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21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire is an independent news and current affairs organization based in Europe and the United States that was founded in 2009.


21st Century Wire provides media analysis, news and views from a core team of researchers, writers and volunteer contributors who provide diverse opinions and perspectives from around the world.

Their writers have appeared around the world on radio, TV and in print as well as speaking at leading alternative events and conferences.


21st Century Wire opposes internet censorship, promotes free speech and aims to educate and promote learning on social and geopolitical issues.

Their independent commentary and reporting includes critiques and criticisms of large corporate media and their coverage and aims to provide independent research on subjects and views not being covered by mainstream channels.

They were inspired by other independent news sources such as Zero Hedge, UK Column, OpEdNews and Live Leak.


Editorial policy

21st Century Wire tries not to divide people and features opinion and analysis from a range of commentators with a range of views, from left to right as well as from Constitutuionalist and Libertarian perspectives.



A list of the 21st Century Wire team of editors and contributors is below:

  • Patrick Henningsen - Executive Editor and Founder

  • Vanessa Beeley - Associate Editor

  • Shawn Helton - Associate Editor

  • Dr. Can Erimtan - Special Contributor

  • Stuart J. Hooper - Special Contributor

  • Jay Dyer - Special Contributor

  • Niraj Srivastava - Special Contributor

  • Marwa Osman - Special Contributor

  • Bruno Guigue - Special Contributor

  • Martin Jay - Special Contributor

  • Andrew Korybko - Special Contributor

  • Andre Vltchek - Special Contributor

  • Tim Anderson - Special Contributor

  • Dlyana Gaytandzhiev - Special Contributor

  • Miles Elliott - Contributor

  • Daniel Spaulding - Contributor

  • Randy Johnson - Contributor

  • Andrew McKillop - Contributor

  • SARTRE - Special Contributor

  • The Daily Shooter - Special Contributor

  • James Hall - Contributor

  • J.R. Smith - Special Contributor

  • Peter Sterry - Special Contributor

  • Basil Valentin - Roving Correspondent, Culture and Sport


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