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1984–85 Football League

1984–85 Football League

The 1984–85 season was the 86th completed season of The Football League.

The Football LeagueFootball League, First DivisionFootball League, Second DivisionFootball League, Third DivisionFootball League, Fourth Division
ChampionsEverton (8th English title)
RelegatedNorwich City
Stoke City
FA Cup winnersManchester United (6th FA Cup title)
1985–86 European CupNo qualifications [1][7]
1985–86 European Cup Winners' CupNo qualifications[1]
1985–86 UEFA CupNo qualifications[1]
Matches played462
Goals scored1,288 (2.79 per match)
Top goalscorerKerry Dixon (Chelsea), 24
Gary Lineker (Leicester City), 24 [8]
Biggest home winChelsea – Coventry City 6–2 (3 Nov 1984)
Biggest away winAston VillaNottingham Forest 0–5 (5 Sep 1984)
Highest scoringQPR – Newcastle United 5–5 (22 Sep 22 1984)
Longest winning runEverton (10 games)
Longest unbeaten runEverton (18 games)
Longest losing runStoke City (10 games)
← 1983–84
1985–86 →
ChampionsOxford United (1st title)
PromotedBirmingham City,
Manchester City
RelegatedCardiff City,
Notts County,
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Matches played462
Goals scored1,255 (2.72 per match)
Top goalscorerJohn Aldridge (Oxford United), 30 [8]
← 1983–84
1985–86 →
ChampionsBradford City (1st title)
PromotedHull City,
Cambridge United,
Preston North End
Matches played552
Goals scored1,503 (2.72 per match)
Top goalscorerTommy Tynan (Plymouth Argyle), 31 [8]
← 1983–84
1985–86 →
ChampionsChesterfield (2nd title)
Failed re-electionNone
Matches played552
Goals scored1,478 (2.68 per match)
Top goalscorerJohn Clayton (Tranmere Rovers), 31 [8]
← 1983–84
1985–86 →

Final league tables and results

The tables and results below are reproduced here in the exact form that they can be found at The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation [9] website,[5] with home and away statistics separated.

During the first five seasons of the league, that is, until the season 1893–94, re-election process concerned the clubs which finished in the bottom four of the league. From the 1894–95 season and until the 1920–21 season the re-election process was required of the clubs which finished in the bottom three of the league. From the 1922–23 season on it was required of the bottom two teams of both Third Division North and Third Division South. Since the Fourth Division was established in the 1958–59 season, the re-election process has concerned the bottom four clubs in that division.[6]

First Division

Howard Kendall’s Everton side beat neighbours Liverpool to the league championship, while Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United followed closely behind. The blue half of Merseyside also collected the Cup Winners' Cup. Stoke City finished bottom of the First Division with just three league wins all season and just 17 points – a record low under the 3 points for a win system in any division, which would stand for twenty-one years. Norwich City and Sunderland – the two League Cup finalists – occupied the two other relegation places.

Liverpool manager Joe Fagan retired after the season and striker Kenny Dalglish was appointed player-manager.

PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1Everton421632581712363026+4590Excluded from the 1985–86 European Cup[1]
2Liverpool421245361910743216+3377Excluded from the 1985–86 UEFA Cup[1]
3Tottenham Hotspur421137463112543220+2777
4Manchester United42136247139483034+3076FA Cup winners, excluded from the 1985–86 European Cup Winners' Cup[1]
5Southampton42134429186782729+968Excluded from the 1985–86 UEFA Cup[1]
8Sheffield Wednesday42127239215791924+1365
9Nottingham Forest421344351863122130+864
10Aston Villa421074342054122640056
12West Bromwich Albion421146362353132239−455
13Luton Town421254402234141739−454
14Newcastle United421146332629102244−1552
15Leicester City421047392552142648−851
16West Ham United42786272364112445−1751
17Ipswich Town42876272054121937−1150
18Coventry City421137292242151842−1750
19Queens Park Rangers421164413025141242−1950
20Norwich City42966282444131840−1849Excluded from the 1985–86 UEFA Cup[1][2]
22Stoke City42331518410516650−6717

First Division results

Aston Villa0–04–21–01–12–10–10–00–13–04–02–20–55–23–02–22–01–00–11–13–10–0
Coventry City1–20–31–04–11–02–00–21–00–31–10–01–33–01–02–14–00–11–13–12–11–2
Ipswich Town2–13–02–00–00–22–00–01–11–11–12–01–01–11–20–15–10–20–33–32–00–1
Leicester City1–45–01–15–11–22–10–12–22–32–32–01–04–03–11–20–02–01–21–12–11–0
Luton Town3–11–00–02–02–03–14–01–22–12–23–11–22–01–21–12–02–12–23–21–22–2
Manchester United4–24–01–10–11–13–02–11–12–05–02–02–03–01–20–05–02–21–01–12–05–1
Newcastle United1–33–02–10–12–33–01–40–21–01–11–11–11–02–12–12–13–12–33–11–01–1
Norwich City1–02–20–02–14–20–21–33–33–00–10–00–12–01–11–00–01–31–23–22–11–0
Nottingham Forest2–03–22–02–01–02–02–10–23–13–20–03–12–00–02–01–13–11–21–11–21–2
Queens Park Rangers1–02–02–22–10–03–04–30–22–31–35–52–23–00–00–42–01–02–22–03–14–2
Sheffield Wednesday2–11–11–11–00–12–25–01–11–11–04–21–23–13–12–12–12–22–11–12–02–1
Stoke City2–01–30–10–10–20–22–20–10–42–10–12–31–40–22–11–32–20–11–30–02–4
Tottenham Hotspur0–20–21–14–21–22–32–21–04–21–23–13–11–05–02–05–14–02–01–52–32–2
West Bromwich Albion2–21–00–15–22–11–22–00–54–01–22–10–14–10–02–20–02–01–00–12–15–1
West Ham United3–11–21–13–10–10–03–10–30–02–21–11–00–01–30–02–35–11–01–12–00–2

First Division maps

Second Division

Jim Smith’s Oxford United side won a successive promotion as Second Division champions and reached the First Division after just 23 years as Football League members. Following them into the big time were Birmingham City and Manchester City.

Slipping out of the league’s second tier were Cardiff City, joined by Notts County and Wolverhampton Wanderers – both relegated for the second season in succession. Veteran manager Tommy Docherty had tried his hand at reversing financially-troubled Wolves’ rapid decline at the Molineux, but without success.

PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsPromotion or relegation
1Oxford United42182162157772221+4884Division Champions, promoted
2Birmingham City421263301513172918+2682Promoted
3Manchester City42144342167772424+2674
5Blackburn Rovers42143438157772826+2573
6Brighton & Hove Albion42136231117682323+2072
7Leeds United42127237117592932+2369
8Shrewsbury Town421263452265102131+1365Welsh Cup winners[3]
10Grimsby Town42131747325792532+862
13Huddersfield Town42957282965102435−1255
14Oldham Athletic421047272354122244−1853
15Crystal Palace42876252745122138−1948
16Carlisle United42858272353132344−1747
17Charlton Athletic42876343035131733−1245
18Sheffield United42768312838102338−1244
20Notts County426510253242152041−2837Relegated
21Cardiff City425313244245122337−3235
22Wolverhampton Wanderers425412183235131947−4233

Second Division results

Birmingham City0–00–21–12–02–02–13–02–22–11–01–00–03–22–10–10–00–14–10–04–21–0
Blackburn Rovers0–02–12–02–14–03–00–12–13–11–32–10–13–01–01–11–10–13–13–12–03–0
Brighton & Hove Albion0–02–03–11–04–12–11–02–00–00–11–10–01–22–12–00–01–11–01–02–15–1
Cardiff City3–01–21–22–42–10–30–30–22–43–02–10–32–11–42–20–21–21–30–01–30–0
Carlisle United2–02–10–10–30–11–11–03–01–10–12–20–00–32–22–50–13–01–12–06–10–1
Charlton Athletic5–32–11–00–11–41–11–11–24–12–22–31–31–03–02–13–32–20–01–10–11–0
Crystal Palace0–10–21–11–11–12–12–12–20–21–13–11–21–01–03–01–02–11–32–20–50–0
Grimsby Town1–01–01–12–46–31–02–11–32–45–10–24–13–12–04–11–22–30–22–12–15–1
Huddersfield Town1–10–11–11–22–12–02–12–02–20–01–00–23–11–22–10–30–22–21–52–13–1
Leeds United2–00–10–01–01–11–11–04–12–00–00–01–12–05–06–01–00–11–11–05–23–2
Manchester City1–11–02–12–02–21–35–12–12–33–01–01–21–02–00–01–02–22–04–03–04–0
Notts County0–21–30–31–20–23–00–00–02–11–10–21–23–23–20–02–01–30–01–32–34–1
Oldham Athletic2–10–12–01–00–12–32–11–02–12–02–21–10–22–03–20–00–22–20–10–13–2
Oxford United4–00–32–12–14–04–05–05–03–21–03–05–23–01–01–15–21–15–11–04–03–1
Sheffield United3–13–41–31–12–10–01–11–20–12–30–22–10–00–33–02–01–14–10–13–02–2
Shrewsbury Town2–01–03–00–00–04–21–14–13–14–15–12–31–00–24–23–02–20–03–31–22–1
Wolverhampton Wanderers0–10–20–30–13–00–21–02–10–40–12–10–22–00–02–20–31–20–02–20–13–3

Second Division maps

Third Division

Bradford City’s Third Division championship glory was overshadowed on the final day of the season when a fire at their Valley Parade ground killed 56 spectators – including two followers of their opponents Lincoln City.

The other two promotion places in the Third Division were occupied by Millwall and Hull City.

Going down from the Third Division were Cambridge United (who won just four games all season), Orient, Burnley and Preston North End. Burnley and Preston were founder members of the Football League who had reached great heights in the past – just 25 years ago Burnley had been league champions. Those successes were now very much a distant memory as both clubs slid into the league’s fourth tier for the first time.

Swansea City, who had finished sixth in the First Division just three years earlier, continued to suffer as a result of their financial problems as they narrowly avoided a third successive relegation.

PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsPromotion or relegation
1Bradford City461562442313463322+3294[4]Division Champions, promoted.
3Hull City46164346209863229+2987
5Bristol City46172446197792828+2781
6Bristol Rovers461562371366112935+1875
7Derby County461472402056122534+1170
8York City461355422274122835+1369
12Rotherham United461166362475111931065
14Doncaster Rovers461157423363143041−259
15Plymouth Argyle461175332347122942−359
16Wigan Athletic461265362238122442−459
17Bolton Wanderers461256382241183153−654
18Newport County46968303047122537−1252
19Lincoln City468114322037131831−151[4]
20Swansea City467511313956122241−2747
23Preston North End46959334142171859−4946
24Cambridge United462318174826152047−5821

Third Division maps

Fourth Division

Chesterfield, Blackpool, Darlington and Bury were promoted to the Third Division after occupying the Fourth Division’s top four places.

The bottom four clubs, Halifax Town, Stockport County, Northampton Town (who had spent a season in the First Division some 20 years earlier) and Torquay United, all retained their league status after a successful re-election campaign at the expense of Alliance Premier League side Bath City who were placed 4th in the Alliance Premier League and were the highest placed team there that would have met the Football League’s requirements. Re-election results are given at the end of this article.

1Chesterfield461661401310762422+2991Division Champions, promoted
5Hereford United46162538216982726+1877
6Tranmere Rovers461715502172143345+1775
7Colchester United46137349297793836+2274
8Swindon Town461643422155132037+472
9Scunthorpe United461463613358102229+2171
10Crewe Alexandra461076322885103341−466
11Peterborough United461175292157112532+162
12Port Vale4611843924310102235+260
14Mansfield Town4610852515310101623+357
16Chester City461139353046132542−1254
18Exeter City46977302747122752−2253
19Hartlepool United461067342944152038−1352
20Southend United46887303453152849−2550
21Halifax Town469311263262151637−2750Re-elected
22Stockport County461157402623181853−2147
23Northampton Town4610112323244152142−2147
24Torquay United465117182443162039−2541

Fourth Division maps

Election/Re-election to the Football League

This year Wealdstone, the winners of the Alliance Premier League, could not apply for election because they did not meet Football League requirements. 2nd placed Nuneaton could not apply either for the same reasons, and neither could 3rd placed Dartford, so 4th placed Bath City won the right to apply for election to the Football League to replace one of the four bottom sides in the 1984–85 Football League Fourth Division. The vote went as follows:

ClubFinal PositionVotes
Northampton Town23rd (Fourth Division)52
Stockport County22nd (Fourth Division)50
Torquay United24th (Fourth Division)50
Halifax Town21st (Fourth Division)48
Bath City4th (Alliance Premier League)8

As a result of this, all four Football League teams were re-elected, and Bath City were denied membership of the Football League.

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