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2250 Vallejo Street, Pacific Heights, San Francisco

2250 Vallejo Street, Pacific Heights, San Francisco

2250 Vallejo Street was the most expensive real estate purchase of 2016 in San Francisco, California.

It was purchased by Cruise Automation Founder Kyle Vogt for $21.8 million dollars.

[0]The house has a Beaux Arts facade and carved embellishments.


2250 Vallejo Street was built in 1901.

It has 5 stories.

The house has 4 fireplaces, an infinity pool on the roof, a gas fire pit and spa lounge, an elevator, and a view of the entire bay.


The house was previously owned by Blue Bottle Coffee Co. founders Bryan Meehan and Tara Meehan, who purchased it in 2012 for $6.95 million, but never moved in.

They restored it to a single-dwelling unit, after it had been a multi-unit apartment building for many years.


2250 Vallejo Street was originally built for salmon packing magnate James Madison.

Former San Francisco Mayor Angelo J. Rossi was once a resident.

[1]The renovation was masterminded by renowned Los Angeles-based architect Paul McClean.


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