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400 bullets (film)

400 bullets (film)

400 bullets (film) is an Afghanistan edge-of-your-seat Military Action story about what it means to fight for honor instead of profit.[2] The film packs gun battle, epic hand-to-hand fight sequences, and witty dialogue into its 90 minutes run time.[1]


A small military outpost is caught in the middle of a battle of greed and national security in writer/director Tom Paton’s military thriller 400 Bullets.

The film opens on a cold, wintery night in Afghanistan as black ops specialist Noah Brandt (Andrew Lee Potts) leads a band of mercenaries-for-hire to intercept and acquire four deadly accurate and lethal missiles. The hired guns double-cross Brandt, as they have a side deal with some Afghan baddies.

After his partner is killed and fearing he’s next, Brandt escapes with the missile’s navigation pins (also known as the McGuffin).

Now on the run, he stumbles upon a British outpost comprised of camouflage netting and connected shipping containers.[7]

The unit that occupies the outpost is miles away on maneuvers.

Rana Rae (Jean-Paul Ly), a Gurkha soldier, is left to guard the outpost with zero support, spotty internet, and the titular 400 bullet s.[8]

Rae comes to the rescue of the injured man.

It’s only a matter of time before Brandt’s hunters arrive at the outpost.

Now, Brandt and Rae have to defend themselves from an onslaught of weapons dealers and black ops mercenaries with only 400 bullets, so every shot has to count.[6]

Paton delivers a fast-paced thriller with Military-grade weapons. The majority of the action is gunplay, but with the 400-bullet limitation, it also comes in the form of a cat-and-mouse chase, hand-to-hand combat, characters being either tortured or beaten to a bloody pulp. And the director makes it all exciting and fun.[5]


With time running out on making this lucrative deal, Bartlett and his crew end up at the Outpost as well desperately looking for the all-important guidance chips. This opens the door for more action and as you might expect, the bullets were flying. But it would be a damn crime to have a movie with someone with Jean-Paul Ly’s skill set (Ly has stunt credits in movies big and small, like Hobbs & Shaw and Tiger Man) and not put them to use.[9]

Fortunately, 400 Bullets does take full advantage of Ly’s abilities as we get to experience Rana expertly wielding a blade in some close combat scenarios that definitely get the adrenaline pumping!


Tom Paton as Director

George Burt Producer.

Steve Mosley Executive Producer.


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