Original networkSTAR Vijay

Gameplay format

Round :1 Group la Dupe

The first round is called Group la Dupe (English : Find the odd one out).

There are three people in front of the participants, who are dressed as belonging to particular profession (e.g. tailors, dancers, craftsmen etc.) of which two actually practice the said profession, whereas the third has been trained by one of the other professionals in the show.

The anchor will give them three clues.

First, the participants are given 15 seconds to lock a guess as to who the impostor is.

They have to press the buzzer as fast as possible.

The fastest to sound the buzzer gets to lock their choice on who the imposter actually is and the other participants can only choose a person who hasn't been chosen.

So, the first one gets three choices, the second two and the last one none.

After this, each professional gives a short performance relating to his profession (e.g. Dancers perform a small dance).

After the performances, the participants are then given the option of changing their initial choice at a cost of a 100 points.

Once the participants have changed their options, if they wish to, the impostor is revealed.

Points are deducted for the participants who guessed wrong, whereas the right guesser’s points are left untouched.

Round 2: Siricha Pochu

The second round is called Siricha Pochu (English : You Laugh, You Lose).

This round is arguably the USP of the show.

The participants are shown a stand up comedy performance from either one or a group of the show’s comedians.

During the performance, the participants lose points if they laugh or smile.

The participants are instructed to only look at the performance without covering their mouths.

The points are once again deducted in a cumulative fashion based on the order of participants who laughed.

Some of the popular comedians who star in this round include Robo Shankar, Vadivel Balaji, Ramar,Thangadurai, Singapore Deepan, Vignesh Karthick, Prabu, Amudhavanan, Jeyachandran, Diwakar, George, Pazhani Pattalam and Nanjil Vijayan. The former four are especially considered expert comedians who excel in mimicry and are often able to make all three participants laugh in the episode.

Round 3: Maathi Yosi

The third round is called Maathi Yosi (English :Think Differently).

In this round, each participant is called in order of who pressed the buzzer first in the first round, Groupla Dupe, to have a conversation with the host, where the host asks questions to them.

During the conversation, the participant has to provide a completely unrelated answer to each question posed by the host.

If the participant answers the question with a related answer,give the same answer thrice, ask questions to the host or take more than two seconds to answer, they are considered out.

Again, the points are deducted on a cumulative basis, depending on the time taken for the participant to become out.

Telecast History

The show was initially hosted by Sivakarthikeyan before his debut as an actor. His style of hosting, his natural wit and ability to create laughter riots effortlessly, especially with the comedians of Round 2, were well received. He was considered one of the main highlights of the show and grew very popular with the youth demographic. The show celebrated its 150th episode on 21 April 2012 and was highlighted by inviting its Round 2 comedians as guests. On the show's episode dated 4 August 2012, Sivakarthikeyan formally arrived to hand over the job of anchoring Adhu Idhu Edhu to Ma Ka Pa Anand. Ma Ka Pa Anand has been anchoring the show ever since.

The show is telecasted every Saturday night at 7PM.

Currently this show is telecast every sunday night at 8PM.

The show is directed by Thomson who has earlier directed comedy shows such as Kalakapovathu Yaaru and Comedy Kings.


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