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George Ishler

George Ishler

George Ishler is a resident of Lemont, Pennsylvania. He was acquainted with Danelle Geier and Ronald Bettig, a professor at Pennsylvania State University. [0]

Murder of Ronald Bettig

On August 12, 2016 George Ishler and Danelle Geier murdered Ronald Bettig by pushing him off a cliff at a quarry. [1]

They committed the murder and staged it as an accident since Ronald Bettig had just signed his will and they believed they would benefit financially from his death. [0]

They both face charges of first- and third-degree murder, aggravated assault and tampering with evidence.

Danelle is also faces a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. [1]

The pair told Ronald Bettig to come with them to the Blackhawk Quarry in Potter Township, Pennsylvania since they believed they could grow marijuana there. While there George Ishler pushed Ronald Bettig off a cliff in the quarry killing him. [0]

After hearing a "crunch" and believing he was dead the pair left the scene.

They later came back with possessions from Ronald's house used them to stage his death as an accident. [0]

The three days after the killing the pair reported him missing saying that they believe Ronald had gone missing. [0]

George and Danelle had originally planned on murdering Ronald by drowning him at Rehoboth beach, but later changed their plan to killing him at a quarry. [0]


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