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645AR is a rapper born in the South Bronx. He is known for his high pitched vocal performance on his most popular songs "Gangsta"*and "*4 DA TRAP"


645AR began releasing music on Soundcloud in the early 2010's. He has released various projects and singles, including 13 song project, "645AR" and single "Gangsta."

In January of 2020, 645AR dropped the single "4 DA TRAP."

As of mid February, the song has gained millions of views and streams across several platforms (most notably, YouTube, in which the music video currently has over 2.8 million views).

The single also caught the attention of many bloggers and personalities around the internet.

Comedian and rapper, discussing the single on Genius (website) YouTube series "The Cosign", Zack Fox said[4] ,

If you asked me ten years ago, "how do you think rap will sound in 2020?" I would say something like this.

And the fact that it's actually here... is very impressive.

The single has garnered the attention of numerous other commentators, including Anthony Fantano, who discussed the rapper in a YouTube video titled, "Is 645AR Serious?"[5]

When asked by Complex about what's next for the Atlanta rapper, he replied,

I'm finna drop 645AR&B in late February.

That's the R&B project.[12]

Musical Style

645AR first found his renown squeaky sound in a session in 2018, while he was in a studio session.

Since then, he has included the voice (which he claims is unaltered, and is, indeed, his real voice) in various singles and most prominently in his 2019 project "645 AR."

His sound has been compared to the likes of Playboi Carti.[12] Carter's song "FlatBed Freestyle" is often cited as a comparison.[15] He has also been compared to Pressa, as his sound is "equally unique to the rap game."[16] When asked about his voice on the "Monday to Monday" podcast, he replied,

A lot of shit sound alike, it sound the same.

So I was like, how can I step out?[14]


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