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Divine - "The 4th Letter"

Divine - "The 4th Letter"

Divine is a street savvy emcee and rapper hailing from Fort Greene, Brooklyn New York. His love for hip hop music began since he was ten years old.


Growing up in New York City, he developed a style and sound evocative from the late 80s era of Hip hop from pioneering artists such as Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-One and EPMD. He takes the sound from this era further in his development as an artist to condition his originality and lyrical complexity evoking legends such as Rakim and Nas.

Growing up he was a victim of poverty with very little parental guidance.

He was later incarcerated which led him to discover a deep understanding of his realities while experiencing the penal system.

While incarcerated he was absorbed in the teachings of Nation Of Gods & Earths from Five Percent Nation of Islam.

Some claim he has not signed to a major record label even though he has released over ten albums and has over a decade of experience due to his time in the penal system.

Style & Form

Divine is an introspective lyricist who combines the deep spiritual consciousness of self-knowledge in universal topics along with social and political awareness.

He brings cultural elements and life experiences into a superb style of storytelling.

He shaped his understanding of spirituality during his incarceration with the positive essence of his poetics while experiencing the teachings of Nation Of Gods & Earths from Five Percent Nation of Islam.

His emceeing is considered smooth and fluid through the utilization of complex rhyming schemes.

He is considered to be an intellectual lyricist.

Tech & Entrepreneurship

Divine has been considered a "Tech rapper", for his affiliation with Ben Horowitz and the tech industry. He became friends with Ben after recording a song in his honor called "Venture Capitalist Like Ben Horowitz".

In 2016, he joined the Rhymeo team, a tech start-up dedicated to helping people improve their flows and bars through the utilization of support, pictures, and contextual words at the bottom for switching your rhyme scheme.


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