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Francesca Barberini

Francesca Barberini

Francesca Romana Barberini (born February 4, 1972) is an Italian television personality, food show host, author and food writer, who has worked for 10 years in the enogastronomic sector. She is currently the creator and host of the Alice TV television show Alice Club.

Early Life

Barberini was born February 4, 1972, in the Roman Campagna in Italy where she grew up in her family farm. [1] She obtained her Matura diploma from the Massimiliano Massimo Institute where she attended from 1982 to 1990.


Barberini has a bachelor's degree in economy from LUISS (Free International University for Social Studies "Guido Carli"), where she wrote a thesis on Television. She also has a master's degree in Food and Wine Tourism from SDA Bocconi and a diploma as an oil and wine taster.


Barberini started her career as a Television presenter in 1993, in the Mediaset program Sarà vero?. In November of 1994, Barberini became the tv presenter of the kids program Disney Club on Rai 1, where she worked for 5 seasons. From 2000 to 2002, she worked on the italian tourism program Sereno Variabile (Rai 2).

In 2004, she became the female face of the Gambero Rosso Channel, the first European food and wine channel.

For 10 years, she conducted several programs including Questo l'ho fatto io, - where she was inspired to write her book Questo l’ho fatto io! – Le cento ricette del Gambero Rosso Channel-; La scuola cucina di classe, the first gourmet talent show created and produced in Italy, and many other specials.

During 2005 and 2006, Barberini worked with RAI 2 for the new editorial program Voilà. The cooking program designed explicitly for working women became revolutionary in the gastronomic field. Voilà was based on the principle of rapidity, targeting active women who had the shared interest of learning how to eat fast, varied, simple and 'effective'.

In June 2009, Barberini started working for Alice Tv, where she wrote and hosted Estate in Tavola with Fabrizio Nonis.

The show presented tips on how to enjoy the summer kitchen.

For the Expo 2015, Barberini created and hosted the program Expo è servito, where she presented topics such as: nutrition, agriculture, health, eating habits, and kitchens from around the world.

From May 2016 to July 206, Barberini was the protagonist of The Good Colors. A program design for the Accademia Nutrizione Antiaging to find out how the colors of food affected the health.

Since September 2016, Barberini has been the hostess of Alice Club, a daily program on Alice TV, where she shares with guests and viewers the passion for cooking, food and wine.

Personal Life

Barberini lives in the Roman Campagna in Italy with Massimiliano and her two sons, Tommaso and Giacomo.


She has contributed on several sites including Sale&Pepe, Teatro Naturale, Huffington Post, Passion Food #iomagiobello on the la Repubblica blog platform, and the Trenta Ore per la Vita association.


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