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2005–06 Vyshcha Liha

2005–06 Vyshcha Liha

The 2005–06 Vyshcha Liha season was the fifteenth since its establishment.

Vyshcha Liha
ChampionsShakhtar Donetsk
RelegatedVolyn Lutsk,
Zakarpattia Uzhhorod
Champions LeagueShakhtar Donetsk (3rd Qualifying Round)
Dynamo Kyiv (2nd Qualifying Round)
UEFA CupChornomorets Odesa (2nd Qualifying Round)
Metalurh Zaporizhya (2nd Qualifying Round)
Intertoto CupDnipro Dnipropetrovsk (2nd Round)
Matches played241
Goals scored554 (2.3 per match)
Top goalscorer(15) - Brandão
Emmanuel Okoduwa
Biggest home win(6:0) - Shakhtar-Illichivets
(7:1) Dynamo-Volyn
Biggest away win(0:6) - Metalist-Dnipro
Highest scoring(3:6) - Metalurh Z.-Kharkiv
Average attendance8,016
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The season started on July 12, 2005 with six games of the first round. The last day of the competition was May 10, 2006. However, because the top two teams have finished with an equal number of points, it was decided to conduct a decisive game between them, which was named as the Golden Match. The game took place soon upon the conclusion of the regular season on May 14. The winner of the championship final became Shakhtar Donetsk that managed to defeat Dynamo Kyiv 2–1 and for the first time winning its second consecutive title and third over all. The top scorers competition was also tied between two foreigners Brandão from Brazil and Emmanuel Okoduwa from Nigeria. Both players won their individual award scoring 15 goals.

Both Shakhtar and Dynamo lost only once Shakhtar at home to Dynamo, while Dynamo lost its only game at home to Dnipro. Both Shakhtar and Dynamo also finished 30 points away from the closest trailing team in the standings. A good season had FC Illichivets Mariupol tying for the fourth together with FC Metalist Kharkiv and FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. Also could be left unnoticed the big return of the Odessa sailors that finally earn their next set of medals for the first time since returning to premiers. Out of the newly promoted teams a good performance showed FC Stal Alchevsk that were just a point shy to stay among the top 10.

Both clubs from the Western Ukraine, FC Volyn Lutsk and FC Zakarpattia Uzhhorod, were forced into relegation due to their poor performance.


  • FC Stal Alchevsk, champion of the 2004-05 Ukrainian First League – (returning after absence of 4 seasons)

  • FC Arsenal Kharkiv, runner-up of the 2004-05 Ukrainian First League was replaced with the newly formed FC Kharkiv – (debut)

Notes: FC Arsenal Kharkiv was reinstated in the Ukrainian Second League.


  • FC Vorskla Poltava before the season carried the name of FC Vorskla-Naftogaz Poltava

Location map

Final table

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1Shakhtar Donetsk(C)3023616414+5075CL 3rd Qualifying Round
2Dynamo Kyiv3023616820+4875CL 2nd Qualifying Round
3Chornomorets Odessa30136113631+545UC 2nd Qualifying Round
4Illychivets Mariupol30127113034−443
5Metalist Kharkiv30127113542−743
6Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk30111093323+1043IC 2nd Qualifying Round
7Tavriya Simferopol30116132931−239
8Metalurh Zaporizhya30116133240−839UC 2nd Qualifying Round
9Metalurh Donetsk30109113535039
10Vorskla Poltava30910112834−637
11Stal Alchevsk3099122639−1336
12Arsenal Kyiv3098133139−835
13FC Kharkiv3096152936−733
14Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih3096152735−833
15Volyn Lutsk(R)3096153145−1433Relegated to Persha Liha
16Zakarpattia Uzhhorod(R)3036211753−3620

Final match

Shakhtar Donetsk
Dynamo Kyiv
Shakhtar Donetsk:
GK35UkraineBohdan Shust
DF27UkraineDmytro Chygrynskiy
DF3Czech RepublicTomáš HübschmanYellow card 58'Substituted off91'
DF26RomaniaRăzvan Raț
MF36BrazilElanoYellow card 21'Substituted off73'
MF4UkraineAnatoliy Tymoshchuk (c)
MF18PolandMariusz Lewandowski
FW29RomaniaCiprian MaricaGoal59'Substituted off80'
FW25BrazilBrandãoYellow card 118'
MF6SerbiaIgor DuljajSubstituted in73'Yellow card 120'
DF13UkraineVyacheslav Shevchuk
DF14RomaniaFlavius StoicanSubstituted in91'
GK16Czech RepublicJan Laštůvka
FW17NigeriaJulius AghahowaSubstituted in80'Goal100'
FW20UkraineOleksiy Byelik
RomaniaMircea Lucescu
Dynamo Kyiv:
GK1UkraineOleksandr Shovkovskiy (c)
DF3UkraineSerhiy Fedorov
FW5UkraineSerhiy RebrovYellow card 101'
FW9BrazilKléberYellow card 45'
MF14UkraineRuslan RotanSubstituted off12'
FW16UzbekistanMaksim Shatskikh
MF20UkraineOleh Husyev
DF27UkraineVladyslav Vashchuk
MF30MoroccoBadr El KaddouriYellow card 119'
DF32SerbiaGoran GavrančićSubstituted off55'
DF33RussiaAndrey YeshchenkoSubstituted off68'
DF4BrazilRodolfoSubstituted in55'Goal79'
MF8BelarusValyantsin ByalkevichSubstituted in12'
MF15BrazilDiogo Rincón
FW23LatviaMāris Verpakovskis
FW25UkraineArtem MilevskiySubstituted in68'Yellow card 82'
DF26UkraineAndriy Nesmachniy
GK55UkraineOleksandr Rybka
UkraineAnatoliy Demyanenko
  • Assistant referees:
    • SlovakiaMartin Balko
    • SlovakiaTomáš Mokoš
  • Fourth official:SlovakiaV. Grinjak
  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Seven named substitutes
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions.

Top goal scorers





BrazilBrandãoShakhtar Donetsk15
NigeriaEmmanuel OkoduwaArsenal Kyiv15
UkraineOleksandr KosyrinMetalurh Donetsk13 (2)
UkraineSerhiy RebrovDynamo Kyiv13 (2)
UkraineVasyl SachkoVolyn Lutsk13 (2)
BrazilKléberDynamo Kyiv11
BrazilMatuzalémShakhtar Donetsk10 (1)
ArmeniaAra HakobyanMetalurh Donetsk10 (3)
BrazilDiogo RincónDynamo Kyiv10 (4)
UkraineSerhiy ShyshchenkoMetalurh Zaporizhya9
Georgia (country)Vasil GigiadzeKryvbas Kryvyi Rih9 (4)


ClubCoachReplaced coach
FC Arsenal KyivUkraineOleksandr ZavarovUkraineOleksandr Baranov
UkraineIhor Babinchuk
FC Chornomorets OdessaUkraineSemen Altman
FC Dnipro DnipropetrovskUkraineOleh ProtasovUkraineYevhen Kucherevsky
UkraineVadym Tyshchenko
FC Dynamo KyivUkraineAnatoliy DemyanenkoUkraineLeonid Buryak
FC Volyn LutskUkraineVitaliy Kvartsiany
FC KharkivUkraineHennadiy Lytovchenko
FC Kryvbas Kryvyi RihUkraineOleksandr Kosevych
FC Metalist KharkivUkraineMyron Markevych
FC Metalurh DonetskUkraineStepan MatviivUkraineOleksandr Sevidov
FC Metalurh ZaporizhyaUkraineVyacheslav HroznyUkraineValeriy Yaremchenko
UkraineAnatoliy Chantsev
FC Illichivets MariupolUkraineIvan Balan
FC Shakhtar DonetskRomaniaMircea Lucescu
SC Tavriya SimferopolUkraineMykhailo FomenkoUkraineOleh Fedorchuk
FC Vorskla PoltavaUkraineViktor Nosov
FC Stal AlchevskUkraineAnatoliy Volobuyev
FC Zakarpattia UzhhorodUkrainePetro KushlykUkraineViktor Ryashko


1Shakhtar Donetsk(C)3023616414+50750:12:06:02:02:01:13:12:00:01:11:03:01:02:03:0
2Dynamo Kyiv3023616820+48752:24:11:12:20:22:01:13:10:04:03:11:03:17:14:1
3Chornomorets Odessa30136113631+5450:10:11:25:20:01:20:01:01:22:21:11:02:12:02:0
4Illychivets Mariupol30127113034−4431:21:20:10:20:00:11:01:03:23:03:52:11:01:12:0
5Metalist Kharkiv30127113542−7431:51:21:11:10:62:03:12:00:11:01:21:01:01:04:1
6Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk30111093323+10432:20:31:20:10:01:33:01:00:00:11:02:01:00:04:0
7Tavriya Simferopol30116132931−2390:30:01:10:10:10:11:03:02:35:20:12:11:01:21:0
8Metalurh Zaporizhzhya30116133240−8390:31:21:02:10:01:02:13:10:22:12:23:62:10:13:0
9Metalurh Donetsk301091135350391:30:33:20:03:11:10:00:02:05:02:21:13:24:01:0
10Vorskla Poltava30910112834−6370:20:41:21:00:11:12:33:11:11:02:00:00:02:00:0
11Stal Alchevsk3099122639−13361:31:20:11:01:10:01:01:11:12:01:00:00:12:21:0
12Arsenal Kyiv3098133139−8350:00:20:10:21:11:01:01:20:22:01:10:01:12:12:1
13FC Kharkiv3096152936−7332:30:30:13:01:00:10:01:01:02:00:13:11:13:21:0
14Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih3096152735−8330:20:11:00:12:12:22:01:00:12:22:11:23:12:11:0
15Volyn Lutsk(R)3096153145−14330:11:30:30:03:02:10:00:11:22:10:12:12:03:03:1
16Zakarpattia Uzhhorod(R)3036211753−3620[1]0:31:22:11:12:31:20:10:20:01:10:22:12:10:01:1

Number of teams by region

3Donetsk OblastShakhtar, Metalurh D. and Illichivets
2Dnipropetrovsk OblastDnipro and Kryvbas
Kharkiv OblastKharkiv and Metalist
KievArsenal and Dynamo
Luhansk OblastStal
Odessa OblastChornomorets
Poltava OblastVorskla
Volyn OblastVolyn-1
Zakarpattia OblastZakapattia
Zaporizhia OblastMetalurh Z.

See also

  • 2005–06 Ukrainian Cup


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