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Bernard Howroyd

Bernard Howroyd

[1]"Bernie" Howroyd " Owner/CEO

"We at Apple One have one true belief.

We believe in people.

Since 1964, we have connected the best people, their talents, skills, career goals, and aspirations with the best companies.

We are "Career Gurus."

We are "People-People."

Let us introduce you"

On a journey around the world during the early 1960s, Bernard "Bernie" Howroyd had to work odd jobs in order to pay his way forward—selling encyclopedias in Australia to chocolates in Canada.

Through these varied encounters, an incredible insight started to form in young Bernie’s mind: “No matter where people are from, no matter what language they speak, everyone deserves to be heard and respected.”

Inspired and driven by this realization, he took that insight and started AppleOne Employment Services in Los Angeles in 1964.

Mr. Bernard Howroyd is the Founder of Howroyd-Wright Employment Agency, Inc. and serves as its President.

Mr. Howroyd founded AppleOne Services, Ltd., a subsidiary of Howroyd-Wright Employment Agency in 1964 and serves as its President.

He worked as an Apprentice for a local butcher.

Starting with meager savings, he opened an office in LA's Wilshire District.

He was honored by Ernest & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year.



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