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Chase Amick , (born May 5, 1999), better known as 6 Dogs , is an American rapper ​ and artist ​ based out of Atlanta, Georgia ​. [1] ​ He is known for his "sad trap" music. [8] [11] ​ 6 Dogs' most notable songs include "Flossing" and "Faygo Dreams". [5] ​ He is signed to Benny Blanco ​'s Interscope imprint, Mad Love Records. [21]

Early Life

Chase was born in Georgia ​ and grew up "in the mountains" in the northern part of the state to a religious Christian family. [3] ​ He has one sister. [7] ​ During his childhood, Chase was extremely interested in LEGOs ​ and would often build things without instructions. [8] ​ Chase was in a homeschooling group until the 3rd grade and went to a private Christian school until the 5th grade. [3]

6 Dogs "frozen tears" Music Video

Chase went to a public middle school in "one of the most racist counties in Georgia, and told his parents he wanted to move somewhere else for high school, which they did. [3] ​ Due to his earlier homeschooling schedule, Chase is a year behind his peers in the school system. [8] ​ If he chooses to complete high school, Chase would graduate in the Spring of 2018. [8]

Career and Rising Recognition

Growing up, 6 Dogs listened to Christian music due to his religious upbringing. [8] ​ The first rap song he listened to was MC Hammer ​ and then started to listen to mainstream rappers such as Lil Wayne, Drake, and Kanye West ​ before exploring the underground scene online. [8] ​ One of his favorite artists are Key!, Lil Peep ​ and Slug Christ ​ whose artistic perspective and lyricism 6 Dogs calls ahead of his time. [3]

Laying down

Prior to making music, Chase worked as a lifeguard and would "sit six hours a day thinking about it (music)." He continues by saying:

I’m not a normal person, I don’t want to be another sheep. Making music is one of the biggest stages in the world, and music is the universal language. I’m good at coming up with ideas, eventually I want to get into movies. I want to make an anime show one day. It’s not just music, it’s creating. I want to create every day. [8]

Also I was going through stuff when I started and needed an outlet, so music helped me a lot. That was the catalyst—me feeling bad and wanting to do something about it. [8]

6 Dogs started to take music seriously in the Summer of 2016. [3] ​ "Flossing", the second song he ever released on SoundCloud, became one of his most popular, amassing 3.6 million streams in over a year being released. [5] ​ He credits his success to both his talent and strategic SoundCloud reposts from Nedarb Nagrom ​, COLDHART, and Lil Tracy ​. [3] [20]

Amick is not entirely sure how he chose the name 6 Dogs but credits two incidents for it. [20] ​ The first is when he was living in North Georgia, a pack of the neighbors dogs would chase him while he was riding a bike. [20] ​ The second and more likely scenario was when he would freestyle with his cousin, he would refer to himself as "6 Dogs" in his bars. [20]

After filming the music video for "Hearse" wearing a Gucci bandana, upside down visor, huge glasses, and yellow pants in a graveyard while "turnt", 6 Dogs was ditched by his friend and got lost walking to his friend's house. [3] ​ He knocked on the wrong house and was promptly arrest by police. [3] ​ After his parents found out what he did, they grounded him. [3]

In 2017, 6 Dogs received considerable buzz for his music and many of his songs have millions of streams on SoundCloud. He is noted for combining trap beats and instrumentals with depressed and emotional lyrics. [11] ​ He has been featured in The Masked Gorilla and Pigeons and Planes ​. [8] [3] ​ His music videos and songs have premiered on the YouTube channels ​ デーモンAstari, global うつ病, ELEVATOR, FADED, and more. [3]

6 Dogs has stated that in his music, he doesn't know what he talks about, but sets a broad theme for people to connect the dots. [20]

Kid Cudi serves as one of the inspirations for his upcoming project.

Personal Life

6 Dogs' girlfriend is Arlaina Axenroth. [20] ​ She convinced him to turn into a vegan ​. [20]

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