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Kathleen Beall

Kathleen Beall

Kathleen Beall is an interior designer and visiting professor.

[4] After attending UCDavis Kathleen worked for Frank Urrutia and eventually made her own company Beall Design Group.

[4] Kathleen is a fourth generation resident of Redlands, CA and is active in the historical preservation movement in the town.


Kathleen's design practices focus on both historical homes and vacation properties.

[3] Kathleen has done design work for major inventors, CEO's of General Electric and HBO, many of the Mighty Ducks, the lead guitarist of Van Halen, and others.


Kathleen is the mother of George Beall.


Kathleen has been named one of the top designers in the nation and is featured in numerous books on interiors as well as in many showcase houses in LA.



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