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Aabyhøj, or Åbyhøj, is a neighborhood of Aarhus, Denmark.[1] It is part of the postal district of Aarhus V and has a population of approximately 11,000 people and is home to Aabyhøj IF football club and Aabyhøj Basketball.

Aabyhøj is located in Aarhus
Aarhus Municipality
Coordinates:56°09′24″N 10°10′07″E [2]
Regions of DenmarkCentral Denmark Region
MunicipalityAarhus Municipality
DistrictAarhus V
Postal code


Aabyhøj literally means Aaby-hill and the name reflects that it sprawled on the hillsides of the old village of Aaby at the Aarhus River. Aabyhøj comprise relatively modern buildings from or after the Industrial Revolution, but the old village charm can still be seen around Aaby, at the river banks in the southeast of Aabyhøj.


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