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2017 China ICO Ban

2017 China ICO Ban

The 2017 China ICO Ban is a regulatory move by the government that China to control the emerging funding tool known as initial coin offerings (ICO). A broad review of ICOs is pending in order to assess which regulations should be put in place in the future.


Hshare, based in China, dropping over 58%

Hshare, based in China, dropping over 58%

On September 4th, 2017, a committee led by China's central bank announced an immediate ban on ICO funding.

In a statement, they said that ICOs had “seriously disrupted the economic and financial order.”

[1] China’s “Remediation Office of Risks in Internet Finance” has ordered that all ICOs in the country be investigated by local regulatory authorities.

Previously, The National Internet Finance Association of China had warned to investors that some ICOs are using “misleading propaganda” to promote financing activities, that the fundraising activities are taking place without regulatory approval, and that some of those ICOs are suspected of being involved in fraud, the sales of illegal securities, illegal fundraising and other acts. Chinese exchanges that are complying with the ruling include BTC China and ICOINFO. During the first half of 2017, Chinese companies had raised $383 million from 105,000 investors. [1]


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