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2020 Companies LLC

2020 Companies LLC

2020 Companies LLC provides professional marketing and contracting services to telecommunications, cable, energy, and service industries in California, Florida, Texas, and Maryland.

It offers door to door sales, business to business sales, retail sale staffing, and event marketing services.

The company’s sales services include door to door sales, new subscriber acquisition, digital upgrades, win back programs, visual audits, converter swap-out, and telephony, and high speed data.

In addition, it provides staffing for door-to-door sales, business-to-business sales, retail kiosks, and special event marketing.

Further, 2020 Companies LLC [undefined] offers NGen Leads, a software system that enables mapping, tracking, and management of sales leads.

The company was formerly known as 2020 CableVision, Inc. and in 2000 it changed its name to 2020 Companies LLC [undefined].

2020 Companies LLC [undefined] was founded in 1990 and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.



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