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2004–05 United States network television schedule

2004–05 United States network television schedule

The following is the 2004–05 network television schedule for the six major English language commercial broadcast networks in the United States. The schedule covers primetime hours from September 2004 through May 2005. The schedule is followed by a list per network of returning series, new series, and series cancelled after the 2003–04 season. All times are Eastern and Pacific, with certain exceptions, such as Monday Night Football.

Beginning this season, the major networks were no longer producing original dramatic content for Saturday broadcast (an exception being ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney, although it often featured rebroadcast material). Saturday schedules consisted instead of nonfiction reality-based programming and rebroadcasts of dramatic series episodes from earlier in the week, or new episodes of series previously scheduled on other nights that had been de facto cancelled and were "burning off" unaired episodes.

New series are highlighted in bold.

Each of the 30 highest-rated shows is listed with its rank and rating as determined by Nielsen Media Research.[1]

Yellow indicates the top ten most watched programs of the season.Cyan indicates the top 20 most watched programs of the season.Magenta indicates the top 30 most watched programs of the season.

Rankings determined by Nielsen Media Research.

PBS is not included; member stations have local flexibility over most of their schedules and broadcast times for network shows may vary.


Network7:00 PM7:30 PM8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFallAmerica's Funniest Home VideosExtreme Makeover: Home Edition(18/9.1)
(Tied with Medium)
Desperate Housewives(4/14.5)Boston Legal(24/8.1)
SpringGrey's Anatomy(8/11.6)
Mid-SummerMy Kind of TownDesperate Housewives
CBS60 Minutes(16/9.2)
(Tied with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)
Cold Case(14/9.7)
(Tied with The Apprentice)
CBS Sunday Movie(27/7.6)
(Tied with The Amazing Race)
FoxFallKing of the HillMalcolm in the MiddleThe SimpsonsArrested DevelopmentMy Big Fat Obnoxious BossLocal Programming
WinterFamily GuyThe Simpsons
SpringThe SimpsonsKelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show
Follow UpThe SimpsonsFamily GuyAmerican Dad!
SummerMalcolm in the MiddleKing of the Hill
Mid-SummerThe Princes of Malibu
Follow UpThe Simpsons
NBCFallDateline NBCAmerican DreamsLaw & Order: Criminal Intent(25/7.9)Crossing Jordan(26/7.7)
SpringThe Contender
SummerDateline NBC
The WBFallSteve Harvey's Big Time ChallengeCharmedJack & BobbyLocal Programming
Follow UpThe Mountain
WinterSummerlandSteve Harvey's Big Time Challenge
Mid-SummerWB Sunday Movie

NOTES: At mid-season, Fox was supposed to start Sundays with Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show at 7:00, King of the Hill at 7:30, Malcolm in the Middle at 8:30, Arrested Development at 9, and American Dad! at 9:30, but it was changed at the last minute. On ABC, Alias was supposed to have aired mid-season in the time slot, but the network had to stick with Desperate Housewives at the last minute.


Network8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFallThe BenefactorNFL Monday ShowcaseMonday Night Football(10/10.8)
Follow UpLife of Luxury
WinterExtreme Makeover: Home Edition: How'd They Do That?The BacheloretteSupernanny
SpringThe Bachelor
SummerThe ScholarThe ABC Monday Night Movie
Mid-SummerThe ABC Monday Night Movie
CBSFallStill StandingListen Up!Everybody Loves Raymond(9/11.2)Two and a Half Men(11/10.6)CSI: Miami(5/12.4)
SummerStill Standing
Mid-SummerThe King of QueensEverybody Loves RaymondTwo and a Half MenRock Star
Late SummerTwo and a Half Men
FoxFallNorth ShoreRenovate My FamilyLocal Programming
Follow UpTrading Spouses: Meet Your New MommyThe Swan
Late WinterAmerican Idol
SpringNanny 911
SummerHell's Kitchen
NBCFallFear FactorLas VegasLAX
Follow Up$25 Million Dollar Hoax
Late fallVarious Programming
(Tied with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition)
UPNFallOne on OneHalf & HalfGirlfriendsSecond Time AroundLocal Programming
WinterCutsHalf & Half
SummerAll of Us
The WBFall7th HeavenEverwood
Follow UpEverwood

NOTE: On Fox, Athens was supposed to have started the night at 8-9 at mid-season, but it was cancelled at the last minute.


Network8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFallMy Wife and KidsGeorge LopezAccording to JimRodneyNYPD Blue
SpringBlind Justice
Late SummerAccording to Jim(R)Rodney(R)Boston Legal(R)
CBSFallNCIS(22/8.8)ClubhouseJudging Amy(29/7.4)
(Tied with The West Wing)
Late FallThe Amazing Race(27/7.6)
(Tied with The CBS Sunday Movie)
SummerFire Me...Please48 Hours
Mid-SummerBig BrotherRock Star
FoxFallTrading Spouses: Meet Your New MommyThe Next Great ChampLocal Programming
Mid-FallThe Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the BestHouse, M.D.(23/8.3)
WinterAmerican Idol(2/15.7)
SummerTrading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy
NBCFallLast Comic StandingFather of the PrideScrubsLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit(16/9.2)
(Tied with 60 Minutes)
Late FallThe Biggest Loser
WinterThe Biggest LoserScrubsCommitted
Mid-WinterMost Outrageous Moments / Law & Order: Criminal Intent(R)
SpringWill & Grace(R)Scrubs(R)The Office
Late SpringMost Outrageous Moments(R)
SummerAverage Joe: The Joes Strike BackI Want To Be a Hilton
Mid-SummerMeet Mister Mom
Late SummerVarious ProgrammingTommy Lee Goes to CollegeThe Office
UPNFallAll of UsEveVeronica MarsLocal Programming
Late SpringBritney and Kevin: ChaoticThe Bad Girl's Guide
SummerHalf & HalfGirlfriends
Mid-SummerOne on OneAll of UsHalf & Half
Late SummerEveR U the Girl with T-Boz and Chilli
The WBFallGilmore GirlsOne Tree Hill
WinterHigh School Reunion
Mid-WinterOne Tree Hill
SpringThe Starlet
Follow UpOne Tree Hill

NOTES: On NBC, Average Joe was supposed to have started the night at 8-9, but it was delayed to summer, and The Contender was supposed to premiere in the timeslot on March 1, 2005, but it was delayed to March 9, 2005, before switching places with American Dreams and landed on its Sunday slot. On Fox, The Jury was supposed to have stayed on the night prior to November, but low ratings canned the show at a last minute.


Network8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFallLost(13/9.8)The BachelorWife Swap
Late FallABC Special Presentation
SummerSupernannyDancing with the StarsLost
Mid-SummerBrat CampBrat Camp
CBSFall60 Minutes IICSI: Crime Scene Investigation / CSI: Miami(R)CSI: NY(20/8.9)
(Tied with Law & Order)
Follow UpThe King of QueensCenter of the Universe
WinterYes, Dear
Mid-SummerThe CutRock StarThe King of Queens
Follow UpStill StandingYes, Dear
FoxFallThat '70s ShowQuintupletsThe Bernie Mac ShowThe Bernie Mac ShowLocal Programming
Follow UpNanny 911
WinterThe Simple LifeAmerican Idol(3/15.3)
SpringAmerican Idol(3/15.3)Life on a Stick
Mid-SpringThe Simple LifeStacked
Late SpringThat '70s ShowThat '70s ShowStacked
SummerStackedThe Inside
Mid-SummerSo You Think You Can DanceThe Bernie Mac Show
NBCFallHawaiiThe West Wing(29/7.4)
(Tied with Judging Amy)
Law & Order(20/8.9)
(Tied with CSI: NY)
Follow UpLAX
WinterSports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search
SpringAmerican Dreams
Follow UpDateline NBCRevelations
SummerPsychic DetectivesLaw & Order
Mid-SummerMost Outrageous Moments
Late SummerMeet Mister Mom
UPNFallAmerica's Next Top ModelKevin HillLocal Programming
WinterThe Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott
SpringAmerica's Next Top Model
SummerEveEveVeronica Mars
Mid-SummerR U the Girl with T-Boz and Chilli
The WBFallSmallvilleThe Mountain
Follow UpJack & Bobby
Late FallBig Man on Campus
WinterJack & Bobby
SummerBeauty and the GeekSmallville
Mid-SummerOne Tree Hill

NOTE: On Fox, Method & Red was supposed to have stayed at 9:30-10, but it was cancelled at the last minute due to low ratings of the show from last season and at midseason, Life on a Stick would've been aired at 8:30-9, and The Bernie Mac Show would've been concluded the night at 9:30-10, but it was changed at a last minute.


Network8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFallExtreme MakeoverLife as We Know ItPrimetime Live
JanuaryLife as We Know ItExtreme Makeover
Follow UpExtreme Makeover
SpringJake in ProgressJake in Progress
Follow UpABC Thursday Night Movie
Mid-SummerExtreme MakeoverHooking Up
CBSFallSurvivor(7/12.0)CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(1/16.5)Without a Trace(6/12.3)
JanuaryWickedly Perfect
SummerThe Cut
Mid-SummerBig Brother
FoxFallThe O.C.North ShoreLocal Programming
WinterPoint Pleasant
SpringTru Calling
SummerThe O.C.
Mid-SummerThat '70s ShowThat '70s Show
NBCFallJoeyWill & GraceThe Apprentice(14/9.7)
(Tied with Cold Case)
JuneHit Me Baby, One More Time
JulyJoeyWill & GraceWill & Grace
Follow UpWill & GraceThe Law Firm
UPNWWE SmackDown!Local Programming
The WBFallBlue Collar TVDrew Carey's Green Screen ShowOne Tree Hill(R)
Follow UpThe WB Thursday Night Movie
SpringBlue Collar TVBlue Collar TVBlue Collar TVBlue Collar TV
SummerBeauty and the Geek

NOTE: On Fox, Tru Calling would've supposed to have stayed at 9-10, but it was pushed up to spring and place North Shore at fall instead.


Network8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFall8 Simple RulesComplete SavagesHope & FaithLess than Perfect20/20
Winter8 Simple Rules
SpringAmerica's Funniest Home Videos
Summer8 Simple RulesHope & Faith
CBSFallJoan of ArcadiaJAGDr. Vegas
Follow UpVarious programming
Mid-Summer60 Minutes IIThe Cut
FoxFallThe Complex: MalibuThe Next Great Champ(R)Local Programming
Follow UpThe SimpsonsThat '70s ShowThe Complex: Malibu
Late FallVarious Repeats and SpecialsRenovate My Family
DecemberVarious Repeats and Specials
WinterThe Bernie Mac ShowThe Bernie Mac ShowJonny Zero
SpringMalcolm in the MiddleVarious Repeats
Follow UpFOX Friday Night Movie
Late SummerArrested DevelopmentArrested DevelopmentArrested DevelopmentArrested Development
NBCFallDateline NBCThird WatchMedical Investigation
SpringMedical InvestigationLaw & Order: Trial by Jury
Mid-SpringThird Watch
SummerDateline NBC
Late SummerCrossing Jordan
UPNFallStar Trek: EnterpriseAmerica's Next Top Model(R)Local Programming
WinterThe Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott
SpringAmerica's Next Top Model(R)
SummerUPN's Night at the Movies
The WBFallWhat I Like About YouGrounded for LifeRebaBlue Collar TV
Follow UpReba
Late FallBlue Collar TV**
WinterVarious Repeats
SpringRebaLiving With Fran
SummerWhat I Like About You
Mid-SummerBlue Collar TV

NOTES: On Fox, The Jury was supposed to have remained on Fridays, and that The Next Great Champ was supposed to have started the night at 8-9, but due to low ratings of The Jury, it was cancelled, and The Complex: Malibu was signed on at the last minute, and at midseason, The Inside would've started the night at 8-9, followed by Jonny Zero. On The WB, Commando Nanny would've been aired at 9:30-10, but it was cancelled due to production difficulties.


Network8:00 PM8:30 PM9:00 PM9:30 PM10:00 PM10:30 PM
ABCFallThe Wonderful World of Disney
MidseasonABC Saturday Movie of the WeekDesperate Housewives(R)
CBSFallCrimetime Saturday(R)48 Hours Mystery
Mid-SummerBig BrotherCrimetime Saturday(R)
FoxCopsCopsAmerica's Most WantedLocal Programming
NBCFallThe Apprentice(R)The NBC Saturday Movie
MidseasonLaw & Order(R)Law & Order: Criminal Intent(R)Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(R)

By network






The WB


Citation Linkopenlibrary.orgHighest-rated series is based on the annual top-rated programs list compiled by Nielsen Media Research and reported in: Brooks, Tim & Marsh, Earle (2007). The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows (9th ed.). New York: Ballantine. ISBN 978-0-345-49773-4.
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