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1974–75 FDGB-Pokal

1974–75 FDGB-Pokal

The 1974–75 season saw the 24th competition for the FDGB-Pokal.

89 teams participated. After a qualifying round pitting 6 clubs from the second-tier DDR-Liga against each other, the first round and an additional intermediate round were played with 55 teams from the 1973-74 DDR-Liga, the teams relegated from the first-tier DDR-Oberliga after the 1973-74 season and the 15 winners of the various 1973-74 Bezirkspokal competitions.

By the round of the last 16, all Bezirkspokal winners had been eliminated, and only two second-tier teams, 1. FC Union Berlin and Motor Nordhausen remained in the competition. As had been done in the past two competitions, fixtures were played over two legs from the round of 16 to the semifinals.

The semifinal saw a repeat of last year's final, with Dynamo Dresden and FC Carl Zeiss Jena playing each other. Dresden won through and met BSG Sachsenring Zwickau who had beaten BSG Wismut Aue in the semifinal. For the first time since 1950 the final was held in East Berlin's Stadion der Weltjugend. For the first time ever an FDGB-Pokal final was decided on penalties.

1974–75 FDGB-Pokal
CountryEast GermanyEast Germany
Defending championsFC Carl Zeiss Jena
ChampionsBSG Sachsenring Zwickau
Runners-upDynamo Dresden
← 1973–74
1975–76 →

Preliminary round

Home teamAway teamResult
BSG Stahl Maxhütte1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig II0 – 8
FC Karl-Marx-Stadt IIASG Vorwärts Plauen3 – 1 a.e.t.
BSG Aktivist Schwarze PumpeSG Dynamo Fürstenwalde4 – 0

Round 1

Home teamAway teamResult
1. FC Union Berlin IIBSG Aufbau Schwedt4 – 0
SG Dynamo LübbenBSG EAB 47 Lichtenberg Berlin2 – 1 aet
BSG WaMa GörlitzSG Dynamo Dresden II1 – 5
BSG Lokomotive ErfurtBSG Motor Steinach2 – 1
BSG Aufbau EisenhüttenstadtBSG Motor Eberswalde0 – 1 aet
FC Carl Zeiss Jena IIIFC Rot-Weiß Erfurt II1 – 0
SG Dynamo EislebenBSG Zentronik Sömmerda2 – 1
BSG Fortschritt KrumhermersdorfFSV Lokomotive Dresden1 – 2
SC DHfK LeipzigBSG Wismut Gera2 – 4 aet
BSG Stahl Blankenburg1. FC Magdeburg II1 – 5 aet
BSG Lokomotive MalchinBSG Post Neubrandenburg2 – 1
BSG Motor HennigsdorfBSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt3 – 2
BSG Lokomotive BergenFC Hansa Rostock II1 – 2
BSG Aufbau BoitzenburgSG Dynamo Schwerin1 – 2
BSG Aktivist Kali Werra TiefenortBSG Motor Ernst Thälmann Suhl4 – 0
ASG Vorwärts NeubrandenburgFC Vorwärts Frankfurt/Oder II1 – 5
BSG Demminer VerkehrsbetriebeBerliner FC Dynamo II0 – 5
BSG Motor SchwerinBSG Stahl Brandenburg1 – 4
BSG Motor Köpenick BerlinBSG Chemie Veritas Wittenberge0 – 2
BSG Rotation 1950 LeipzigBSG Chemie Zeitz4 – 4 aet, 4 – 3 pen
BSG Chemie WolfenBSG Motor Germania Karl-Marx-Stadt2 – 4
TSG Bau RostockTSG Wismar2 – 3
ASG Vorwärts LöbauTSG Gröditz2 – 1
BSG Motor EisenachBSG Lokomotive/Vorwärts Halberstadt2 – 3 aet
BSG Chemie SchwarzaBSG Sachsenring Zwickau II2 – 0
BSG Motor SchönebeckBSG Motor Babelsberg1 – 5
BSG Lokomotive StendalBSG Stahl Hennigsdorf1 – 0
FC Energie CottbusASG Vorwärts Dessau1 – 0
BSG Motor Nordhausen WestBSG Chemie Buna Schkopau5 – 2
ASG Vorwärts KamenzBSG Motor Werdau3 – 1
BSG KKW Nord Greifswald1. FC Union Berlin3 – 3 aet, 4 – 5 pen
BSG Einheit GüstrowBSG Schiffahrt/Hafen Rostock3 – 1
BSG Stahl Riesa IIFC Carl Zeiss Jena II3 – 1
  1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig II
BSG Chemie Leipzig4 – 5
FC Karl-Marx-Stadt IIBSG Chemie Böhlen1 – 2
BSG Aktivist Schwarze PumpeBSG Akt. Brieske/Senftenberg3 – 0

Intermediate round

Home teamAway teamResult
BSG Lokomotive MalchinFC Hansa Rostock II0 – 1
BSG Einheit GüstrowTSG Wismar3 – 1
BSG Chemie Veritas WittenbergeSG Dynamo Schwerin1 – 2
BSG Rotation 1950 LeipzigBSG Lokomotive Stendal3 – 2
BSG Lokomotive/Vorwärts HalberstadtBSG Chemie Leipzig0 – 4
1. FC Magdeburg IISG Dynamo Eisleben3 – 2
BSG Stahl BrandenburgBSG Chemie Böhlen1 – 1 aet, 5 – 6 pen
FC Carl Zeiss Jena IIIBSG Motor Nordhausen West0 – 3
BSG Lokomotive ErfurtBSG Aktivist Kali Werra Tiefenort2 – 1
BSG Chemie SchwarzaBSG Wismut Gera0 – 1
1. FC Union Berlin IIBSG Motor Babelsberg3 – 2
SG Dynamo LübbenFC Vorwärts Frankfurt/Oder II0 – 2
BSG Motor EberswaldeBerliner FC Dynamo II1 – 2
BSG Motor Hennigsdorf1. FC Union Berlin0 – 4
BSG Stahl Riesa IIBSG Aktivist Schwarze Pumpe1 – 0
ASG Vorwärts LöbauFSV Lokomotive Dresden4 – 1
ASG Vorwärts KamenzFC Energie Cottbus0 – 2
BSG Motor Germania Karl-Marx-StadtSG Dynamo Dresden II1 – 2

Round 2

Home teamAway teamResult
FC Energie CottbusSG Dynamo Dresden1 – 2 aet
FC Hansa Rostock II1. FC Magdeburg1 – 2
BSG Motor Nordhausen WestBSG Chemie Leipzig2 – 0
ASG Vorwärts LöbauFC Karl-Marx-Stadt0 – 1
  1. FC Magdeburg II
FC Vorwärts Frankfurt/Oder0 – 2
BSG Chemie BöhlenBSG Wismut Aue1 – 3
BSG Lokomotive ErfurtFC Carl Zeiss Jena0 – 2
BSG Stahl Riesa II1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig0 – 5
Berliner FC Dynamo IIFC Hansa Rostock0 – 4
BSG Einheit GüstrowBerliner FC Dynamo0 – 4
FC Vorwärts Frankfurt/Oder IIBSG Stahl Riesa0 – 2
SG Dynamo Dresden IIFC Rot-Weiß Erfurt0 – 2
SG Dynamo SchwerinASG Vorwärts Stralsund2 – 4
BSG Rotation 1950 LeipzigBSG Sachsenring Zwickau1 – 3
  1. FC Union Berlin II
Hallescher FC Chemie0 – 3
BSG Wismut Gera1. FC Union Berlin0 – 3

^* The match was counted as a loss for FCK as they had fielded an ineligible player. However, as Löbau failed to spot the infraction while reviewing the opposition's lineup as is customary, they were not awarded a win. Neither team progressed.[1]

Last 16

SG Dynamo Dresden – 1. FC Magdeburg3 – 3, 1 – 0
BSG Wismut Aue – Hallescher FC Chemie4 – 0, 1 – 3
FC Vorwärts Frankfurt/Oder – FC Hansa Rostock1 – 5, 1 – 1
FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt – 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig1 – 1, 1 – 3
Berliner FC Dynamo – BSG Sachsenring Zwickau2 – 3, 2 – 4
FC Carl Zeiss Jena – 1. FC Union Berlin1 – 0, 1 – 1
BSG Stahl Riesa – BSG Motor Nordhausen West1 – 0, 1 – 0
ASG Vorwärts Stralsund – FC Karl-Marx-Stadtwalkover

Quarter finals

SG Dynamo Dresden - BSG Stahl Riesa2 – 0, 2 – 1
ASG Vorwärts Stralsund - BSG Sachsenring Zwickau1 – 1, 2 – 4
FC Carl Zeiss Jena - 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig3 – 1, 0 – 1
BSG Wismut Aue - FC Hansa Rostock2 – 0, 2 – 1


(15 and 22 March 1975)

SG Dynamo Dresden - FC Carl Zeiss Jena3 – 1, 0 – 1
BSG Sachsenring Zwickau - BSG Wismut Aue1 – 0, 1 – 2



GKEast GermanyJürgen Croy
DFEast GermanyHans Schykowski
DFEast GermanyRoland Stemmler
DFEast GermanyPeter HenschelSubstituted off74'
DFEast GermanyJoachim Schykowski
MFEast GermanyDieter LeuschnerSubstituted off11'
MFEast GermanyHeinz Dietzsch
MFEast GermanyMichael Braun
FWEast GermanyLudwig Blank
FWEast GermanyWerner Bräutigam
FWEast GermanyPeter Nestler
MFEast GermanyAndreas ReicheltSubstituted in11'
DFEast GermanyDieter SchubertSubstituted in74'
East GermanyKarl-Heinz Kluge
GKEast GermanyClaus Boden
DFEast GermanyHans-Jürgen Dörner
DFEast GermanyGerd Weber
DFEast GermanyUdo Schmuck
DFEast GermanySiegmar Wätzlich
MFEast GermanyReinhard Häfner
MFEast GermanyEduard Geyer
MFEast GermanyFrank Ganzera
FWEast GermanyDieter Riedel
FWEast GermanyPeter Kotte
FWEast GermanyGert HeidlerSubstituted off80'
DFEast GermanyFrank RichterSubstituted in80'
East GermanyWalter Fritzsch

Match review

Dynamo Dresden were clear cut favorites in this Saxon derby. They had finished third in the league and had three East German internationals in their line-up: Dörner, Wätzlich and Häfner. Sachsenring Zwickau had finished 7th in the league and their only international player was goalkeeper Jürgen Croy. But in front of a crowd of 55,000 Dresden could not cope with their role as favorites from the beginning. Their famous midfield with Häfner, Geyer and Ganzera couldn't find their rhythm, instead Dynamo's play was dominated by nervousness. On the other hand, Zwickau failed to put their opponents under pressure, despite valiant efforts. Additionally, bad luck struck them when midfielder Leuschner had to be substituted due to injury in the 11th minute. When Heidler eventually put Dresden in the lead after 65 minutes, the match seemed to go in the expected direction, but Zwickau struck back. Eight minutes later, their goalgetter Schykowski equalised and the match went into extra time. Ten minutes before the end of extra time, Dresden again took the lead through a goal by Richter who had been subbed in after 80 minutes, but just before the final whistle Zwickau's left winger Nestler could equalise once more. Therefore, the final, for the first time in FDGB-Pokal history, had to be decided by penalty kicks. Here Zwickau's goalkeeper Croy became the hero of the day, first saving two penalty kicks and then converting the final kick for the 4-3 victory.


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