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600 Breezy

600 Breezy

Antonio Valentino King (born April 16, 1991), known professionally as 600 Breezy, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is a member of the Black Disciples gang and draws on real life experiences for his lyrics. [2] [5]

Some of his notable hits include "Don't Get Smoked," 24 Bars," and "Lou Rawls."


Personal Life

600 Breezy grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is a part of the Black Disciples gang. He was arrested at the age of 21 after being caught up in a drug sting and returned to prison 5 years later for a parole violation. [2]

In September of 2019, rapper Queen Key, His last two projects are titled Eat My Pussy and Eat My Pussy Again, posted a video of 600 Breezy giving her oral sex after a public falling out. In November 2019, Chicago rapper Queen Key announced on Instagram Live that she was pregnant and 600 Breezy is the father. [24][25][39]

600 Breezy also had a fling with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones. In October 2019, he attended the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards with Black Ink Crew’s Sky Days. The two even joked about getting married by posting a "practice proposal" on Instagram. [17] [32]


Breezy was brought into hip hop by fellow gang member and artist L'A Capone, who was later killed in 2013. Breezy told DIB Ent that Capone was a huge inspiration to him: [29]

"I do this sh-t for my brother LA.

He was tooken too soon.

He’s one of the greatest rappers to ever come out of Chicago, period.

…Look him up if you ain’t heard of him.

If you ain’t heard of him, you sleep.

You been under a rock.

I didn’t take it serious until I lost LA,” he continued.

“LA was on his way.

He was almost there.

He was right there.

He took off.

That fu shit happen, but it’s the streets.

Everyday shit.

It inspired me to do this shit.”

He titled his mixtape Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition after NBA Hall of Famer George Gervin and planned a 2016 album called Views from the 6 after releasing a mixtape called Sixo Breezo. He's appeared on mixtapes with associates like CDAI, Edai, JB Bin Laden, Jusblow, L'A Capone, O'Block Ocho, Tay600, Rondanumbanine, S.DOT and others.[30]

Breezo really plugged into the scene when his vocals showed up at the end of Drake's More Life track, "Lose You." A few months later he appeared on stage with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards .

His meteoric rise came to a halt when, only weeks later, Breezo turned himself in for violating his parole and spent 16 months in prison.

To celebrate his release on December 14, 2018, Breezy dropped a project called First Forty-8, consisting of 7 tracks. On September 2, 2019, 600 Breezy released a music video called "Thuggin", which amassed 300,000 views in a month.[16]


First Forty-82018
Breezo George Gervin2017
Breezo George Gervin Iceman Edition2016
six0 Breez02015

Social Media

As of November 2019, 600 Breezy has 680,000 followers on Instagram and 103,000 followers on Twitter.[18][19]

In the Chiraqology subreddit, 600 Breezy is accused of lying about a bunch of street related issues, like news surrounding people's death, or whether or not someone snitched to the police. [28]


Possession of Crack Cocaine

In May of 2012, 600 Breezy was arrested for possession of crack cocaine with intent to deliver. Early in the morning on May 30th 2012, the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force & the Waterloo Police Department tactical unit executed search warrants at six residences. They arrested 9 people for charges related to crack cocaine and marijuana with assistance from Cedar Falls Police Department, Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa Department of Narcotic Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. [21][22]

Violation of Parole

Five years after being busted for crack cocaine, 600 Breezy got pinched for for traveling without permission in Waterloo, Iowa, and possession of marijuana. It happened only weeks before his parole was scheduled to end. On June 2, 2017, 600 Breezy was sentenced to 10 years in prison for that violation. His mother took to Facebook to confirm his sentence, sharing that it had spoiled her birthday: "Iowa just locked up Antonio Valentino King for 10 yrs. This is the worst birthday of my life ". [22]

600 Breezy explained to XXL Magazine why he felt he was wronged by a flawed system:

“This long ass drive the Waterloo I’m about to walk in court on straight asshole mode … cause if I been violating for traveling…that mean I’m violating coming to court.. and the crazy part my supervising p.o in Chicago didn’t violate me.

Iowa did…..

After 5 years now Iowa wanna all of a sudden step in,"

In February 2018, Breezy's lawyer Tina Muhammad filed a motion to the courts to have his sentence altered. Fans showed a lot of love and Drake even publicly spoke out in support of him, lamenting the fact that he's been caught up in an exploitative system: [27]

“At the end of the day you were in the midst of doing something positive, and you know, you have people like us to vouch for that.

You know, everybody knows you weren’t doing no bad shit.

Like, you were changing your life, you know, for the better.

And I think that everyone that we’ve talked to has taken a valid interest in that.

Not too many people get the opportunity to do that where you’re from.

So the fact that they’re trying to, you know, slow that up is a shame, and I think that a lot of people don’t wanna see that happen.”

Release From Prison

On December 12, 2018, 600 Breezy was discharged from Iowa Department of Corrections custody. He celebrated his arrival home on Instagram Live, where he spoke into the camera about his new found freedom: [13] [23]

"This shit real, nigga.

They thought I wasn't coming back.

They thought a nigga had 10 years.

They thought it was mufuckin' over wit...Yeah, I'm back, nigga.

They though it was over.

Who got ten years, nigga?

Fuck they talkin' 'bout.

They thought I had 10 years, nigga.

That's crazy.


He even returned the love Drake showed him by running up a huge tab at his OVO store. [26]


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