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2009–10 Ukrainian First League

2009–10 Ukrainian First League

The 2009–10 Ukrainian First League was the nineteenth since its establishment. There were 18 teams competing. Two teams were relegated from the Ukrainian Premier League 2008-09. Three teams were promoted from the 2008–09 Ukrainian Second League. Due to the 2009 flu pandemic which affected Ukraine in late October the PFL decide to break for winter earlier than they originally scheduled. The second half of the season began March 11, 2010.[5]

Ukrainian First League
ChampionsPFC Sevastopol
  • PFC Sevastopol
  • Volyn Lutsk
  • Nyva Ternopil
  • FC Kharkiv
  • Desna Chernihiv
Matches played304
Goals scored802 (2.64 per match)
Top goalscorer19 - Serhiy Kucherenko (Krymteplitsia Molodizhne )
Biggest home win
  • Oleksandria 5–0 Kharkiv (1 August 2009)
  • Sevastopol 5–0 Dynamo-2 (26 August 2009)
Biggest away win
  • Arsenal 2–7 Sevastopol (21 August 2009)
  • Kharkiv 0–5 Helios (22 September 2009)
Highest scoringArsenal 2–7 Sevastopol (21 August 2009)
Longest winning run11 – Volyn (Round 25–26, Round 19 ppd., Round 27–34)
Longest unbeaten run11 – Helios (Round 5–15)
Longest losing run8 – Kharkiv (Round 9, Round 1 ppd., 10–15)
Highest attendance8,400 Zirka – Oleksandria (29 May 2010)
Lowest attendance50 Dynamo-2 – Helios (3 April 2010)
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2010–11 →


These three teams were promoted from Druha Liha at the start of the season:

Group A
  • Nyva Ternopil – Druha Liha champion (Returning after seven seasons)

  • Arsenal Bila Tserkva - Playoff Winner (Debut)

Group B
  • Zirka Kirovohrad – Druha Liha champion (Returning after six seasons)

Relegated teams

Two teams were relegated from the Ukrainian Premier League 2008–09 season

  • FC Lviv – 15th place (Returning after a season)

  • FC Kharkiv – 16th place (Previously as FC Arsenal Kharkiv)


The following displays the location of teams.

Playoff game

Prior to the beginning of the season FC Ihroservice Simferopol failed to pay their license dues for the season. To allow an extra team to be promoted, the PFL determined that a playoff game between the 2nd placed teams from Druha Liha – Arsenal Bila Tserkva and FC Poltava would determine the vacancy. This playoff game was played July 12, 2009.[6]

Final standings

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsPromotion or relegation
1PFC Sevastopol(C, P)3424466827+4176Promoted to Premier League
2Volyn Lutsk(P)3422847130+4174
3Stal Alchevsk3419875535+2065
4FC Lviv3419694922+2763(-) new
5PFC Oleksandria3419695834+2463
6Krymteplitsia Molodizhne3417895328+2559
7Naftovyk-Ukrnafta Okhtyrka34176114537+857
8Desna Chernihiv(D)341212103830+848withdrew[1]
9Arsenal Bila Tserkva341210124844+446(+) new
10Helios Kharkiv341210124247−546
11Dniester Ovidiopol34128144447−344
12Zirka Kirovohrad341113103840−243[2](+) new
13Dynamo-2 Kyiv34125173546−1141
14Feniks-Illichivets Kalinine34107173952−1337
15Enerhetyk Burshtyn34811153249−1735
16Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk3457222668−4222
17FC Kharkiv(D)3435262376−5314(-) new – Withdrew (expelled) from PFL[3]
18Nyva Ternopil(R)3434271872−547[4](+) new – Relegated to Druha Liha


Arsenal Bila Tserkva2–20–02–10–01–00–14–1(9)1–11–34–04–03–03–42–71–02–00–0
Desna Chernihiv2–11–20–00–10–01–13–11–10–01–24–02–14–00–00–12–12–1
Dnister Ovidiopol1–12–13–11–12–21–22–00–20–10–14–10–15–24–10–21–50–0
Dynamo-2 Kyiv0–10–10–21–20–12–22–11–12–12–03–20–33–11–01–20–22–0
Enerhetyk Burshtyn1–01–12–13–41–10–01–10–11–00–11–12–11–11–22–20–30–1
Feniks-Illichovets Kalinino2–21–20–11–13–02–04–21–01–01–22–00–12–11–13–41–11–2
Helios Kharkiv1–00–02–20–31–03–10–10–43–31–02–02–22–00–11–12–21–2
FC Kharkiv0–40–41–30–13–0(6)1–20–51–21–01–41–01–11–20–30–11–30–0
Krymteplytsia Molodizhne1–20–00–01–02–13–00–14–10–12–14–03–04–01–23–23–21–1
FC Lviv0–02–03–03–03–11–01–02–13–12–03–01–24–00–1(5)3–20–12–1
Naftovyk-Ukrnafta Okhtyrka2–10–02–21–01–03–12–02–11–02–03–00–11–10–11–22–32–1
Nyva Ternopil0–10–12–00–12–21–21–21–00–10–40–40–21–00–20–31–21–1
FC Oleksandriya5–11–12–12–14–12–13–25–00–30–00–03–04–02–11–20–11–1
Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk2–00–11–21–00–12–00–21–10–10–03–31–10–20–12–20–20–1
Stal Alchevsk1–13–0(7)1–01–00–03–13–02–10–00–20–11–02–12–02–10–13–3
Volyn Lutsk3–22–13–01–14–14–04–02–00–00–01–02–11–35–12–11–14–0
Zirka Kirovohrad1–12–01–20–12–12–01–12–22–10–11–13–10–20–30–01–02–2

Updated to games played on June 10, 2010.Source: PFL Persha Liha Calendar [49]^ The home team is listed in the left-hand column.Colours: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.


  • (5) Match on March 14 FC Lviv – PFC Sevastopol was not played due to the condition of the pitch.[14] The Disciplinary Committee of the PFL awarded a 3–0 technical victory to PFC Sevastopol.[15] (21 April 2010) However, with PFC Sevastapol's agreement the league decided to play the fixture on 2 June 2010.[16]

  • (6) Round 33 match between FC Kharkiv and Enerhetyk Burshtyn did not take place due to FC Kharkiv's players boycotting the game due to not payment of wages and no contracts for next season.[17] PFL awards a 3–0 technical victory to Enerhetyk Burshtyn.[11]

  • (7) Round 33 match between Stal Alchevsk and Desna Chernihiv did not take place due to Desna not arriving to play. PFL awards a 3–0 technical victory to Stal Alchevsk.[11]

  • (8) Seven matches from Round 17 were postponed due to the 2009 flu pandemic which affected Ukraine in late October.[18]

  • (9) In this game in FC Kharkiv was represented by the youth squad of FC Arsenal Kharkiv, U-17.[19]

Top scorers

ScorerGoals (Pen.)Team
1UkraineSerhiy Kucherenko19 (3)Krymteplitsia Molodizhne
2UkraineYuriy Pleshakov17PFC Sevastopol
3UkraineValentyn Poltavets15 (5)Dnister Ovidiopol
4UkraineSerhiy Hrybanov14 (3)Desna Chernihiv
5BrazilMaicon13 (3)Volyn Lutsk
6UkraineAndriy Shevchuk12 (4)PFC Sevastopol
7UkraineYevhen Pavlov11Volyn Lutsk
Ivory CoastDiabi Suliman11Krymteplitsia Molodizhne
UkraineOleksandr Mandzyuk11 (1)FC Lviv
10UkraineAnton Mukhovykov10Stal Alchevsk


ClubCoachReplaced coach
Arsenal Bila TserkvaUkraineIhor Artymovych
Desna ChernihivUkraineOleksandr Ryabokon[20]UkraineMykhaylo Dunets
Dniester OvidiopolUkraineAndriy Parkhomenko
Dynamo-2 KyivUkraineHennadiy Lytovchenko
Enerhetyk BurshtynUkraineMykola Prystay
Feniks-Illichovets KalinineUkraineIvan Maruschak
Helios KharkivUkraineSerhiy Kandaurov
FC KharkivUkraineRinat MorozovUkraineMykhaylo Stelmakh[21]
Krymteplitsia MolodizhneUkraineOleksandr SevidovRussiaGennady Morozov[22]
UkraineMykhaylo Sachko
FC LvivUkraineViktor Ryashko (caretaker)LithuaniaAlgimantas Liubinskas[23]
UkraineIhor Yavorskyi[24]
UkraineYuri Benio[25]
UkraineVyacheslav Mavrov
Naftovyk-Ukrnafta OkhtyrkaUkraineSerhiy Shevchenko[26]UkraineValeriy Horodov
Nyva TernopilUkraineIhor Biskup (interim)[27]UkraineViktor Ryashko
PFC OleksandriaUkraineVolodymyr SharanUkraineSerhiy Kovalets
UkraineYuriy Koval
Prykarpattya Ivano-FrankivskUkraineSerhiy Ptashnyk
PFC SevastopolUkraineOleh Leschynskyi
Stal AlchevskUkraineAnatoliy Volobuyev[28]UkraineVadym Plotnikov
Volyn LutskUkraineVitaliy Kvartsyanyi
Zirka KirovohradUkraineIhor Zhabchenko

Managerial changes

TeamOutgoing head coachManner of departureDate of vacancyTableIncoming head coachDate of appointmentTable
KrymteplitsiaUkraineMykhaylo SachkoContract expired15 July 2009Pre-seasonRussiaGennady Morozov15 July 2009Pre-season
DesnaUkraineMykhaylo DunetsContract expired17 July 2009Pre-seasonUkraineOleksandr Ryabokon17 July 2009Pre-season
Naftovyk-UkrnaftaUkraineValeriy HorodovMutual consent5 August 2009UkraineSerhiy Shevchenko5 August 2009
FC LvivUkraineYuri BenioMutual consent8 August 20095UkraineVyacheslav Mavrov (caretaker)8 August 2009
FC LvivUkraineVyacheslav Mavrov (caretaker)Interim manager19 August 20095UkraineIhor Yavorsky19 August 2009
PFC OleksandriaUkraineYuriy KovalMutual consent28 August 200910UkraineSerhiy Kovalets[29]28 August 2009
KrymteplitsiaRussiaGennady MorozovMutual consent20 October 200912UkraineOleksandr Sevidov[30]20 October 2009
FC Stal AlchevskUkraineVadym PlotnikovMutual consent5 November 20094UkraineAnatoliy Volobuyev5 November 2009
FC LvivUkraineIhor YavorskyDismissed[31]10 November 20092LithuaniaAlgimantas Liubinskas[32]1 January 20102
PFC OleksandriaUkraineSerhiy Kovalets[33]Leaves for Obolon12 January 20106UkraineVolodymyr Sharan[34]31 January 20106
NyvaUkraineViktor Ryashko[27]Leaves for FC Lviv11 March 201017UkraineIhor Biskup (interim)11 March 201017
FC KharkivUkraineMykhaylo StelmakhSacked18 April 201018UkraineRinat Morozov[21]18 April 201018
FC LvivLithuaniaAlgimantas LiubinskasMutual terms19 April 20102UkraineViktor Ryashko (caretaker)[23]19 April 20102


The following stadiums were used during the season.

1Zirka Stadium, Kirovohrad13,667Zirka Kirovohrad
2Labor Reserve, Bila Tserkva13,500Arsenal Bila TserkvaWith stadium under construction capacity is reduced to 5,000.
3Avanhard Stadium, Lutsk12,080Volyn Lutsk
4Yuriy Haharyn Stadium, Chernihiv12,060Desna Chernihiv
5City Stadium, Ternopil11,300Nyva Ternopil
6Stal Stadium, Alchevsk8,632Stal Alchevsk
7MCS Rukh, Ivano-Frankivsk6,500Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk
8KSC Nika, Oleksandria5,692PFC Oleksandria
9Naftovyk Stadium, Okhtyrka5,256Naftovyk-Ukrnafta Okhtyrka
10Druzhba Stadium, Bakhchisaray, Crimea4,500PFC SevastopolTemporary home stadium used by Sevastopol in the first half of the season
11SK Sevastopol, Sevastopol, Crimea3,500PFC SevastopolReturn to their home stadium after the winter break
12ST Sport Arena, Ahrarne, Crimea3,250Krymteplitsia Molodizhne
13Kniazha Arena, Dobromyl3,220FC Lviv
14Central Stadium, Makariv, Kiev Oblast3,100[35]Arsenal Bila TserkvaClub forced to play away from home due to construction.(10)
15Enerhetyk Stadium, Burshtyn3,000Enerhetyk Burshtyn
16Dynamo Stadium, Kharkiv2,500FC Kharkiv
17Sport Complex Obukhivsky Raion, Obukhiv, Kiev Oblast[36]2,064Arsenal Bila TserkvaClub forced to play away from home due to state of home ground pitch.(11)
18Helios Arena, Kharkiv2,057Helios Kharkiv
19Dukov Dniester Stadium, Ovidiopol1,500Dniester Ovidiopol
20Arsenal-Spartak Stadium(12), Kharkiv1,500FC KharkivUsed as temporary home ground after the winter break because of weather conditions.
21Stadium Yunist, Kalinino, Crimea1,050Feniks-Illichovets Kalinine
22Dynamo Club Stadium, Chapayevka750Dynamo-2 Kyiv
Desna Chernihiv
Arsenal Bila Tserkva
Used as temporary home ground for Desna and Arsenal because of weather conditions.(13)
23YFA Sport Club Metalist Stadium(14), Kharkiv400Helios KharkivUsed as temporary home ground after the winter break because of weather conditions.


  • (10) Arsenal Bila Tserkva played three home games at Central Stadium, Makariv, Kiev Oblast – Round 21, 23 and 25.[37]

  • (11) Arsenal Bila Tserkva played their Round 28,[36] 32 and 34 games at SCOR Stadium, Obukhiv, Kiev Oblast[38]

  • (12) Arsenal-Spartak Stadium (home ground of FC Arsenal Kharkiv) is an all weather stadium with artificial turf.[39]

  • (13) Weather conditions in March forced the PFL to reschedule home games for Arsenal and Desna to Dynamo Training Center which has an artificial pitch. On March 24, three games from Round 19 were played at the complex in one day, including a home game for Dynamo-2.[40]

  • (14) Youth Football Academy Sport Club Metalist Stadium is a sporting complex that has an artificial turf pitch.[39]

See also

  • 2009–10 Ukrainian Premier League

  • 2009–10 Ukrainian Second League


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